Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Your Task is Not To Seek For Love...

A Wise Soul Once Said...
Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” Rumi

Jalaludin Rumi was a mystic poet who had the most elegant way of sharing his connection to the divine. With his poetic words Rumi has been able to remind the world what love really is. The rest of us are all here on a mission to find love and when we discover Rumi we suddenly feel we have unlocked a secret door to the answers. What Rumi is trying to say in his famous quote above is that we do not go through all this pain for nothing. It is the pain that teaches us what love is and what love is not. Those who feel the deepest are the ones who understand the clearest but because of the society we live in we often question our sanity. We all have the answers and we all have built walls upon walls to hide us from them. The more we search for the answers the more walls we build. Our focus should not be on looking for answers to finding our love but tearing down the walls we have built that will not allow true love in.
If each and every person stopped blaming someone or something else on why love is not felt in their life they will realize that love is existing right there inside themselves. If we all could turn off the noise, the tapes, and the badgering words from the outside world for only 5 minutes we would be able to hear the heart of love beating inside us. Love exists! Its not hiding and its not a trick or complicated question. You merely have to tear down your walls and turn off all the world around you and see it with open arms. You know how we all have this image of God reaching down and loving us unconditionally? You can see him not caring of all the sins and crazy thoughts, emotions, or actions you have experiences and he just reaches down and gives you a big hug and all the problems of the world melts away?
That is what you need to do to yourself. You need to find that place within you were you can let the rest of the world go and reach your hand down and hug yourself unconditionally! For you and God are one and if God is capable of loving you then you are capable of loving you too. If you are capable of loving yourself then you are capable of living a life free of pain and complications. Life suddenly seems simple. Because it is.

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