Friday, November 12, 2010

Understanding The True Meaning of Compassion

In life we are taught to be sympathetic to those in need or the suffering. Sympathy means to share the feelings of another, and in the dictionary it even states having compassion. When you "share" the feelings of another you are not being compassionate towards them or yourself. There is no need to take on the emotional feeling of another persons’ pain to be compassionate towards them or to care how they are feeling. Sympathy is the opposite of the true meaning of compassion.

The true meaning of compassion is to have a deep awareness of the suffering of another without the need to relieve it, feeling total appreciation for its value, all while being in a state of non-judgment.

Being compassionate seems to go against what we have been conditioned to believe. For some reason as humans we feel the need to take on the pains of another to truly understand what they are going through. There is the tendency to think if we see one suffering we must do something to help relieve it or make it better. How dare us walk past a starving child on the street and not help in some way. It is in humane of us. How can we not feel the anguish of the family down the street who just lost a family member to a tragic unexpected death?!

I ask you this, what good are you doing anyone by feeling their pain? If someone is going through pain they need light around them not more worry and misery. If you take on their pains, you are doing no one good at all. In life everything happens for a reason and we must respect that everything happened just as it should have. It has value. If it did not happen many other things, thoughts, feelings, emotions, lessons would not have followed as well. Including this one learning how to be truly compassionate.

We see the evening news and think how horrible our world is becoming. Thoughts of judgment and negativity swell up inside us because what we see on TV is so horrible and makes us feel badly. We are judging the people, situations, and events based on what we are being shown is happening in the world instead of sending love and being compassionate towards the divine plan playing out in front of us.

How can the president, the people, or god allow this to happen in the world?! Everything happens for a reason even if you do not mentally comprehend it. Right now, though your lesson from all seeing and experiencing the bad you see in the world is teaching you a lesson grander than love, you are learning to be compassionately detached. By allowing the world to unfold, as tragic as it may be, you are practicing true compassion. You have detached yourself from the pain, the emotions, and the judgment of a situation and stayed within the faith of the overall divine plan. Instead of taking on the pains and adding negativity by being truly compassionate you do not feed the situation more negativity and can allow a situation to heal quicker and service its purpose.

Being a compassionate person is not easy because we are humans and we have deep emotions and we by nature are sympathetic but if we are to heal the world we must allow it to play out as it may, or we are only adding to the misery and sinking along with it. True compassion takes practice. We need to be compassionate for ourselves and imperfections as well as others. We must realize that good and evil do exist in our world and one cannot be without the other. If we cannot have black without white or lightness without darkness then we must accept it and understand the value in it and learn from it instead of dwelling within the agony of what is inevitable. Compassion is what the meaning of true love is. If you can be compassionately detached you are shedding light on the situation instead of unneeded worry, anger, and sadness.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bring Your Self To Awareness

When you are a child all you know is what you like and what you dislike. As you get a little older you begin to understand what you come to believe "right" and "wrong". Soon thereafter you discover what it is others do not like about you and then you begin to question if you are "right" or "wrong".
When in your life do you begin to bring your "self" into your awareness? At about the age of 18 you feel as though you have it all figured out. You rebel against authority and go out into the world to make your dreams come true. When you are in your mid to late 20's you finally realized your parents are human too and you can not blame them for your problems. So how did you become so dysfunctional and end up so confused? As you enter your 30's you are overcome with needing to meet your goals you did not take advantage of when you were younger and wish you had listened to your parents or those older and wiser with life experience. You are only growing older and wiser everyday aren't you? Is life experience teaching you everything you need to know? Or is life just making you get old faster? Is life passing you by?
More than likely over the years you were always too busy with outside stimulation, action, and distractions that you never had the opportunity to bring your true inner self into awareness. If you had taken the time over the years to get to know who you are from the inside out instead you may have been able to avoid many years of needless worry, pain, and anxiety.
When you were young you were just learning what felt right and what didn't. Your language and form of communication was very limited. You weren't sure who you or anyone else was just yet but you had your sensors on and your awareness open to new things. As you got older and you learned what felt right and didn't you then began to notice when others put pressure on you to be a certain way. This was the stage that self awareness should have begun. Children should be guided to get to know themselves and become aware of their behavior and actions early on in life. If we teach children to be self aware and get to know them selves we are teaching them early on how to deal with life’s problems.
By knowing who you are you are able to easily steer away from the negative things that trigger failure for you. If you know yourself you understand how you react to things and how you may need to change in order to align yourself with the highest good. If you know yourself and you can learn to express yourself with or with out words and life would flow.
Instead we go through life blindly and many painful obstacles are placed on our path. Because we are so asleep and unaware of ourselves these obstacles appear to be giant mountains that are treacherous to conquer. A lot of times you climb that rough mountain and get to the top and are so proud of yourself only to turn around and find another placed right in front of you just as hard and just as painful!
What if you were more awake! What if you knew yourself better?! Do you think the mountain would be just as big? It would probably seem like a little hill once you had the tools to climb over it properly. It wouldn’t be as painful because you would know what to expect how and how handle what would be on your path don’t you think?
No one gives you a handbook in life and says this is how you live. We all go about it in different ways and some choose the roughest paths while others choose easy paths but get nothing out of it.
There may be no written handbook but we do have many ways of bringing ourselves into awareness. We can begin by looking to the stars. They have been there since before we were born. In ancient times they were used to navigate not only the planet but ones self. Numbers have always been in our lives. It is the earliest form of counting and has many coded meanings that even the most ingenious mathematicians are still trying to break. But they have a magical purpose in our lives and helping us understand who we are. We can use both astrology and numerology to help bring to awareness that we are. Once we have done some self exploring and opened our minds to who we are we can begin to learn how to open our hearts. We being to understand that we need alone time, silence, and reflection in order to go within. Once we take time to reflect on our lives and quiet our minds we soon learn that we are on the path of self transformation.
Life does have handbooks! There are symbols, signs, and prayers that can lead you within so you can begin to know who it is you really are. Once you open your mind your heart will being to open natural. Wake up and look in the mirror. Stop worrying about the horrible things life has dealt you and start empowering yourself on how to conquer those obstacles by going within and bringing your true self into awareness! If life is truly short then why waste time and energy worrying about goals and what others are doing and thinking? Instead stop wasting time and energy and empower yourself by KNOWING yourself!
If you would like further guidance and knowledge on how to bring yourself into awareness please feel free to email me, Lori Marie, at or visit my website at

Monday, November 1, 2010

The Samuri's Pride

The samurai's pride

Heaven and hell are not geographical, they are psychological, they are your psychology. Heaven and hell are not at the end of your life, they are here and now. Every moment the door opens; every moment you go on wavering between heaven and hell. It is a moment-to-moment question, it is urgent; in a single moment you can move from hell to heaven, from heaven to hell.

Hell and heaven are within you. The doors are very close to each other: with the right hand you can open one, with the left hand you can open another. With just a change of your mind, your being is transformed --from heaven to hell and from hell to heaven. Whenever you act unconsciously, without awareness, you are in hell; whenever you are conscious, whenever you act with full awareness, you are in heaven.

