Monday, March 16, 2015

You Don't Have to be Psychic To Read People...

....all you have to do is listen, watch, and feel. It is very easy to read people and no special psychic abilities are needed all you need is a clear observant mind that is free from judgement. Judgement can taint your perception and easily cause you to misread someone. If you have the true desire to be able to read people you may need to begin by becoming a people watcher. Sit, watch, and don't say a word. Peoples actions speak extremely loud. Body language can easily give away a persons mood and if you look at where you are what they are you can begin to start to put a story together. Of course you can never truly know unless you ask the person or if you knew them fairly well...but the more practice you have the easier it gets. I personally use it as part of my social game when I am out interacting with people I never met. I make it fun and I look them over and start to read them. I ask them a few simple yes or no questions to help my reasoning and then BAM! they are chit chatting away with me about their life. People love to talk about themselves so if you ever want to win brownie points just get people talking. Have you ever watch the tv series Elementary. How do you think he so quickly picks up on what is really happening? He is extremely observant, borderline autism I would say, but he really zeros in on what he sees and begins to piece things together. So let's make this a fun challenge. Start doing some people watching, not stalking, but just casual observing and begin to get a feel for reading people. Then one night when you are sitting around with friends and mingling with people you haven't met yet ask them if you can try reading them. You can make it fun and hold their hands...this will give them the impression your psychic or something...and then start observing their body language. think back on some thing you heard them talking about, consider their age and gender, and try and see if you can tell them things about themselves they haven't made known to a lot of people. If you know anything about astrology you can through that in too. If you know their sign you have a lot of basic traits that can help you zero in on some personal characteristics. Finally feel them out. Is their tone edgy, are they irritated with you and this is not fun for them, hmmm maybe they are cynics....are the smiling ear to ear and when they talk you feel cozy inside...hmmm maybe they are naturally nurturing people...use all your senses and before you know it you'll even amaze yourselves. Think about it this way, psychics are merely sensitives with heightened senses, if you begin to use your senses maybe you are becoming psychic? Maybe the label "psychic" is just a label for fine tuning our senses and getting in touch with all things around us. Maybe the way we look at the label of one who is psychic will begin to change because suddenly we understand everything is easy to understand when we tune into another using all our senses simultaneously. Maybe we are something we never imagined ourselves to really be but have always known we are...maybe you will suddenly....wake up.


Sunday, March 15, 2015

The Importance of Becoming Self Aware

In life people often find themselves offended by what others say or do because they "think" the other person is trying to hurt them, but in reality the situation is touching a sensitive point or insecurity they have within and they interpret it completely different than intended. At times they become even more angry when the other person does not own up or take responsibility for their actions towards them or others when really they are absolutely not responsible for how other people feel if their intent was the opposite. If you are the person who is getting the finger pointed at and you did not do anything to deserve the negative feedback then do not allow it to bother you it is the other persons problem not yours. The same goes when someone does not like you. You have no control over how the other person feels and whatever their problem is is strictly their problem. They win when you allow it to effect you. If you can turn the cheek and let it go then eventually the energy will dissipate and the situation changes as a whole. The basis of this post is to help awaken people to how our own insecurities, fears, and pains are often triggered unconsciously by the assumed actions of others. We need to become aware of "actual" intend and not "assumed" intent. If you do not know the difference in a particular situation you have a to the person about it or let it go. If you hold onto it you will gain nothing but angst from the situation. It's important to be in touch with your inner emotions, know your pains and fear, and be aware of their triggers. If you sweep these things under the carpet or do not become conscious of who you truly are, you will continue to live in survivor mode and not grow as a person.
Become aware of who you are so you can better understand and hear the clear intent of others. If you can recognize when someone is merely triggering and insecurity and when they are truly intending to hurt you, you have achieved success in self awareness!