Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Power of Intent is The Real Secret

If I asked someone 5 years ago if they ever heard of "The Secret" I would more than likely be presented with a very peculiar look followed by a, "what secret?". Thanks to Oprah and some wonderful marketing agents who happened to see the underground video circulating the Myspace posts "The Secret" has become a household name along with the determent of what the secret really is. Once a new age spiritual epiphany for many has now become a popular self help fad. The key word in that statement is fade. Fad's fade away but for those who understood what "The Secret" really is will carry it with them the rest of their life.

The concept of the secret is if someone believes they "will" get a million dollars it will come to them. If I send out to the universe to send me my soul mate before I am 35 then it will happen. If I create a board with all the things I want the universe will know I want them and give them to me. It I believe it will happen it will. Is this true? Yes and No.

Yes, as the bible says, ask and ye shall receive but no it does not mean everything you ask for you will get. Do not let this new self help concept disillusion you like it has so many others. The real secret and the meaning behind the biblical quote are both trying to teach that the power of your thoughts, your true intent, will manifest. Siddhartha Gautama Buddha say, "your thoughts become your reality". Most people are not aware of their true intent. A lot of the time we walk through life living in automatic mode. We automatically wake up and go through our routine and we automatically respond with disgust as people cut us off as we drive. How often have you automatically greeted someone as you passed them but never even really registered in your mind they were there because you were thinking about some other distant thought?
Until we live from a perspective where we are consciously aware of our intent we will not get the things we ask for. We may be going through hard times and decide that if we ask and pray for a big lump sum of money to come our way all our big problems in life will go away. That isn't likely. If you focused your intent in a more refined way you may see some success. Instead you may ask and pray for the solution to your money problems be solved in the healthiest and least painful way possible. What manifest would depend on each person but maybe you figure out a better way to budget your money you never thought of before and suddenly you are saving a lot of money or maybe you get a bonus at work that you didn't expect and it helps relieve you from added anguish.
Intent is easy to control if you are first aware of it. How often have you been in a conversation with someone and not heard one word they were saying because your mind was somewhere else? Have you ever driven all the way home and once you got there realized you don't remember any of the trip? You weren't aware. How can you think that if you say, "I want a new car" your full awareness is in that statement when you can't even remember your drive home?
Intent is in everything we say and do as well as the things we do not say and do. Our actions show our intent, our body language shows our intent, and our thoughts clearly show our intent.

If we are saying yes to something but we really want to say no our intent is sent out in the universe as a very stressed signal and obstacle's are instantly created. On the other hand when you say no and mean it the intent is pure and the signal it send is loud and clear. So lets take what we have learned from "The Secret" and from the Bible and add in what we have learned about intent and try to ask for what it is we feel we need. When we are asking for that million dollar check more than likely our unconscious is really saying will you please help me get out of my financial stress so I can have nice things and go nice places. The statement "send me a million dollars" stems from being stressed over money not "needing a million dollars".

Intent is a very tricky thing and that is why it is such a secret. Most people do not know their true intent is and it remains a secret. If you can become aware, conscious, of what you are really saying, thinking, and feeling then you have mastered "The Secret" and you have the control to make life exactly what you want it to be in accordance to your highest good and your truest self. So if you are amongst the many who try to live like the self help book and movie teaches but find it has yet been able to manifest the things you desire then maybe your intent remains the true secret.