The Zen master Hakuin is one of the rare flowerings. A warrior came to him, a samurai, a great soldier, and he asked "Is there any hell, is there any heaven? If there is hell and heaven, where are the gates? Where do I enter from? How can I avoid hell and choose heaven?"

He was a simple warrior. A warrior is always simple; otherwise he cannot be a warrior. A warrior knows only two things, life and death--his life is always at stake, he is always gambling; He is a simple man. He had not come to learn any doctrine. He wanted to know where the gate was so he could avoid hell and enter heaven. And Hakuin replied in a way only a warrior could understand.

What did Hakuin do? He said, "Who are you?"
And the warrior replied, "I am a samurai."

It is a thing of much pride to be a samurai in Japan. It means being a perfect warrior, a man who will not hesitate a single moment to give his life. For him, life and death are just a game. He said, "I am a samurai, I am a leader of samurais. Even the emperor pays respect to me."

Hakuin laughed and said, " You, a samurai? You look like a beggar."

The samurai's pride was hurt, his ego hammered. He forgot what he had come for. He took out his sword and was just about to kill Hakuin. He forgot that he had come to this master to ask where is the gate of heaven, to ask where is the gate of hell.

Hakuin laughed and said, "This is the gate of hell. With this sword, this anger, this ego, here opens the gate." This is what a warrior can understand. Immediately he understood: This is the gate. He put his sword back in its sheath.

And Hakuin said, "Here opens the gate of heaven."

Hell and heaven are within you, both gates are within you. When you are behaving unconsciously there is the gate of hell; when you become alert and conscious, there is the gate of heaven.

What happened to this samurai? When he was just about to kill Hakuin, was he conscious? Was he conscious of what he was about to do? Was he conscious of what he had come for? All consciousness had disappeared. When the ego takes over, you cannot be alert. Ego is the drug, the intoxicant that makes you completely unconscious. You act but the act comes from the unconscious, not from your consciousness. And whenever any act comes from the unconscious, the door of hell is open. Whatsoever you do, if you are not aware of what you are doing the gate of hell opens.

Immediately the samurai became alert. Suddenly, when Hakuin said, "This is the gate, you have already opened it"-- the very situation must have created alertness. A single moment more and Hakuin's head would have been severed; a single moment more and it would have been separated from the body. And Hakuin said, "This is the gate of hell."

This is not a philosophical answer; no master answers in a philosophical way. Philosophy exists only for mediocre, unenlightened minds. The master responds but the response is not verbal, it is total. That this man may have killed him is not the point. "If you kill me and it makes you alert, it is worth it"--Hakuin played the game.

This must have happened to the warrior--stopped, sword in hand with Hakuin just before him--the eyes of Hakuin were laughing, the face was smiling, and the gate of heaven opened. He understood: the sword went back into its sheath. While putting the sword back into the sheath he must have been totally silent, peaceful. The anger had disappeared, the energy moving in anger had become silence.

If you suddenly awake in the middle of anger, you will feel a peace you have never felt before. Energy was moving and suddenly it stops--you will have silence, immediate silence. You will fall into your inner being and the fall will be so sudden, you will become aware.

It is not a slow fall, it is so sudden that you cannot remain unaware. You can remain unaware only with routine things, with gradual things; you move so slowly you can't feel movement. This was sudden movement-- from activity to no-activity, from thought to no-thought, from mind to no-mind. As the sword was going back into its sheath, the warrior realized. And Hakuin said, "Here open the doors of heaven."

Silence is the door. Inner peace is the door. Nonviolence is the door. Love and compassion are the doors.
Osho Zen
Transformation Tarot
36. The Gates of Hell

I could add a lot of words and make a great commentary for this post but the message is clear! Enjoy!
~Lori Marie

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Love Thyself and Heal the World

We are all mere reflections...when we allow ourselves to shine we help others see through their own darkness and guide them to their light...we must be the change we wish to see the world...we must allow ourselves to shine.

I wish there was a way for me to peel away your layers
and expose you to the love and light that dwells deep within you
so you would know that the light doesn't burn
and that love has nothing to do with pain
so that I can show you that all those layers were just
mountains of fear tricking you into thinking you knew what was best for you
tricking you into thinking the layers were protecting you
I can not peel those layers off for you
but I can expose you to the love and light that dwells deep within you
because I am your perfect reflection...
I will be the love and light that dwells within you so you can know
who and what you truly are
so you can know that the light doesn't burn
and that love has nothing to do with pain
I will reflect so you can seen beneath those layers
I will reflect what is beneath those mountains of fear that is tricking you into thinking you know what is best for you
I will reflect and show you that love is your only true protection
~Lori Marie

Monday, October 25, 2010

Are You Happy?

The reality is, if you can not say you are happy, you are choosing not to be happy.

We all have pain in our life but we all choose how we deal with it. We often blame things on hormones, or our past, or DNA, or something! But none of that really matters because in life we have choices and we CHOOSE to be happy or sad.

When we wake up in the morning we choose to get out of bed or to lay in it and whine how we are tired and do not want to get up and go to work. This often starts our daily ritual to where we dread our day and the things we have to do and in the end we are just plan UNHAPPY. We chose to start our day this way! We chose to lay there and be upset and dwell on how horrible the day was going to be. If you want a change in your life and you want to be happy then you need to be that change! How can you expect to have a good day and have the abundance you desire come to you when you do not even want to get out of bed in the morning?

If we have choices why would you torture yourself with negativity and have a miserable day when you can start it off with a smile?! Maybe if we have choices and we want to have a good day we could instead chose to wake up and say to ourselves, "Yesterday was a hard day but today is going to be different. Today I am going to have a good day because I want to have a good day. I am choosing to have a good day!" So you go about your morning with a smile and a kick in your step and you are off to have a good day!

OH BUT WAIT! Oh no! There is traffic and I'm going to be late to work and some idiot is bound to cut me off and almost make me crash. I don't want to go through that mess. I don't want to deal with Mr. Road Rage today! I don't want to go to work! Guess you just ruined your good day you started off with huh?!

No because this isn't about just starting your day choosing to be happy. The point is you choose everything! You have so much control over your life and you just give it away to misery every time! Why do you do that? If life has you down, if traffic has you down, if work stinks, if your marriage stinks, if you just aren't happy then you need to be responsible for how you feel! You need to take control of how you feel and MAKE yours choices so you are happy. Yes, your choices do have consequences. You may lose something you cherished in order to be happy. But that's when you need to get your scale out and do some weighing. Which is more important to you, your overall happiness and sanity, or the other thing you need to let go of that more then likely has its own lessons to learn and has nothing to do with you.

Basically in life you are not powerless unless you give your power away! You are in complete control of your life and your choices and how you react and feel about things. If you do not like something change it. If you do no like an emotion change it. Its up to you! You have the choice to make! So what do you choose? I choose happy!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Understanding How The Moon Effects Who You Are

As an astrologer I love to see how the planets effect us in life. When we were born the moon, the most nurturing planet in our universe, was in one of its phases and inturn can tell us much about what phase our soul incarneted into this life. After reading about how the moon phases work contact me and I will gladly give you a Natal Moon Phase Reading. It will help you understand what phase you were incarnated into this life and what you are hear to do as well as what phase the moon is in your life at this time. You can contact through The power of the moon in our lives should never be underestimated.

