Sunday, December 15, 2013

GOD Is Not Complex

One with God where where the light
 is shining even in the darkest of nights.
God, Allah, who, or whatever you believe in is not a complex concept. Humans are complex and make everything compartmentalized and complex. We take what we learn put it away in our memory and label it. When something new comes along it gets compared to things you already have stored and gets a new label. These labels are not just black or white, they have various shades and often branch off into odd tangents that may appear to go nowhere or get so tangled and convoluted that your labels and categories can't make any rational sense out of it. Depending upon your early experiences of learning what God is, will determine how you compartmentalized the concepts of God and what God means. If we look at this complex equation we just created with our human conditioned way of communicating, God is a big mystery to be solved. Once you can step outside of your narrow minded human self and see that your way of understanding and communicating is very limited, only then does it become easy to recognize what God really is, and it is far from complex. God just is. If you find you need to label and understand the term "just is" you will end up in more of your brain twisters and not be able to grasp it. Instead, go deep within and turn off your brain so you can hear, see, feel, and be one with God. God is not complex our way of understanding God is complex. If you wish to know God let go of the prayers the hail Mary's and go within and just be with God. In the silence you will come to realize that everything that clutters your brain from day to day is a waste of precious energy and that place where you found God is truly where we all long to be. The goal in life is to release ourselves from our complex minds and stop the hologram from tricking us into thinking we are an independent solid being, and nstead lay still in the silence and be one with God. Living from the perspective of just being is much less complex and much more Godly, therefore living from a place where the light is shining even in the darkest of nights.

Friday, November 8, 2013

There is no "harder" there is just HARD

Today I was browsing through my facebook posts and a friend posted a video. I have to be honest I rarely watch videos unless they are quick humorous clips that make me laugh until I cry but something told me to watch this one. So on that note let me just say we are all human, we all have hard times, we all have ghosts in our closet but the common thread is we all have feelings and we all hurt the same. Remember the next time you are ready to judge someone or their hardship that they are just like you...and respect that thought.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Fear Not What You Can Never Accomplish

Let's begin by defining the word "perfection". According to the Merimman-Webster Dictionary perfection is defined as something that cannot be improved. As humans we have no need to ever feel as though we are not good enough, because we never will be. Humans are imperfect beings who are perfect  at only being imperfect. How is it we go through life thinking we are not good enough when in reality we are already perfect the way we are? If we were perfect there would be no need for us to be incarnated at this time on this very imperfect planet. We have much to learn and we will never reach perfection here and now. If we were to be so blessed as to reach the state of perfection it is more than likely we would exit this life and move into a realm where we could continue to exist so purely. If we know that we live in am imperfect world and we know we will never be perfect why are we so hard on ourselves when we do not meet these or others standards? These are questions you should be asking yourself. When you do not meet the expectations of another why is it you feel so low? When another does not meet your expectations why is it you feel so low? When we are disappointed, because either ourselves or someone else who did not meet the standards and expectations set by another, how do we stop the vicious cycle. We have already concluded that we are not perfect and no one else will ever be perfect, but we do have a quality of life, standards, and expectations that we want to meet and others to meet as well. Right? What if you do not pass your class with a high grade? What is the outcome? Do you think you wasted your time? The answer would be no even if you really feel  you did. You did not waste your time because you learned something and you are human and humans make painful mistakes in order to learn. What did you learn? Well maybe you learned that the topic you were studying is challenging and you need extra help understanding it, or maybe you learned that your free time was more important and you need to be more committed if a high grade is what you are desiring. All in all you learned something and have the opportunity to do it over. The same goes for your job. Your boss called you in because you have not been meeting his or her standards. How do you feel? Do you deserve to feel this way? Yes because they are right you are not doing what you should be in order to achieve the goals you agreed upon for the position. What was the outcome? You learned if you want this job you need to work harder in meeting their standards. Oh wait, no what they are saying is not fair. You have been working your ass off and you do not deserve to be made to feel low. In this case you have a choice. A, you can leave the company and work for someone who appreciats you, or B, you can feel bad about yourselves because you just weren't good enough and continue to work for people who choose to abuse your hard work. All in all you learned something and you have the opportunity to do it over or move on.
Another way to look at perfection is taking expectations out of the equation. If one does not have expectations there is no room for disappointment or feeling low. If one does not have expectations then the word perfection does not even need to exist because there will be nothing being measured good or bad. The easiest way to solve the problem of feeling "not perfect or good enough" is to take away all forms of expectations and you have completely eliminated the problem. Now for time being you and I both know that our world runs on goals and striving for something better. If that is the way our society is going to work there will always be guidelines, standards, and expectations to be met. So if our world is going to continue to run this way may we are damned if we do and damned if we don't, or maybe we could change our perspective and remind ourselves we are human and are not perfect. We are human and all in all we learned something and we have the opportunity to do it over or move on. There truly is no reason to not feel good enough! We never will be we will only be as good as we are and if that is not good enough for someone else then we have a choice. We always have a choice.
So the next time you feel low and not good enough remember! YOU ARE HUMAN and you will never be perfect because you already are.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Fate or Free Will Equals Destiny?

