Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The other side is right in front of you

Everyone has a thought on what happens when someone dies. Some people have very strong religious beliefs and other people have thoughts that seem to feel safe and comfortable for them to believe. I myself have been blessed with many experiences that are not explainable. I have been visited by friends family members after they passed over as well as old friends who have come to tell me everything will be ok.
With the personal experiences I have had I have come to believe that the only thing keeping us from being with our loved ones who have passed over is our personal awareness and our eyes! It’s very easy to remove the veil and speak to those who have "crossed over" you just have to realize they haven't gone anywhere at all. Their physical self is not in your presence anymore because they have been blessed with a new consciousness. They do not see life anymore like we do they are in a different awareness and they are experiencing pure peace. We too will be there one day but in the mean time if we are to be closer to our loved ones who have passed all we need to do is look and listen. They are right there with you, in front of you, next to your bed, or behind the television. Sometimes they try to send messages to you like smells and pennies. They want to do whatever it is they can do to show you they are there without making you feel scared.
Some who have passed over do not feel the need to contact you because they are so enjoying their new awareness and since they do not experience time as you and I do, they know you are by their side already. If you need help in easing the pain of their absence know they are happy and free! Trust me. The next time you suddenly start thinking of them, or hear a song that reminds you of them, or words, or sights, or anything, more than likely it was them showing you they are right there with you.
Keep your heart and your mind wide open for the ones you love are still with you!