Monday, October 29, 2012

You Are The Slave and The Master

Some say we live in the land of the free. We weren't always free and many of us still are not free at all. We are slaves to society, to work, to reaching the American Dream, to our families, to our significant others, to our projects and commitments. We are slaves and our minds are our masters. The irony is if we are our own master are we truly slaves?
Take the time to think about something that makes you feel enslaved. Something you feel trapped into doing and there is no way out of it. Is there really no way out of it or are there other conditions and arrangements that depend on you to keep you enslaved? A lot of times you pay the price for one convenience over another. Maybe you feel as though you are a slave and trapped by your own emotions. Do your emotions good or bad control you?
If we do not want to be enslaved by something, anything, than we need to dig beneath the surface and see the true source of that enslavement. Once you realize that you yourself hold the key to your freedom you will feel the true meaning of free. Remember you are your own master you control your own fate.
Be free!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Never Sweep The Stars Under The Carpet!

Stars are bright! That's stating the obvious but what about those that you unconsciously just sweep away under the carpet? In life we tend to not want to see the light when its blinding us. People who are here to teach us come in many forms. Sometimes its that one friend who seriously annoys you and you just do not know how to let them go. Other times it's a person who poses a more serious problem like your mother in law or your child. These stars do not look like stars to you but they shine so bright that they blind you and all you want to do is sweep them under the carpet and not deal with them. All stars show you the way. Light can be conveniently disguised in the middle of darkness. We draw challenging people and situations into our lives to show us the way home. These people are part of our solar system they are our stars! Take two seconds and think to yourself who in my life do I just not want to deal with right now? It could be someone from the past that you allow to annoyingly nag at the back of your mind but you never really take the time to think about. Who is that person you are avoiding that is showing you the way? Keep in mind that our universe is very big and just because we sweep the stars under the carpet they are still there! Maybe it's time to do a little spring cleaning. Once you take care of the things you desire the least an immense weight will be lifted off your shoulders and a magic elevator will come out of the sky and transport you to the next level of consciousness. Well not literally but you will definitely feel the shift to a brighter you!
I would love to hear which stars you swept under your carpet! Do share maybe that's all it will take to let them light your way again!
Reflection time!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Got Karma?

Admit it when something bad happens to you the first thing you think is what did I do to deserve this? I have even let it cross my mind that maybe in a past life I was a horrible person! I have come to the realization that karma does not exist in the sense that people believe it to be. You take something without asking and then someone steals something from you...KARMA! Nope it doesn't work that way really. The universe isn't punishing you for being selfish. What is happening is your own personal vibrational field is sending out a frequency that draws that action towards you. Maybe on some level you know you should not have taken that something without asking and unconsciously fear it coming back on you. Well every action creates a equal and opposite reaction. That is all karma is. You do not necessarily "deserve" bad things to happen to you but you created it to happen. You throw a ball at the wall what is going to happen? It is going to come back. It is inevitable in our 3D universe.

So if this is the case maybe we can "will" karma away. If you tell a lie that you yourself really believe are you going to attract that energy back? You sent out a message with the intentions that it is real so how is your vibrational frequency going to react? I believe you can will things away with pure intentions and the power of thought. You can stop the ball you threw at the wall from hitting you but you can not stop it from coming back to  you. So if you make a mistake you can correct your energy field before a negative effect takes place. So let's test this theory out. Hypothetically lets say you went to the grocery store and noticed the person in front of you dropped a $20 bill. You grab the bill and walk after the person who dropped it with the intentions of giving it back but they get in their car and drive away before you reach them. Hmmmm did you really try to give it to them or did you think hey the universe must have wanted me to have it? Later that day you feel bad about not giving that person their money and now you are creating the frequency that something wrong really happened. There is bound to be some sort of opposite reaction. How can you fix it with the best of intentions? I personally would spend the money on someone who needed it and apologize to the universe for my previous actions. I would change my frequency for the greater good and stop that ball from hitting me! We all have choices in this world. When we choose to put others before ourselves with the purest of intentions life will return it just the same. Sure bad things may still happen to you but more than likely its because you set yourself up unconsciously for a lesson to be learned. Just like you set yourself up to read this post :0) ! Reflection time!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

There Are No Endings Only New Beginnings...