The two most fundamental energies in our birth chart are the Sun and the Moon. While
the Sun is the most yang, projective, giving us our sense of individual self and purpose, the
Moon is the most yin, receptive, providing us with the application of our purpose. The Sun
is the light and life of our system. The Moon being the closest heavenly body to us controls
the rhythm of the sea and all its creatures as well as the flow of blood in the human body.
As the Moon distributes the light of the Sun each night, we experience this partnership and
are able to understand their relationship in forming the personality of the human being.

Each night a different amount of light is given off by the Moon according to its changing
relationship with the Sun. Within an approximate twenty-eight day cycle the Moon will have
passed through eight phases, each phase lasting about forty-five degrees or three and a half
days. These phases each have their own unique characteristics which influence all life on the
planet. The first phase is the New Moon at which time no light is emanating from its surface.
Beginning at zero degrees it will have completed its cycle at three hundred and sixty degrees.

One way to describe these phases is to use the analogy of the plant.

At the New Moon the seed is in the ground preparing for germination. It is implanted in
a new beginning.

In the early degrees of the Crescent Phase, the sprout is drawn up from the earth by the
initial impulses of light. During the remaining stages of the Crescent Phase the plant goes
through a strengthening process, mobilizing its energies against the elements of nature.

When the First Quarter comes about, the plant has passed the initial stages of survival
and is now sending down roots. By firmly anchoring its life force, the plant is able to
concentrate its energies in the growth of stems and leaves with the tiny buds appearing by
the beginning of the Gibbous Phase.

During the Gibbous Phase the plant is focusing on the reason for its existence. By ridding
itself of everything superfluous, the culmination of its entire past from its beginning is brought
to the moment of its achievement by coming into bloom.

The phase of the Full Moon is the completion. The work has been done and the
gardener can stand back and assess his efforts. As the Full Moon progresses through its
forty-five degrees the flower becomes the fruit.

The Disseminating phase is the harvest. The purpose of the plant is to now give back to
the earth, to those who brought it into being and to nurture others.

By the time the Third Quarter comes around, the harvest is over, the abundance has
been shared and what is left in the fields begins to decompose. The cycle is beginning to end.

During the Balsamic Phase the seed capsule is buried underground. It is clear that what
was, no longer exists in its original form. This is the time of transition. The light of the Moon
has grown very dim and by the end of this phase will have disappeared into darkness.

When we are born we come in under the influence of one of the Moon's phases. The
degree will pinpoint its intensity.


When a person is born under the influence of the New Moon it is thought that in terms of
reincarnation, this person has been born into the first incarnation of an eight fold sequence.
This person possesses a quality of spontaneity, thus, planning ahead is not always met with
success. They view life as a grand adventure with unlimited possibilities. Living in the
moment, the past is not important to them. Being born when the Moon sheds no light, they
have come to learn to respond instinctually and to act on intuition. They are able to navigate
without maps and arrive at their destination with time to spare. They are often criticized for
being overly self involved, but there is a need for them to learn about who they are and to
project it into the world.

Initial urge Instinct Projection


A key word for the Crescent Phase is breakthrough. It is a time when what was begun
during the New Moon is carried forward. It is a time of struggle because it often has to
wrestle with the ghosts of the past which were in effect before the new cycle began. This
new identity needs to overcome old standards, attitudes and structures in order to become
fully functional as a whole and free individual. People born during a Crescent Moon often
find themselves emotionally tied to the past. They may be drawn to habitual behaviors,
wanting to stay within their comfort zones, feeling the need for security. They can be
vulnerable to emotional blackmail, falling victim to those who want to "keep them the way
they are", not supportive of their growth. Crescent Moon types may find it difficult to leave
home until well into adulthood. It is imperative that they establish their life force in
independence. It is important for them to understand that the first step is the hardest, but
that once it is taken new opportunities will open up. Their final challenge is to take those
opportunities and act on them.

Activation Striving Future


The First Quarter Moon can be referred to as "crisis in action". It is a time in which the
challenge is to manage the energy which is released by crisis and then to restructure it into
its new form. People born during this phase are able to rise to the occasion of any
emergency. They are able to make split second decisions and act on them. They have the
ability to tear down old structures and to recreate new ones. They are the pioneers, the trail
blazers, the hero and the heroine. It is important not to unconsciously create havoc in their
lives just for the sake of excitement even though the crazier it gets, the better they get. It is
likely they will create conflict in the lives of those entrenched in the status quo. You may find
them working in emergency rooms and driving ambulances.

Clearing Action Building


Those born during the Gibbous Phase have an innate desire for perfection. Having
sharp, analytical minds, they have a need to understand. Looking at a subject from all
angles, they experience sheer joy when delving into the core of the matter. Bringing things to
the essence of their being, the truth will be revealed. They live their lives in anxious
expectation augmented by the breath of the coming revelation. Children born at this time will
not be happy with the answers, they will want to know why and how the answer came
about. Gibbous Moon people make good apprentices as their goal is to learn all they can
and become as good as they can get.

Perfecting Analysis Interpret


The Full Moon brings about the completion of all the hard work that came before it. It is
the time in which the structure having attained perfection experiences the urge to become
infused with meaning and purpose, the breath of life. It is time when all that was instinctual
becomes deliberate action, all that was felt before will now be made visible. The ideals are
to be realized, brought forth into the world for all to have. It is the debut. People born under
the Full Moon are idealists. They may spend a lot of time searching for belief systems that
they can relate to. Relationships are important to them and they need to be fully conscious
of the effects their words and actions have on others. It is hard for them to find the ideal
relationship in this material world and they will often turn to religion or an ideal cause. In
looking for the right relationship, one needs to proceed through the clarity of the light of
consciousness and not get caught up in the emotional bog of sheer desire.

Perfection Completion Conscious Illumination


The Disseminating Phase of the Moon is the second phase of conscious operation. That
which came into completion at the Full Moon is ready to be distributed now. People born
during this phase are natural communicators. They are what they believe and their purpose
is to spread it to the world. They share and communicate information acquired from their
own experience. They are the teachers and philosophers. If they have no message to share
they can become despondent. It is their lesson to realize that they are not responsible as to
whether the message is received or not. It is not the role of everyone else to act on what
they say, but it is the role of the person born in the Disseminating Phase to say it. They
make good publicists and reporters as long as they believe in what they are saying.

Imparting Convey Awareness


The key word for the Last Quarter is readjustment. It is the hardest to identify as many
of its characteristics are hidden. As the First Quarter experiences "crisis in action", the Third
Quarter experiences "crisis in consciousness". Old systems and values are becoming
useless. It is hard for people born at this time to relate to life in the here and now. They
often appear to be living in a world of their own, when in actuality they are going through an
internal process of reorientation. They will present to the world an acceptable face as they
are quietly developing on the inside. At the point when their own internal self has been
completed, a brand new, fully developed person emerges. This butterfly is quite different
from the caterpillar it had been, and is quite the surprise to those who thought they "knew"
them. These people need the time and space to find themselves. If pressured to conform,
they may revolt causing others to regard them as uncooperative and rebellious. As children,
they require a lot of "alone" time and may need more rest than others as they process much
in their sleep and in meditative states.