I thought I had it figured out. When I was in my early 20's I began wondering if we had free will or if things unfolded were predestined. I came to the conclusion if my personal philosophy that "everything happens for a reason" were true then things must be predestined. That is until recently as I began to watch the Syfy channels series "Continuum". The series is based on a cop from the year 2077 who is sent back in time along with 7 terrorists who killed millions. The whole story line has not completely unfolded as of yet due to the fact that I am watching the first season on Netflix and I am still trying to figure things out, but it leaves me scratching my head once again. So does fate or free will determine our destiny? When I choose one job over another does that change the path of my life? If I make the most minuet decision will that alter the end for me? From what the TV series is saying thus far, you can certainly change your future, but what if you choose a different path way and still end up in the same place? Maybe we don't have a choice how our life will end up but have a choice on how we get there. If I was tragically taken back into the past, and it would be tragic because I would hate to go through life all over again, knowing what I know now would I do everything the same? I wouldn't want to have to make that decision! It would be hard, when faced with some of my mistakes, not to naturally correct them so the outcome is different. I mean shoot, I already learned the lesson why would I want to go through the pain again? But if I changed what I did maybe my life as I know it to become would be actually change?! That would be horrible because maybe the people who I love dearly would no longer be a part of my life, for example my adopted daughter. But what if I am destined to have that loving bond with her! What if I change things and I still end up being able to adopt her? Or, maybe, it's not about our choices but about how we experience life as we make our choices. Let's say I decided to do things differently and I do not adopt my daughter but she still ends up in my life. One way or another we were still destined to be together because in the end the love for one another was destined to happen.
In conclusion, I currently feel as if we have free will on what path we take but in the end our destiny is the same. We will be faced with fateful events and we can choose to react to them in anyway we want but those fateful events will always lead us to the same destiny. With that saying do we choose the hard road and fight against the things that we do not like, or do we take the easy road and do as we are told? Either way our destiny is the same. Maybe we do not need as much pain in our life as we allow because fate, freewill, and destiny all exist together as one with neither of them contradicting the other but instead working together to teach our soul its purpose. What is that you ask? I think it is to remember who and what we truly are and I believe what we are is One....Love.
***This article is subject to change! Because we should never hold on to any one belief so tight that we are not open enough to another more befitting possibility!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

How Do You See The Light When You Are Drowning in Darkness?

Even the most spiritual person can not deny that they too experienced a time or even times when where they too were surrounded in complete darkness. Darkness is as inevitable as light and one simply can not exist without the other. Is this why as humans we despise change so intensely? When we are basking in the light of our glorious of times we push the darkness under the carpet and pretend like it had never tortured with heartbreak and pain then when it begins to creep back into our lives we freak out! We go into survival mode because the darkness brings a death of sorts, the death of the light you had prayed and longed for. Survival mode tends to be the devil in disguise because the more we resist the change that is inevitable, the more we deny that the darkness is coming and we take every measure to make sure it stays under the carpet in which case brings more agonizing pain when the darkness comes. In our grey times when the light is not too bright and the darkness not so over whelming we have the opportunity to sit and look at the vicious cycle from the outside in and the question comes to mind, "How do you see the light when you are drowning in darkness?".
As humans we feel everything and at times have little control over our emotions, so when darkness strikes it may suddenly feel like there is no light at the end of the tunnel, but honestly the only thing that brings me through the darkness is the simple fact that this too shall pass. Nothing is forever. When I am at my lowest of lows I go through the emotions. I allow myself to feel the pain but when the tears are dried up and my body is weak from the constant pain just knowing that change is inevitable means I am able to hold on longer. It's easier said than done, I know, but really the only way out of the darkness is to see the light and how are you going to see the light if you choose to be swallowed by the darkness? It is very important that we process and go through the darkness but it is just as important to let it go once it has been experienced. We truly are stars and we can not shine unless their is darkness. The darkness reminds us of what and who we are and allows us to be the best that are meant to be and shine as bright possible!
As you reflect I know somewhere you are thinking that its different when you are going through it and that some peoples pain and darkness are more intense than others, and yes this is true but the rules remain the same this too shall pass and change is inevitable! In the end we shine bright because of our journey through the darkness so embrace it, respect it, and know in the end you are who you are because of it!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

War and Compassion

I will admit I know little about the civil war going on in Syria but the reason I know little is because I choose to keep my thoughts and heart positive and not fearful and negative. Let me explain this further. When we hear of tragedy we, as emphatic humans automatically empathize and take on the energy, fear and pain, of the one we are relating to. When we do this it multiplies the fear and pain until eventually it is all that consumes a society. Instead I choose to remain compassionately detached sending only love and good thoughts to an already painful situation. I am sure my love is much more healing than my fear stricken empathy. In order to take on this perspective without appearing cold and uncaring one must understand the true meaning of compassion a much higher vibrancy than even "love". Compassion is what "God" consists of. 
Compassion: a deep awareness of the suffering of another without the need to relieve it, feeling total appreciation for it's value, all while being in a state of non-judgment. 
When most people think of "God" they think of a supreme being who has the power to allow bad things to happen to good people. Why would a loving divine being allow these horrible wars that kill innocent people and children? It is because God understand that it all has to happen! The good, the bad, and sometime the very ugly! There is a divine plan and it will unfold as it is supposed to regardless so how are you going to choose to live through these times? You can worry, live emphatically constantly taking on the pains of others, you can continue to amplify the pains of the world with your anxious emotions, or you can be as God is and take on the understanding of being "Compassionate".

The Tibetan monks understand this and they have been hiding from the war China imposes upon them for centuries. China has always wanted to rule over Tibet but the monks have remained Compassionate chanting their Om pray which helps them embody infinite compassion, "Om mani padme hum". The chant to some may seem merely to be a religious form of meditation but really the Om prayer is not religious at all. The Om prayer is an embodiment and a way of being. The Tibetans have the deep awareness that suffering must exist but they do not feel the need to fight it nor do they feel they must fight it on the behalf of others. They appreciate the value it has in this world and they do not judge it as good or bad but just what is.

We think because we are human and emotional beings that morally we must take on the pains of another and fight for what is "right" and against what is "wrong" but first you must define right and wrong. What is right for one maybe wrong for another. What is wrong for one country may be right for another. So who makes up the decision of what is right and what is wrong and that all humans must follow these moral laws? As humans the only thing we are here to do is be of service to the world and to live according to our own personal truth. to be of service may mean many different things to many different people there is no right or wrong way to serve but if you are one who wishes for "peace on earth" and find it impossible than you do not know how to truly embody compassion. Compassion is true love. If you have true love you are capable of being compassionate without the need to go to war to save another.

Again, I know this post will bring up many arguments and it is understandable but it is not my intention to bring animosity out of others who are feeling empathy for those being pained in other countries. All I am trying to say is use your energy for the good of all and try and detach from the fear and pain. It is not heartless to choose not to feel the pain of another. It serves them more for you to send them love than to encourage their situation with more fear.

If you have anything to say in reference to the post I encourage you to comment below. I will allow all post both positive and otherwise.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Fear Is Just An Illusion to Keep Our Ego Wide Awake.