Every so often tragedy strikes. Just when you thought everything was going great the world tumbles down. The only way to look at these dark times is to remember that there are no endings only new beginnings. I'd like to share some of Osho's transformative wisdom.
~Lori Marie

The Chinese mystic's last surprise

Laughter is eternal, life is eternal, celebration continues. Actors change but the drama continues. Waves change but the ocean continues. You laugh, you change--and somebody else laughs--but laughter continues. You celebrate, somebody else celebrates, but celebration continues.

Existence is continuous, it is a continuum. There is not a single moment's gap in it. No death is death, because every death opens a new door--it is a beginning. There is no end to life, there is always a new beginning, a resurrection.

If you change your sadness to celebration, then you will also be capable of changing your death into resurrection. So learn the art while there is still time.

I have heard about three Chinese mystics. Nobody knows their names now, and nobody ever knew their names. They were known only as the "Three Laughing Saints" because they never did anything else; they simply laughed.

These three people were really beautiful--laughing, and their bellies shaking. And then it would become an infection and others would start laughing. The whole marketplace would laugh. When just a few moments before, it was an ugly place where people were thinking only of money, suddenly these three mad people came and changed the quality of the whole marketplace. Now they had forgotten that they had come to purchase and sell. Nobody bothered about greed. For a few seconds a new world opened.

They moved all over China, from place to place, from village to village, just helping people to laugh. Sad people, angry people, greedy people, jealous people--they all started laughing with them. And many felt the key--you can be transformed.

Then, in one village it happened that one of the three died. Village people gathered and they said, "Now there will be trouble. Now we have to see how they laugh. Their friend has died; they must weep."

But when they came, the two were dancing, laughing and celebrating the death. The village people said, "Now this is too much. When a man is dead it is profane to laugh and dance."

They said, "The whole life we laughed with him. How can we give him the last send-off with anything else?--we have to laugh, we have to enjoy, we have to celebrate. This is the only farewell that is possible for a man who has laughed his whole life. We don't see that he is dead. How can laughter die, how can life die?"

Then the body was to be burned, and the village people said, "We will give him a bath as the ritual prescribes." But those two friends said, "No, our friend has said, 'Don't perform any ritual and don't change my clothes and don't give me a bath. You just put me as I am on the burning pyre.' So we have to follow his instructions."

And then, suddenly, there was a great happening. When the body was put on the fire, that old man had played the last trick. He had hidden many fireworks under his clothes, and suddenly there was a festival! Then the whole village started laughing. These two mad friends were dancing, then the whole village started dancing.

It was not a death, it was a new life.

(This story was taken from

There's much wisdom in Osh's parable but I will not impose my reflection upon you but simply suggest you take sometime to reflect upon it yourself.

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Share Your Wisdom...

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Is There A Divine Plan?

Each and everyone of us is in a unique world of our own. Our minds have the capacity to make us or tear us apart. Our hearts have the capacity to make us or tear us apart. Is there free will or is there a divine plan? We were created with a heart and a head for a reason. Our heart and our head are the yin and yang of our souls. Free will is just a symbolic word to help our mind think our heart can do as it chooses. We think therefore we are, we love therefore we understand. I am writing this blog from my own unique perception of life and reality and by choice you are reading it. You may decide once you are done reading the blog that free will exists or you may decide there is a divine plan for us all but the fact of the matter is you are reflecting on who you are and what your role is in existence. Divine plan or not we all play a role in our universes evolution. It does not matter if it is mapped out for us because we live from the perspective of free will. We move our arms up and down, we choose to open our mouth and speak, we decided to go to the store at exactly 9:10 AM. Or did we? If neither matters why are we contemplating it? I feel we are doing so in order to wake our consciousness up. We live in automatic mode with the messages, clues, and constant information being sent to wake us up. All the words we hear, thoughts we think, and feelings we feel will not matter once we are awaken. Everything is just a process to get us from point A to point B in our evolutionary process. The concept is hard to grasp if you are barely opening your eyes to what is happening all around you but by merely reading these words and reflecting on some level you are gradually waking up in your own unique way. So when asking yourself if there is a divine plan or not maybe you should be asking yourself if it truly matters. We should just go with the flow, step back detach and reflect on what's happening around us, and remain compassionately detached with when trauma or devastation is witnessed. Everything that will be will be.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

It All Boils Down To Perspective...

When asked the question, "What is the state of the world today?" every person will answer differently. The state of the world depends solely on ones perception. I can perceive the state of the world in a much more enlightened sense than someone who has just experienced or witnessed something traumatic. People can sit around and discuss the state of the world today and they may agree on similar happenings and they may even debate on others but all in all the state of the world will never be anything other than your own personal perception.
Perception can make something horrible to one person seem like nothing particularly wrong to another person. So in knowing that life is merely about perception why do we choose to allow other people's perception to taint what we know and feel is right for us. In our current times we are so connected due to the expansion of technology that we are constantly searching for knowledge and seeking to absorb information. While we are on this quest for deeper knowledge we are losing sight of our own personal truth. The idea is to be of the world not in it. We must learn to be a part of the world while standing outside of it. The art of compassionate detachment is needed in these great times of human evolution. Our consciousness as a planet is expanding and at a quickening rate. It's important to help the masses understand that they are only one small piece of the whole and that their mere knowledge of their own personal truth and connection to the universe can awaken a myriad of personal truth unfathomable to their current consciousness.
The state of the world today will change as your perception changes. The state of the world will grow and expand with or without your input but not without your perception. It is important for us to learn to reflect upon our own truth and decipher who we are from what we have come to think we are. In time as we learn our truth we will learn how to become detached from others while holding a state of compassion that will allow humanity to evolve at their own rate and we will come to appreciate all things including devastation and destruction with the knowing it is what needs to be.
What is your perception of the world today? Is it your perception or one created for you? Is it a perception you wish to hold onto or one you wish to change?
Find your truth...and then ask yourself the same questions again.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Illusion

This message is directed towards those who feel they are chasing "the American Dream" and all those who believe in the illusion "land of the free" that has in accurately attached itself to America. This illusion has created a "world" that strives toward the unattainable and blinds those from ever searching for "truth".

A parable of ambition and hurry...
Whenever people become very greedy they become very hurried, and go on finding more ways to gain more speed. They are continuously on the run because they think that life is running out. These are the people who say, "Time is money." Time is money? Money is very limited; time is unlimited. Time is not money, time is eternity--it has always been there and will always be there. And you have always been here and you will always be here. So drop greed, and don't be bothered about the result. Sometimes it happens that because of your impatience, you miss many things.

I will tell you an ancient Hindu parable... A great saint, Narada, was going to paradise. He used to travel between paradise and earth. He functioned like a postman between that world and this world; he was a bridge. He came across an ancient sage, very old, sitting under a tree and repeating his mantra. He had been repeating that mantra for many years and many lives. Narada asked him, "Would you like to ask about something? Would you like some message to be given to the Lord?" The old man opened his eyes and said, "Just you inquire about one thing: how much longer do I have to wait? How long? Tell him it is too much. For many lives I have been doing this mantra, now how long am I expected to do it? I am tired of it. I am bored with it." Just by the side of the ancient sage underneath another tree was a young man with an ektara, a one-stringed instrument, playing it and dancing. Narada asked him jokingly, "Would you also like to inquire about how long it will take for your enlightenment to happen?" But the young man did not even bother to answer. He continued his dance. Narada asked again, "I am going to the Lord. Have you some message?" But the young man laughed and continued to dance. When Narada came back after a few days he told the old man, "God said that you will have to wait at least three lives more." The old man became so angry that he threw down his beads. He was almost ready to hit Narada! And he said, "This is nonsense! I have been waiting and waiting and I have been doing all kinds of austerities--chanting, fasting, all forms of rituals. I have fulfilled all the requirements. Three lives--this is unjust!" The young man was still dancing under his tree, very joyously. Narada was afraid, but still he went and told him, "Although you did not ask, out of my own curiosity I inquired. When God said that that old man would have to wait three lives, I inquired about the young man nearby, dancing and playing his ektara. And he said, 'That young man--he will have to wait as many lives as there are leaves on the tree under which he is dancing.'" And the young man started dancing even faster and he said, "Just as many leaves as are on this tree? then it is not very far, then I have already arrived!--just think how many trees there are on the whole earth. Compare! So it is very close. Thank you, sir, that you inquired." He started dancing again. And the story says that the young man became instantly enlightened, that very moment.
(Excerpt from
To gain the most from this post take sometime to read between the lines. