Sunday, November 4, 2012

Wise men don't need advice. Fools won't take it.

Benjamin Franklin may have been onto something when he said, "Wise men don't need advice. Fools won't take it". It is one thing to be confident in ones wisdom it's another to think one is so wise they have nothing left to learn. Friend, if you had nothing left to learn your energy would be vibrating so high you would not even need to be of this world anymore. So lets just say if your still here then you have lot's to learn!
The universe teaches us in every single thing that plays out in front of us. There are hidden messages in numbers, geometry, words spoken off in the distance, the birds singing, the annoying dog barking at the house next door. There is never a given moment when you can not walk away after something is brought to your awareness with out taking away more knowledge. But wait. You have constant opportunities to gain knowledge! Why can't you just go to the library and gain more knowledge? Maybe study all the famous guru's of the world or live under the word of God and the Bible? Surely you will be a wise man if you study the word of the wise. Right?
You are not a wise one until you let go of your ego, walk in with your wisdom with your bare feet, and live your wisdom and not push it upon others and even then you are never so wise that you can not gain more wisdom. As humans we use very little of our brains. If we have all this space available we must have plenty to learn! So the next time you think you are more right than the next person maybe you should stop and question your wisdom because yes you may possibly be correct in this situation but more than likely you still have plenty you can learn from it and it may just be that you merely need to learn to let go of your ego and open your mind. Wise men never shut the doors to their mind they keep it wide open allowing the old to leave when the new has arrived.
Albert Einstein is known to the world as a true genius but he understood that true knowledge did not come from books and studying he has been quotes as saying, "Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school" and "A true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination". In order to be a truly wise man we must open our minds and let go of what we "know" and allow the space to be filled with what is waiting for us to learn! As you grow and learn be sure to keep the door wide open so that new ideas are free to enter as the old ones exit! An open mind is the key to a truly wise man!


  1. Beautiful. The truth is that the beauty, simpleness and perfection of this universe can be summarized by 2+2=4. Every second, every attom, everything in one's life is there for a reason. Why you are here, on this second, reading this message is not meaningless. True wise men know hot to appreciate and give value to every single detail in their lives. Don't learn each day, GROW from each SECOND.

  2. I love to see that others in the world get it! Keep sharing your light friends so that others can see too!

  3. The amount of computing power our minds represent is so staggering that it's difficult to put numbers to. Now, there is a fair amount of redundancy there - and probably should be - but I don't think that it's true that we're not using our whole minds. I think our problem is we're using half our mind to inhibit and/or fight against the other half of our mind

  4. Maybe it is easier said by stating that we do not live up to our minds capabilities...sometimes being literal isnt important but getting the point across is the main goal...::SMILE::