Readjustment Correcting Disillusionment Elimination


The Balsamic Phase is the last phase of the Moon's cycle. This is the time of adjustment
from one cycle to another. It is the bridge between the past and the future. People born at
this time are finishing an eight phase cycle of lifetimes. Therefore, this lifetime is a very
karmic one. There is a pattern of very intense, all-consuming although short term
relationships with people from the past including other lifetimes. These karmic ties are in
need of resolution before continuing on into the next new cycle. These people often have
pronounced psychic abilities. They are the visionaries seeing years ahead of their times. As
children they often feel apart from their peers; they are loners. Balsamic Moon people are
able to take the true meaning of a situation, distill it into its wisdom essence and plant it into
the awareness of others. They are the gurus. Their job is the transmission of essential
knowledge which will germinate at the next level during the next Lunation Cycle.

Incubation Preparation Closure Surrender


The progressed lunation cycle lasts for approximately twenty-eight years. This is in effect
a macrocosmic illustration of the microcosmic monthly lunar cycle.

During a progressed New Moon people instinctively begin a new phase of their lives.

As in all new beginnings, the Crescent Phase will bring about challenges during the
struggle forward in this new enterprise. Old friends may fall away, while new opportunities
will present themselves, helping them get on with the business at hand. Sometimes they will
feel as though they are moving in blind faith as old values and outmoded systems fall to the
wayside, being replaced by new approaches acquired through inspiration.

The progressed Third Quarter presents a time of action in which the building stage is in
full force. At the onset of this phase, sometimes still without tangible form, one instinctively
forges ahead in a creatively progressive mode, until towards the end of the three and a half
year period there is a sense of being grounded in the process now having something to
work with.

The progressed Gibbous Phase brings about the stage of refinement. The techniques of
the process which was begun is perfected now and fine tuned during this time.

The crucial stage comes with the phase of the progressed Full Moon. It is during this
time that the fruits of ones labor are made obvious. The structure has been built and it is
time to find the meaning, purpose and content of its creation. If one doesn't allow for a
change in the way of operations from here on, the structure usually breaks down, for it is
useless without a purpose. This time usually marks a turning point in ones life in which he
realizes that he must gradually disengage from the way he has been doing things for the next
fifteen years.

During a progressed Disseminating Phase, one is living out ones values accumulated
through the period of growth prior to the progressed Full Moon.

When the progressed Third Quarter comes around feelings of dissatisfaction with the
way things are begin to emerge. Perhaps a lack of interest in a once compatible system of
living. Change is in the air although it is not in ones consciousness as of yet. Things just don't
fit the way they used to and may feel like they are already becoming a part of the past.

The progressed Balsamic Phase is the time when one begins to sense the future and
dedicates themselves to it. It is the transiting ending to all that was. Old issues and loose
ends may come for review. As this phase progresses it becomes a time of enforced
isolationism. One may feel like they are going crazy as it is hard for them to identify with
things in the so called real world. They may think they have made a mistake, that there must
be something wrong with them. Try as they may , they just can't seem to get with the
program. It is at this time that one needs to understand that those things that are no longer
valid or have passed away had a purpose, and that part of the fulfillment of that purpose
was to make way for what is to be born. The Balsamic time is a time of meditation, of inner
searching. It is a time of transition from DOING to BEING. People need to realize that it is
O.K. to do nothing, to become receptive and allowing. People often retire during a
progressed Balsamic Moon and sometimes pass on from physical life.

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Guilt, Sorrow, and Envy

"I shed no tear for thyself but tears of joy and happiness for the ones I love. And if they are so very happy then my tears are streaming with smiles that all their dreams are coming true. One must live life to fullest, make everyday the life they dreamed it to be, and let no other soul impose upon your dreams with guilt, sorrow, or envy." ~ Lori Marie

When I was younger I learned a hard lesson about love. I learned that when you love someone unconditionally you let them go and allow them to follow their dreams. We have no right holding someone back because we will miss them, or love them, or need them financially. No one owes anyone anything when true love is involved. The gift of true love is learned through freedom. When we can let go and allow the ones we love to spread their wings and be who it is they want to be we are showing teaching them how to be unconditional.

There are many examples this plays out in. If a lover has a dream job offer and it will take them far away you have no right to place guilt upon them or to be envious their dreams are unfolding. If you love them you let them follow their dreams. Your best friend chooses to marry the love of their life. This someone happens to be a person you dislike and you feel is bad for them but true unconditional love for your friend is allowing them to go live their life as they chose. As humans we have a great responsibility when we chose to love another. If we truly love them then we must show them by allowing them space and freedom to be the person they feel they truly are. We are not going to agree with everything someone we love does, says, feels, or believes in but we love them anyway.

If we are to evolve as loving beings on this planet we must learn that no one owes anyone anything and that true love is found from a forgiving, open, and unconditional heart. If we are unhappy with our universe we must be the change we wish to see in the world. If we want to be happy we must allow others to follow their own divine plan and love them anyway.

Friday, October 15, 2010

The Enlightened Ones

No one knew what to do...
so they walked...
Soon they came to a beautiful river...
it was just what they needed for their walk was long and hard and they were very thirsty...
as they bent down each scooped water into their hands and began to indulge....
one child looked up and said,"i am blessed for i needed water and here it is and i didn't even ask for it".
Another child added, "and i am blessed for the sun was so hot and harsh and this beautiful river nurtures the most beautiful grand trees and i can nap in the shade".
And the last child said nothing for he was busy starring at his reflection in the water. He was darkened from the sun, dirty from the treacherous walk, and thinned from no water or food...but he smiled...for he knew that at one time he had no answers and did not know what to do...but in his reflection he saw the world come to life. He knew there was nothing he needed to do. He realized there was nothing he needed to ask for. He knew that it did not matter how he looked or how hard his life had been because in his reflection he saw his something he never seen before....everything. He was a part of everything. Nothing was separate from him. He was the trees and the wind, the water and the air, the birds and flowers. He realized none of those things ever asks for anything. None of those things know what to do....they just are...they just do.
The moral of the story is: Be who and what you are. Do not worry about what to do in life for it will naturally unfold in front of you. Know you are provided for and have no need to suffer...and remember you are a perfect reflection of what already is.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

What is an Emissary?

I first learned what an Emissary was from the renowned author James Twyman who wrote the book "Emissary of Light". Mr. Twyman explains that for thousands of years Emissaries of Light have prepared the world for this time and their only function has been to keep the doors of heaven open, or to keep the flow of Divine Light conscious and strong.
Before I read this wonderful book, which I highly recommend to everyone, I was already on my path to becoming an emissary and did not consciously realize it. When I was 18 I became a YMCA camp counselor and it was by far one of the best experiences of my life. Our directors encouraged us to be fun counselors and create a camp name for ourselves. I chose the name Heaven. I was enchanted by the feel and love that eminated from the name and felt that since I was someone who always looked at the unknown side of life it fit me perfectly. Little did I know I would grow to be a person so divinely connected and a true emissary of light.
My goal here on this planet is to be the change I wish to see in the world and help each and every person remember who they are and that they too are divinely connected to all that is. In our crazy world we have found ourselves lost and unable to connect to the truly important things. We reach for money, lust, and obsessive cravings and desires which are all big bright illusions of what we are really searching for. So as an emissary of light I am on a mission light many others to spread my wings and soar through the world reaching out and reminding you of who you are and the power that lies within you. If you feel that life has a horrible hold over you and you would like someone to help redirect you feel free to contact me at any time. If you are hesitant, shy, or merely just an observer come back often to my blog space and see if there are any messages that will help guide you deeper within yourself on your path to personal transformation and love.
Peace, Love, and Light
Lori Marie

A Wise Teacher Asks Good Questions

We are all here on this planet merely as catalysts to move each other forward in evolution. We reflect one each others behavior, mannerism, and take on the same morals. If we are catalysts for one another that makes each of us a teacher if we are conscious of it or not. We are role models for everyone we come in contact with and create long domino effects with the littlest things we do like smiling or saying a unpleasant statement. So as humans we have a responsibility we never realized we had before. As humans we are the change we want to see in the world. Our words, actions, and feelings effect more people then the ones we come into immediate contact with so if we have this great power of change and we are all powerful teachers we need to now be wise ones.
Paul Ferrini stated in his book "Love Without Conditions" that a wise teacher asks good questions, but she gives very little advice.
Mr. Ferrini explains, "one who masters the mind is not valued by society. He may be the most powerful being alive, but you will not find him in a position of power. In truth, even if such a position were offered to him, he would not take it. Such a person is not concerned with the manipulation of outer events." He continues by saying, "For him there is only one question 'Are you happy right now.' If the answer is 'yes' then you are already in heaven. If the answer is 'no' then he simply asks 'why not?'.
What Mr. Ferrini is saying is basically no one person outside of yourself is going to give you any advice or teach you anything that you already do not know. So as humans we have a responsibility to one another to ask 'why not' instead of preaching 'why'. We are all going through different things and have different perspectives and we may have a fresh out look we could add to someone else's problems but the best advice we could give is to help the other person go within and find their own answers.
As a healer and Astrologer my goal is to help those who come to me find their own answers. I feel as though I am a catalyst who can see things within you that maybe are not clear to you just yet. My goal is to ask you the right questions and take you within yourself to help untangle the complicated web you have created thus far in life. I do not have your answers but I can see where your issues are tangled and help you untie your knots and find yourself again.
As Mr. Ferrini says, "All the master can do is encourage you to that the responsibility here and now." If you are having trouble going within and standing outside your emotions and current life situations or know someone who does remember the object is to help the other see their own light and find their own solutions we are merely catalysts to help them do so.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Power of Intent is The Real Secret

If I asked someone 5 years ago if they ever heard of "The Secret" I would more than likely be presented with a very peculiar look followed by a, "what secret?". Thanks to Oprah and some wonderful marketing agents who happened to see the underground video circulating the Myspace posts "The Secret" has become a household name along with the determent of what the secret really is. Once a new age spiritual epiphany for many has now become a popular self help fad. The key word in that statement is fade. Fad's fade away but for those who understood what "The Secret" really is will carry it with them the rest of their life.

The concept of the secret is if someone believes they "will" get a million dollars it will come to them. If I send out to the universe to send me my soul mate before I am 35 then it will happen. If I create a board with all the things I want the universe will know I want them and give them to me. It I believe it will happen it will. Is this true? Yes and No.

Yes, as the bible says, ask and ye shall receive but no it does not mean everything you ask for you will get. Do not let this new self help concept disillusion you like it has so many others. The real secret and the meaning behind the biblical quote are both trying to teach that the power of your thoughts, your true intent, will manifest. Siddhartha Gautama Buddha say, "your thoughts become your reality". Most people are not aware of their true intent. A lot of the time we walk through life living in automatic mode. We automatically wake up and go through our routine and we automatically respond with disgust as people cut us off as we drive. How often have you automatically greeted someone as you passed them but never even really registered in your mind they were there because you were thinking about some other distant thought?
Until we live from a perspective where we are consciously aware of our intent we will not get the things we ask for. We may be going through hard times and decide that if we ask and pray for a big lump sum of money to come our way all our big problems in life will go away. That isn't likely. If you focused your intent in a more refined way you may see some success. Instead you may ask and pray for the solution to your money problems be solved in the healthiest and least painful way possible. What manifest would depend on each person but maybe you figure out a better way to budget your money you never thought of before and suddenly you are saving a lot of money or maybe you get a bonus at work that you didn't expect and it helps relieve you from added anguish.
Intent is easy to control if you are first aware of it. How often have you been in a conversation with someone and not heard one word they were saying because your mind was somewhere else? Have you ever driven all the way home and once you got there realized you don't remember any of the trip? You weren't aware. How can you think that if you say, "I want a new car" your full awareness is in that statement when you can't even remember your drive home?
Intent is in everything we say and do as well as the things we do not say and do. Our actions show our intent, our body language shows our intent, and our thoughts clearly show our intent.

If we are saying yes to something but we really want to say no our intent is sent out in the universe as a very stressed signal and obstacle's are instantly created. On the other hand when you say no and mean it the intent is pure and the signal it send is loud and clear. So lets take what we have learned from "The Secret" and from the Bible and add in what we have learned about intent and try to ask for what it is we feel we need. When we are asking for that million dollar check more than likely our unconscious is really saying will you please help me get out of my financial stress so I can have nice things and go nice places. The statement "send me a million dollars" stems from being stressed over money not "needing a million dollars".

Intent is a very tricky thing and that is why it is such a secret. Most people do not know their true intent is and it remains a secret. If you can become aware, conscious, of what you are really saying, thinking, and feeling then you have mastered "The Secret" and you have the control to make life exactly what you want it to be in accordance to your highest good and your truest self. So if you are amongst the many who try to live like the self help book and movie teaches but find it has yet been able to manifest the things you desire then maybe your intent remains the true secret.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Life Minus Expectations Equals Unconditional Love

In love and life we find ourselves in many different types of relationships. We have friendships, family, co-workers, supervisors, neighbors, lovers, partners, etc. The one thing in common is that within each and everyone of these relationships we have likes and dislikes. But the one thing that determines this common aspect is "expectations". What would happen to our relationships if we eliminated expectations all together? If we had no expectations of the people we have relationships with we would never have pain or disappointment.

In our minds we have created an unconscious set of expectations that we place on all humans be it if we are in a relationship with them or not. If we eliminated those expectations and had compassion for people as they are we would never experience disappointment in them. If we have no expectations of others we have take the first step to understanding unconditional love. The key to bringing happiness, joy, and love into our lives and experiencing it at every moment of every day is as easy as eliminating the expectations you hold on other people.

In our daily lives we become easily frustrated and angry at the way people drive when we are out on the roads. Why do we do feel this way? We already know that not everyone is a good driver, we already know some drivers are very inconsiderate, and we already know that there will be at the very minimum at least one accident a day on our city streets. So why do we have the expectation that when we go out and drive that every person needs to be a perfect driver? Yes it is important to be safe because lives are at risk everyday but we already know it as a fact that everyone isn't a good driver, and not all drivers are considerate, and that there are accidents everyday. If we want to make our driving experience less stressful and remain happier people we need to stop expecting that every person on the road be a perfect driver because it just isn't reality.

Children are not perfect and do things to upset us all the time. When they get bad grades we still kiss them and tuck them in at night and make them feel safe. We understand that they are children and they are not perfect and we love them anyway. Our pets and animals do not speak the same language as use and often anger us and frustrate us because they did not listen to our rules or they ruined something that belonged to us. When we see them at the end of the day we still love them and feed them and understand that they are animals and meant no real harm.

So why can't we have this understanding with every other relationship in the world? Why can't we understand that the clerk at the grocery store is a human too and that she may be having a bad day because her boss was rude to her, and her boss may have had someone cut them off on the road right before they got to work? Why can't we understand that our husband, girlfriend, mother, or neighbor are human and make mistakes too? Why do we place such great expectations on people to be something they are not? People are not perfect and always kind. People get crabby when they are mistreated or disrespected. People have bad days they have the right to be upset. So why do we have such high expectations?

When we are single and out looking for a mate do you find yourself turning someone away because they do not fit one of your expectations. Maybe you think men should always open the door for you, or maybe you think if a woman is dressed a certain way she isn't good enough to be your partner? It is all because of expectations and all expectations do are make you unhappy!

Imagine life for one hour out of our day where you had no expectations of anyone! If you are able to envision this you should be able to feel great happiness all around you. If you can eliminate expectations you can begin to understand how to have compassion for other humans in life and you are able to experience the true miracle of unconditional love. Unconditional love does not exist in a life of expectations so take some time to recognize when expectations begin to control you and release them for a much more pleasant experience in life true unconditional love.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Complaining Gets Negative Results

Complaining seems to be an epidemic in our world today. More than likely it is something that has always exsited but in our day and age everyone is trying hard to get positive results and when they do not, one resorts to complaining. Everyone complains and no one person can say they do not it just is a part of how we have adapted to dealing with life and venting. But if you have noticed complaining really gets you no where.
It is obvious complaining gets your no real satisfaction that is unless you are one who fights for your rights and everyone elses but this is different than complaining. Complaining isn't standing up for yourself that is a whole different issue. When you stand up for yourself you are asking another person to respect you and to correct a wrong they have aimed your direction. That is alleviating a negative. Complaining though is merely stating a dislike you have for something you are experiencing. What good comes out of stating the negative? When you state something that is bothering you you are not just venting you are releasing anger and adding more fuel to the fire. If something is already burning you up doesn't make sense to put the fire out instead of making the fire bigger? The only way to put a fire out is with something positive. Instead of complaining we need to be the change we wish to see in the world.
When we send out positive energy into the world by being what it is we wish to see around us we attract those situations to us. If we constantly yell at the cars and drivers around us for driving crazy more than likely we are going to become so agitated we drive the same way. Instead we can put out the fire by being the change and chosing to be courteous and looking at the situation at hand differently, with compassion. Everyone has to be somewhere and everyone has had a different day then the next person but how you respond to those people makes a world of difference. If we want positive surroundings we must send the same out into the world. Like attracts like.
Being the change is much easier said than done but it is definitely worth the try. If you are wanting a more peaceful life then maybe the next time you hear a complaint come out of your mouth you can take a few seconds to see if you are fueling a fire or if you are putting one out. If you see that you are just fueling the fire it really does not take much effort to try and see the situation from a different perspective and inturn be the change you wish to see in the world.
If you on the other hand are the one who caused someone to complain instead of returning the fire with fuel, because you did not like their response to you, apologize and smile. Often the power of a genuine smile will put out the largest of flames.
All in all if we want change in our world around us all we can really do is be that change. We can not force others to change but we can be the walking example.

Just one good way to be the change we wish to see in the world!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Meaning of Life

What is the meaning of life? It's one of those life questions everyone strives to answer. It's one of those questions people write chapters and chapters, novels upon novels, and articles and articles about. It really is not that complicated of a question. The meaning of life is not some hidden secret but it may pose to be. Life seems to be such a mystery because we have filled it with so much unneeded nonsense. We pile on drama after drama and worry about things that really have no need to be worried about. Of course life is a mystery when we are so bombarded with things we think are important but really have no real purpose in our life.
We turn on the TV and see talk shows about this and that, we walk through the grocery store and see magazines about this star and that celeberty, and we get caught up in the office gossip or the family spat that had nothing to do with us. Sometimes we get carried away with obsessions. We become addicted to emotions, drugs, alcohol, work, exercise, spiritual practices and beliefs, anything to take us away and hide what life is really about. Life is not a hidden mystery or secret encoded in a ancient far away tablet or a buried scroll that the wise ones once knew. Life is not a mystery you have just hidden it from yourself.
What is the meaning of life?
The meaning of life has no real words but I will do my best to help you remember because that is what the meaning of life is to remember who and what you we are. We live life as who we have evolved into through circumstances both good and bad. We are both a product of our environment and our minds. We have to dig deep inside to even know who we are. Many of us feel compelled to go out into the world to find ourselves when we were right there the whole time. We only went out into the world to find ourselves to escape everyone and everything else so we can focus and find our true selves and be who we are. Sometimes we find what feel best but usually we just find something that feels better. Its just another form of escape. Other times we find our true self and we live authentically and do not allow outside forces to compromise who we are. We remember that there is nothing to fear but fear itself and we live life from our hearts. This is what the meaning of life is. To be who are and live from our hearts. All in all we are human. We make mistakes, we fall prey to fear, and we fall in love with things and people who are not good for us. But when we sit back and ask why and we wonder why we are hear and what the real meaning of life is all we have to do is realize the real meaning of life is to be our true authentic self. Live from our hearts with good intentions if we fall and make mistakes its ok were human but as long as we always remember who we are our life will go along with much more meaning.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

No Need To Take Things Personally

We have all had someone hurt our feelings before. It happens everyday on a daily basis to just about everyone. When someone says something that offends us or we see as disrespectful we take it personally. Why is that? Why when we are in line at the grocery store and the cashier is distant and rude and possibly even snaps at us do we take it personally and allow it to hurt us? Why if our mother, brother, child, or partner says something with a bad attitude, calls us a name, or intentionally does something that they know will upset us do we take it personal?
Our human hearts are bruised easily but we can avoid this if we can remember one thing. If we did not intentionally do something to someone to provoke a negative response and they lash out at us in a negative way then it is their problem not ours! If the cashier had a bad morning before work or was just reprimanded by her boss more than likely she took it personal and is having a hard time interacting with customers therefore when she is negative to you it is her problem. We need to have compassion and realize something in that persons life isn't right for them to be behaving this way towards you. If you purposefully did something to provoke the cashier and they respond this way then it is expected and therefore it really is your problem and maybe you need to reassess how you deal with them in the future. Or just plainly admit it to yourself and apologize to them. You may even get a smile for being the bigger person
There are many different scenarios for this and in everyone the outcome is the same. If you did not intentionally provoke a negative response you have no need to take how you were treated personally and be hurt. If you go to a party and you are feeling so good because you have a new dress and you had your hair done and the hostess sneers at you how does this make you feel? Most people will take it personal and feel rejection and allow it to ruin their evening or even go as far as being a bad mood and taking the emotion out on someone else. But what if when the hostess sneered at you, you laughed inside. Oh my goodness she is being so silly. I bet she is jealous and loves my dress or maybe she thinks all the attention will be on me and not her because I look so nice to night. I think I will compliment her on her dress. Even if she doesn't respond positively you made it a point to be the bigger person and you realized that the other person had a problem and there was nothing wrong with you or the way you looked.
Here is another one. It's time for dinner and your child has to come in from outside to wash up. You call them more than once and finally you have to go out and get them. He or she is so upset that you tore them away from having a good time you hear a response like, mommy why do you always ruin my fun I hate you, or daddy you are so mean you never let me have fun with my friends when I want to you I like mommy better. None of these responses should make you feel bad especially the one where your child tells you they like the other parent better. Kids are smart and they begin at an early age what to say to make their parents feel bad. Its your child's problem not yours. You did not bring your child in because you are mean you want to feed them. You are not the bad parent because you went out to bring them in for dinner. Guess what though, a lot of parents take what their kids say personally.
There is not one case you can bring up to me where you should take a negative emotion given to you by someone else personal if you did not do something negative to provoke it.
Once you begin to realize not to take other peoples statements personal you will start to feel very empowered. You will realize you are happier more often. You do not eve have to bring it to the other persons attention when they behave this way all it will do is start a negative fight. If you merely have compassion for the other persons response and realize it is their problem and not yours you have let it go and you take no responsibility for it and you are the happy one!
Remember there is never a need to take something someone says personal if you did nothing intentional to provoke it!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hidden Messages

There are people in this world who like to "read between the lines". They do this because a lot of time there is more going on than is actually being said. The problem is when people read between the lines they tend to read with their mind and the mind has a way of misguiding. Have you ever stopped to think about how our minds and communication really works? We know words because we see them attached to images, sounds, or smells and collect them in our brain in different categories. This type of communication is very limiting because not everyone has the same memories or experiences and can not always properly relate to another person. So there is a need to read between the lines but not with our minds. The object is to learn to feel between the lines. When someone can detach themselves from an emotional response to something and open their heart and their mind they are able to sense things that do not have words. These are were hidden messages can be found. A persons "intent" is a hidden message as well. When someone says, "I love you" but do not really mean it a person can feel their true intent. You have a sense that they do not literally love you but care for you or they feel the need to say it because it is what you are wanting to hear.
Hidden messages are everywhere! They are hidden in the Bible, on the tongues of politicians, in fairy tales, and even in the conversation you hear from the people standing behind you. If you really want to know what is going on in the world you need to turn off your mind and turn on your heart! Your heart is the key to all hidden messages. Nothing can be hidden from someone who lives from their heart. Will your heart open the nearest bank vault and make you an instant millionaire? Probably not. But I bet you your heart can teach you that money was never the answer in the first place its just a catalyst to get you to where you need to be in life.
Opening your heart is the key to the universe and in time you will come to learn how to read hidden messages with ease. If you want to learn to find these hidden messages in the world you need to dig through your inner self all the way to the light you have bright inside you and let it out! You need to be true to who you are! You need to be authentic! You need to be you!!! And you need to allow yourself to shine bright! The brighter you shine the louder the messages are for you. Open your heart! Its the key to all hidden messages and their is a universe ready to be revealed to you!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

How To Watch The News

For about 3 years I decided I was not going to watch or read the news. All that I ever saw was negative. The fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan was continuous and never ending. Serial rapists, snipers, and murders were plastered all over the papers and TV. Why do I need to expose myself to all this negative energy it made me so upset? I decided it was needless torment. When my friends and coworkers would ask me if I had heard about something in the news I always responded no I hadn't heard. They were flabbergasted that I was so in denial about what was happening in our world. Everyone would feel the need to tell me about how important it is to know about what is going on in the world around me. I said why would I want to waste time within my day feeling sadness, sorrow, fear, and anger at the outside world around me. Most of the responses would be but there are good things in the news too. I knew this to be true to but I wasn't going to waste my time waiting to the end of a 30 minute news cast to hear about the local children who rallied around to help the elderly in the neighborhood. I chose to just not do it.
As time went on I met my current partner and in the time we have been together the news started to become a daily activity. It would come on in the morning and again in the evening. The paper started being delivered every Saturday morning as well. Soon I started to realize how distraught and angry I was becoming at the politicians in my state and community. I was constantly feeling anger and fear about the world around me. Yes, I thought my friends were right it is important to know what is going on around me. There is so much I have missed and our world is going down hill right before my eyes. I was breaking my own rules and allowing the worlds problems to consume me.
Then one day I went to lunch with an old friend. I started talking to her about the corruptness in our politics and what was going on in the world right before our eyes. She was shocked. I never watch the news she said I had no idea.
I could not believe what I was hearing. I used to be the same way. When I didn't watch the news or read the paper I was a much happier person. I may have not known what was going on around me but I never let little things bother me as much as I do now. I decided that there needs to be a healthy balance. I need to learn to face our world with compassion.
I have a strong philosophy in life. I believe that everything happens for a reason and is in perfect divine order. If I believe this how can I be angered or fearful of what is happening around me? If everything truly is in divine order then I need to be able to look at our sometimes dark and corrupt world with complete detachment and compassion. Compassion does not mean I need to "feel" the pains of the world. Or take the pains of the world on physically within my being. It means to be able to have a deep awareness of the suffering of another without the need to relieve it. It means being able to have a total appreciation for its value in the divine plan. It means being in a complete state of non-judgement.
Now when the news is on I do not pay too much attention to it but when I happen to get a glimpse of someone murdered and they are interviewing their family I send out love to them and pray for their guidance and freedom of pain. I do not feel the need to pass judgement on any of the story or situation and I do not take on their pain and suffering and became angry at the world. I fully understand that the energy I feel is sent out into the world. If I am feeling anger it adds to the anger that is already in the world but if I am feeling light it brings this world closer to feeling love.
If you would like to learn how to watch the news without adding to the weight of our world, watch it with compassion and continue to shine your inner light bright!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

We Are All One...Listen to the children!

Sometimes it takes listening to the children to remind us who we are and what we are doing here. Please take a second and watch this video clip of some beautiful children reminding us, "We are all one!"

Thursday, August 26, 2010


A dear friend of mine has been displaying her "Coexist" sticker lately and it reminds me clearly of this story about Moses. This story explains that you are to love, pray, and cherish the way it feel right to your heart. No one has superiority over you in the aspect that they know the "right way". There are many religions who teach you do things the "right way" in accordance to God but this story clearly shows they are misleading you. God knows there is no such thing as right and wrong as long as you are living your truth and from your heart!


A famous story about Moses:
He was passing through a forest and he saw a man praying. The man was saying such absurd things that Moses had to stop. What the man was saying was profane, sacrilegious. He was saying, "God, you must be feeling sometimes very alone--I can come and be always with you like a shadow. Why suffer loneliness when I am here? And I am not a useless person either--I will give you a good bath, and I will take all the lice from your hair and your body..."

Lice?! Moses could not believe his ears: what is this man talking about? "And I will cook food for you--everybody likes what I cook. And I will prepare your bed and I will wash your clothes. When you are ill I will take care of you. I will be a mother to you, a wife to you, a servant, a slave--I can be all kinds of things. Just give me a hint so I can come..."

Moses stopped him and said, "What are you doing? To whom are you talking? Lice in God's hair? He needs a bath? Stop this nonsense! This is not prayer. God will be offended by you."

Looking at Moses, the man fell at his feet. He said, "I am sorry. I am an illiterate, ignorant man. I don't know how to pray. Please, you teach me!"

So Moses taught him the right way to pray, and he was very happy because he had put a man on the right track. Happy, puffed up in his ego, Moses went away. And when he was alone in the forest, a thundering voice came from the sky and said, "Moses, I have sent you into the world to bring people to me, to bridge people with me, but not to take my lovers away from me. And that's exactly what you have done. That man is one of the most intimate to me. Go back and apologize. Take your prayer back! You have destroyed the whole beauty of his dialogue. He is sincere, he is loving. His love is true. Whatsoever he was saying, he was saying from his heart, it was not a ritual. Now what you have given to him is just a ritual. He will repeat it but it will be only on the lips; it will not be coming from his being."

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The other side is right in front of you

Everyone has a thought on what happens when someone dies. Some people have very strong religious beliefs and other people have thoughts that seem to feel safe and comfortable for them to believe. I myself have been blessed with many experiences that are not explainable. I have been visited by friends family members after they passed over as well as old friends who have come to tell me everything will be ok.
With the personal experiences I have had I have come to believe that the only thing keeping us from being with our loved ones who have passed over is our personal awareness and our eyes! It’s very easy to remove the veil and speak to those who have "crossed over" you just have to realize they haven't gone anywhere at all. Their physical self is not in your presence anymore because they have been blessed with a new consciousness. They do not see life anymore like we do they are in a different awareness and they are experiencing pure peace. We too will be there one day but in the mean time if we are to be closer to our loved ones who have passed all we need to do is look and listen. They are right there with you, in front of you, next to your bed, or behind the television. Sometimes they try to send messages to you like smells and pennies. They want to do whatever it is they can do to show you they are there without making you feel scared.
Some who have passed over do not feel the need to contact you because they are so enjoying their new awareness and since they do not experience time as you and I do, they know you are by their side already. If you need help in easing the pain of their absence know they are happy and free! Trust me. The next time you suddenly start thinking of them, or hear a song that reminds you of them, or words, or sights, or anything, more than likely it was them showing you they are right there with you.
Keep your heart and your mind wide open for the ones you love are still with you!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

You Are Boundless

A wise soul once reminded us that we have an unlimited nature and that we need to remove any doubts and fears and move forward in faith knowing the only limits we will ever experience are ones we imposed and created ourselves. He stated that a world without boundaries or limits is open to us and anything and everything is possible.

When I get lost in the illusions of daily chaos and confusions I often look my right should at this Osho quote posted on my wall. It reminds me that if I believe it, I can create it. It keeps me motivated and empowered to know that if I am down I have what it takes to change how I am feeling and make things lighter and easier again. Sometimes the weight of the world weighs heavy on my shoulders and I begin to allow doubt and fear to over take me. We are all human. We have emotions and we are going to have bad times as well as good times. Sometimes we feel as though we just can not dig ourselves out of those heavy dark holes! That's when we need to step outside of ourselves reach up into the invisible mass of the universe and take back what belongs to us! Our faith, power, and love! It is great inspiring people like Osho and Rumi who remind me of who I am and the power that I have lying inside me.

As the fear and doubt disolve I awaken with great strength and want to shed my new found happiness on everyone around me! The power of goodness spreads a long way! Rumi has been dead for centuries and Osho's words have been spoken and documented since long before I was even thought of. Those two men took time out of their lives to spread light in the world and little did they know how far their light would shine.

Now it is our turn! If everything we feel enlightened we took a moment and spread it to someone else the length it goes is boundless! If we just smiled, or let the driver in front of us through, or helped someone with the door, or even made the effort to share their loving words with a friend that light will do our world more good then you could possibly imagine. I have made it my personal goal in life to shed light where ever I see fit. I want to remind people of who they are and what they are capable of! No one is greater or more powerful than another! We all have the capacity within us to be loved and loving beings and we all are pure by nature. It is the chaotic and negative moments that we allow to sink us into the hole and not feel strong enough to pull ourselves out of.

Today challenge yourself to allow your unlimited nature to move you forward! Have faith in knowing the only limits you have are imposed and created yourself! Then when you up high on your mountain top shinning bright spread that love out as far as you can! Our world needs a hug and you have the boundless power to open your arms and squeeze!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Why Look To Astrology

Not a lot of people know what astrology is really about. It is sort of a foreign language to them or a religious taboo. Astrology is actually a very useful ancient tool that has been passed on and perfected over many many centuries! The stars are in the sky for a reason no one can deny that, but their mystical glow can do more for us than just tell us what direction we are going while sailing the ocean. Astrology is a map of our lives as well. Some people have the misconception that Astrology is a fortune teller but the powers astrology hold are much more precious than that. It is as unique as the finger prints on your hand and the collection of information you can get is just as revealing.
Instead of using astrology to show you a picture of your fortunes for the future you will gain much more from using it to take a picture of the real you! When I began my journey through the realm of the astrological world little did I know I was taking a journey through the realm of my own unknown! We are often not conscious of our actions or how we are perceived by the outside world. Not until you actually see it written on paper can you really begin to see inside yourself. Of course there is always meditation and breathing chi, but not everyone has the patience for that and if you are like 90 percent of the rest of the world you are easily mentally stimulated. When you delve into your astrological birth chart you will begin to see sides of yourself you weren't completely aware of. You will have the tool to change ways about yourself that you do not think are necessarily healthy, and you have a tool to make your life the way you truly want it to be. If you do not have the capacity to go within on your own then use your birth chart to take you within instead.
I have used astrology to my advantage for many years. I learned who I was and was empowered to be who I was meant to be in this world. When I had major issues it pin pointed why I have them and helped me find solutions to eliminate them from my life. You cannot get any self help book out there on the market that is better in healing you than you own personalized astrological natal chart!
Once you have delved into the depths of self exploration you can take life a step forward and use astrology for many other things. I personally love to us astrology to help me understand people. When I find out just a few valuable details about someone’s birth chart I instant have compassion and understand why they are the way they are. It helps me to adapt easier to people and to know what to say and not say to people according to how they may respond.
If you are looking for love or are in love astrology is great to help you understand the dynamics between you and the person you are interested in or in love with. You can see why you sometimes argue about certain things and why other times you can talk into all hours of the night.
As time goes on you can begin to use astrology as a tool to help you see what kinds of things you need to do in order to make your current year ahead of you work best for you. With a Solar Return chart you have the opportunity to see how the stars are laid out for you for the year to come. You are not destined to have a horrible or good outcome but you are shown what you can do to make things turn out the best! I have been following my own Solar Return Chart for over 5 years now and it has been so helpful in seeing what things I will be going through that year and how I may need to change something in order to make the dreams I want actually happen. It also shows me where something may potentially not be good and I have the free will to arrange the circumstances or the very least have a compassionate and healthy outlook on the situation and not be surprised and shocked.
All in all astrology is the number one accurate tool to helping you understand why things are the way they are in the world. Astrology never lies and it is always dependable...the stars aren't going anywhere anytime soon!
If you would like your astrological natal chart drawn up and interpreted for you feel free to contact me at your convenience! My rates are cheap and interpretations insightful!
~Lori Marie