Each and every moment is only a moment because your consciousness is aware of it. Your consciousness creates time. If you were not aware of it is it really happening? That is why they say "time is an illusion". Our awareness creates time by being aware of something. So when you first become aware it begins a mental timeline for you, a frame of reference, something you can go back and forth from so as not to lose your place and keep track of "time" or things. It is our human minds way of keeping order it is how we understand. Language fits in the same way. We have words, sounds, that we put to pictures and memories that help us also keep track of time and things. But none of this would exist without awareness. What is awareness? It is when our Ego awakens. It is a little ironic being our consciousness is sound asleep and you often hear people refer to us needing to awaken our awareness. Really we are already awake but our Ego causes our consciousness to be asleep. When we are physically asleep our consciousness is wide awake. Sometimes we remember and can even have some sort of control while we are asleep but usually we forget because our consciousness can not comprehend what it knows through the Ego's awareness. We often get glimpses though. We experience certain phenomenon like deja vue, out of body experiences, or a variety of "sixth senses". Our brain is large and as most people know we do not use it to its fullest. If we did our awareness would be wider but our Ego would be in the way and we would not be able to properly survive the world in its current awareness. We will use more of our brains when we truly begin to wake our consciousness up and put our ego's to sleep. Some call this ascension. Our planet is going through a grand ascension and many changes are upon us. It's a form of evolution of consciousness. As our planet goes through it so do we or we can not survive. That is why many souls are leaving the planet at a quickening rate. Their consciousness has either evolved and can not remain here or their consciousness is too asleep and can not withstand the changes just yet.
Our senses are important tools for us when our Ego's are in control. We need our senses to help trigger our emotions so we can feel our way through these times of ascension. Many of us have turned our intuition off and live according to what we see and hear going on around us. These people are the ones some refer to as sheep because they are just going through life as one of the herd but truly if they would listen to their intuition and follow they would be capable of truly seeing things as they really are. As much as some want to remain in control of our consciousness and keep us asleep it is inevitable that our souls will awaken. Our planet is ascending so therefore in order for our species to exists we will ascend as well. Some believe it is beings from other planets that are trying to keep us asleep so they can rule our world. I can not say this is true or not but what I can say is you have nothing to worry about if you just allow your senses to awaken and let your Ego go back to sleep. Begin learning what true compassion is and turn off the Ego mind. I can sit here and talk about it all I want but really the only way you will begin to see is when your soul is ready. Truly I am writing this to help my own ego mind put some order to what is happening in its own stage of awareness. There will come a point when being here on this planet will not even be needed because the awareness will be so grand we will be able to see into and become part of other dimensions of so called "time". Its hard to understand how other dimensions work because our Ego's use "time" but it's the only way to help at least guide the soul in the right direction.
So on that note try and listen to your gut more. Live life to the fullest and know in the end it's not really the end at all. Our souls truly are eternal and fear is just an illusion to keep your Ego wide awake.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

You can't change what you refuse to confront...

We all have problems or situations we would like to change. Most of us have prayed and beg for things to change, but unless you take the time to look deep enough at the ugliest part of the problem nothing will ever change they will just repeat themselves. I am sure you have seen the patterns and I bet you are even aware that the problem may have something to do with a choice you are making, but unless you choose to confront that darkness it will always be there. So which do you want to live? A slow agonizing painful life? Or a life that progresses, changes, and evolves into something worth being proud of? Confrontation is easier and quicker than most people give it credit for. If you sucked it up and looked at the painful side of yourself, your dark side, you'd be able to at least admit the problem. Once you look at it and see it's there the pain spreads everywhere, usually at a much quicker rate, but its also the quickest way to start healing and finally putting the band-aide on. In life we all have choices. We get so angry and disgusted with others when we see them make choices that we do not agree with, but what if those people knew about our bad choices? Would they say and think the same things about us? If we are ok with looking at the dark ugliness is others, something we do not have the power to change or fix, they why aren't we ok with looking at our own darkness that we do have the power to fix! If you want change then confront the things that are stopping it from happening!

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You are the only thing blocking your dreams...

Mary Manin Morrissey said it best, "You block your dream when you allow fear to grow bigger than your faith." Since we were small we all had something innate in us...something that we really wish we could do in life. A number of people push the dream under the carpet and move through life ignoring their dream ever existed thinking it was just a dream not a life they could actually live. I think that is a fearful cop out! As we evolve as humans and our awareness expands we are beginning to wake up and realize ANYTHING is possible! Those who live life from a fearful perspective are the ones who still need to smell the coffee but they are where they are supposed to be. No one says we can't shake them awake though! How do we do it? This is the easiest question I have ever answered. We live it! The only way we can change anything is by doing it our self and letting the ripples in water do their magic. In life we can have compassion and love others openly but the only one we are responsible for is ourselves. When I say we are the only one responsible for ourselves I am referring to how we perceive and respond to life. No one is going to smile for us, no one is going to put our foot forward and get a job for us, no one is going to decide if we will be angry, sad or mad. We are responsible for ourselves and therefore if we want to make our dreams come true we need to realize that it is possible if we let go of our doubt and grab a hold of our faith. If you believe it is impossible then it is. It goes back to the old saying, "where there is a will there is a way".
Now that you have had this epiphany and feel motivated to move, to let go of fear and move in a different direction, what is it you want to do? You can do anything! Anything is possible remember. Wait, there is a price to pay for everything you say? Well with every action there is an opposite and equal reaction, so yes in a sense, but if you look at it like its a horrible thing like "paying for it" than you will never make your dream come true. All this means is you need to alter your plans or think outside the box. It can happen, and it can be a win win, you just need to let your faith know exactly what it is you want. If you want that dream job but it entails you moving to another state you may be worried about how it will effect your family. Your children may have to go to another school and your parents and siblings may really miss you. So forget it! Never mind...I will just stay here and keep the same job I have always had and make everyone happy...except myself. Um, NO! Where there is a will there is a way! Go after your dream and find a way to make it happen and have faith that everything will be ok! You children will adjust and your family will be ok. It's unfair of you to stop living your dream so that everyone else can be happy.
So what is it you want to do? How is it you want to live? The choice is yours! You can do whatever you want! You really can!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Internet is not making us stupid, it's lending a hand in evolution!

Today I read a rhetorical situation where the author, Nicholas Carr, used facts to back up his theory about "How the Internet Is Making Us Stupid" ( I began reading the article with a very open mind until I came to the second paragraph where he states:
But our dependence on the internet has a dark side. A growing body of scientific evidence suggests that the net, with its constant distractions and interruptions, is turning us into scattered and superficial thinkers.
I reflected over where I was 20 years ago when the internet was first becoming a part of our awareness. I realized that at that point in my life I was headed down the same path soul seeking path as I am now, but the only difference is I have a wider range of data coming at me to explore and feel through. The author uses fact to state that the internet is making us more superficial and scattered. He is saying that our memories are worse and we no longer know how to focus. Some of the things he is trying to prove may have some validity, but the topic is too general. I myself, and many others that I know, have grown immensely more aware and awakened through the quickening of data shared across the globe. It may be speeding up but it is taking us to the next level of how to use our brains. We are speeding up our thought process because we need to become aware on different levels. I do agree that for some people the internet may be an unhealthy form of addiction, but the article generalizes and points fingers in a very negative way. When looking at the issue from a lighter deeper perspective you can clearly see that the right souls are connecting that may never have done so before. If there was no internet a lonely bullied 16 year old in Oklahoma may never have read the blog journals of a practicing 18 year old practicing Buddhist in Asia where he was able to leave comments and converse about how the Buddhist inspired him to look at the mean people in his life in a new perspective.

Everything happens for a reason. The internet and technology is not making us stupid it is moving us towards a new awakening, one that never will never be possible until we go through these stages of evolution. I am curious what the author thought he was going to accomplish by publishing he article. He was researching to write a book about his findings. Did he feel he would change the direction our world was aiming towards by stating how it is turning us into a horrible shallow society? If anything I feel his article gave people things to reflect upon and decide for themselves where it is our world is headed. There may be others out there who support and believe in his views, but if he were looking as deeply as he is claiming needs to be done he would be able to see that there is a much bigger picture going on here. I am not saying I am right and he is wrong I am saying that this is all playing out just as it should and that through negative persuasion people can be forced to look deeper into the darkness until the light is found.

What do you think? Did you read the article? What are your views on how our world is evolving?

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Ignorance Is Bliss

Or should I say innocence is bliss? Ignorance is a harsh word but the point being is what you do not know will not hurt you. Knowledge is what causes our pain. The wisdom of a innocent child or a happy uneducated person is much more blissful than someone filled with knowledge. Yes, knowledge can buy you all the things you never had but if you do not know you are missing out how can it make you unhappy? Look at some of the primitive tribes that still exist in the world today. Unless we showed them the world outside of their village they are happy and content as they are. A young child has not a true worry in the world. The go about their day happy until we clutter it with objects and things. If a child were never to have a toy bought for them and knew nothing of toy stores they would find a way to play and be just as, if not more, happy. If someone had the power to tell you when you were going to die would you want to know? Why not? Once we have thoughts in our mind we create our reality. What we are raised to know is our knowledge. If we wish to be blissful we need to find a way to get rid of some of that knowledge and live innocent and ignorantly so that the worries of our knowledge and the weight of the world does not weigh heavy on our hearts. The true answer to happiness is to shut away all the bad things you hear, all the fear that is outside you, and the negative happenings in the world around you and live your life pure and free. There is no need to fight for the rights, freedoms, and health of others if it means you have become an angry bitter person while you are fighting. If you are capable fighting with a smile on your face and in your heart then that is a talent everyone needs to learn, but more than likely you have some form of negative energy pent up in you and you have come to believe it is a truly good cause. Now image this. What if the cause you are fighting for was never brought to your awareness? Would you die from the ignorance of not knowing it? Maybe, but you would die happier. It's all about how you choose to live your life. Maybe you want to be thin. If you are thin you will be more widely appreciated and accepted among your peers and others in society. Our bodies are made to carry weight for a reason the knowledge and conditioning of society has made it a bad thing. If you were raised to love yourself no matter how you looked, and never knew that people cared if you with thick or thin, then would you even consider the need of shedding those extra pounds?
Look at any given scenario in your life that causes you pain and anguish or brings negativity into your life would you be happier knowing or not knowing the root of that anguish?
Now, there is always someone out there with something to say when someone is trying to share a positive point. That one person  might say, "well what if you were raised in a home that was abusive and you never had the chance to be happy". We were all innocent once. The child raised in that abusive home was happy once. It was not until that child was shown otherwise that it became conditioned to be unhappy. We are born happy it is the knowledge and fear of others that makes us unhappy.
We have a choice in our life. We create our own reality. Once our innocence has been taken, and it will be taken, we have to unlearn fear and knowledge so we can remember how to be happy again. Eliminate the things that make you unhappy and turn towards the things the truly make you happy! Be young, be innocent, be ignorant!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Everyone See's Things Their Own Way....

It can pose as a problem, being an individual that is. We are in a dimension of time where as humans we live from the Ego Perspective. It's where we are supposed to be on the evolutionary scale it's all part of the divine plan, but because everyone "see's" things their own way no one can truly "see" where another person is coming from. When we experience things in life we relate to them and see them from a perspective that best fits with how we emotionally deal with things. No one else feels, sees, tastes, or experiences the same exact thing therefore it is impossible to truly see things as another does. We can share like experiences and we can have similar problems, but if we are choosing to be here now in this Ego oriented dimension then we must also take full responsibility for every single thing that happens in our life. If we are going to choose to see things how we see them, then we must also choose to take responsibility for that perspective and not blame things on others. Another person can not be responsible for making you angry. You are choosing to be angry. Just as you choose to be happy when someone hugs you. Another person can not be responsible for you being angry about tragic world events because you choose to see those tragic world events from the perspective of anger when you have the capability to see it from any possible angle. If we are going to live in this dimension and grow from it we must at the very least figure out how things work. It seems to me to be pretty obvious that our life is what we make of it. We may not directly plan for things to happen the way they happen, but we do directly choose which direction we are going to take once that thing has happened. From here on out there is no need to say "why can't you see it from my perspective for a change?" or "if you could just see it my way everything would make sense" because it is never going to happen. Instead, when you see the situation arise where you become angry, sad, or even happy stop and be aware of where that choice is taking you. Are you blaming or giving credit to someone else? Why? You are choosing how to deal, see, and perceive the moment no one else is. Everyone else is dealing with their own Ego's they don't have time nor the awareness to take on the responsibility for your perspective too. In the end we are who we are, we are our Ego, so merely become aware of it and many of your life long questions of "why?" are easily answered.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Infinite Love? Where is it hiding then?

If there is infinite love available to us all then why do we spend our life searching for it? As humans we go to great lengths to find love! We search the bars, the internet, the grocery store, and some have even began going to church in hopes to find love. How many of you have heard the saying, "you can not love another unless you learn to love yourself first". There is a lot of validity to this saying but I know most people feel they do love themselves and just want someone there to share it with in life. Love is infinite and always available to you because all the love you need is inside you. If you can not love your flaws, if you can not turn off the tapes that play those conditioned messages in your head when you do not live up to your own standards, how do you expect to find love anywhere else? If you want to stop searching for love then you need to literally hug yourself. The next time you pass a mirror and do not want to look in it because you don't want to see your flaws then stop and stare at yourself in that mirror real hard! Don't walk away from it until you are able to fully smile at yourself and love what you see. Love is not on the internet or at Joe's Corner down the street. Love is with you all the time and its always available, its infinite. I'm sure your thinking its much easier said than done, but once you bite down and do it you will be pleasantly surprised at not only how easy it was but how much love you immediately attract into your life. Reach for infinite love, the sooner the better, because as soon as you begin to shine from the inside out others will too!

Monday, April 29, 2013

The Only True Language Has No Words....

Language has no true validity in the world. Language is purely developed upon pictures and images created in ones mind to help relay that message to another. The problem with this is that as humans, who choose to be individuals and not one consciousness, we perceive these forms of communication according to our own perception of images, pictures, and past memories and emotions. Words are too ambiguous the only true language has no words and is purely communicated on pure instincts and emotions. As humans who are choosing to live against our true nature we therefore have a much greater responsibility in the way we choose to communicate. If we are going to choose to be individuals, think our own way, live our own lives, and perceive things purely our own way than we must live authentic lives. It does not matter what words you say it will be perceived based upon the intent you send with it. You may say, "yes honey you look beautiful today" and your wife will perceive it the way she chooses. But if you were to go to your wife and hold her she would feel beautiful no matter how she looked and you never needed to speak a word.
Our world's consciousness is evolving very rapidly. Eventually, maybe not in our life time, we will be at a place where words are not used. For right now, as an ego driven society, we must choose our words to match our intent if we wish to live happier healthier lives. Try it. For just a day or two try to match your words with what you are really thinking. It definitely is not easy and it may even ruffle some feathers, but you will feel much more alive and real for saying what you really mean.

Friday, April 26, 2013

No Matter How Much You Care Some People Just Do Not Care Back....

Reality is no matter how much you love, care, or have feelings for someone not everyone is going to care back. So do you stop loving them? No. If anything you love them more for being true to who they are. You can not make anyone love you or care for you that does not choose to but there is no reason for you to cut yourself off from how you really feel either. The more authentic we are in life the more enriched our life is. Personally I have family members in my life who have chosen, for their own reasons unbeknownst to me, not to love or care back. I am at a stage in my life where I am adopting a baby into my family and as much as I desire to reach out and share her with them I refuse to do so. I can not make someone want to be a part of my life that chooses not to be. If the day comes when they decide their feelings have changed or they are ready to move past whatever it was they were feeling at that point my door is still wide open. I will not stop caring, I will not stop loving, but I will respect them and realize they are exactly where they need to be and I will leave them be. In life we can not push ourselves upon other people. We so often hear about stalkers and the horrible lengths they go to push someone to be a part of their life that does not want to be there. The same goes for family or anyone else you may know. Life deals ups hands and we have a choice to cheat the hand we are given to get the outcome we desire or play with the hand we have and understand that we do not always win. When you choose to cheat you are choosing to invite unwanted drama and other painful experiences into your life. If you take anything away from this blog today take this, "Some people do not care back....and it's not the end of your world".
Go about your day with love!

This post was inspired by the post below by an unknown author.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Who Are You?

When we are young we are our parent's children. Once we get to be teens we think we are our own independent self. As we reach adulthood we begin to search for ourselves and go out into the world to become somebody. So, who are you? Are you a republican because you were raised as one? Are you a Christian Baptist because you fell upon hard times and it showed you some light? Are you a single dad who works two jobs? Are you an addict? A sports enthusiast? A gossip? A best friend? A brother or sister? A liar? A thief? A humanitarian?
Who are you?
If you think you are a label then you might as well generalize and say "you" are "ego". When you are ready to know who you truly are you will begin to see that it has nothing to do with labels, the job you hold, the struggles you have, your flaws, your achievements, your nationality, your religion, or what you lack as a person. As you really begin to look for yourself you will clearly see you are existence, the universe, God, the divine, the stars and heavens, everything! Stop thinking literal and go deep within and feel the natural connection we have to all that is.
Have you ever walked outside after being cooped up indoors for a long period of time and taken a deep breath and felt instantly refreshed? Why do you think that is? What do you think was happening? Have you ever smelled fresh cut grass and felt an immense sense of cleanliness, or what about when it rains, or you get out of the pool? How do you feel what do you sense? Do you think "I am a single dad" when you smell fresh cut grass? Do you think I am a liar when you feel the breeze blow through your hair on a hike through the forest? Of course not! It's something else. It's something that has no words. It's a feeling. A connection. It gives you a sense of connection and a peace that feels welcoming like home. You feel this way because for that one split second you are reminded of who you really are!
So, now do you know who you are?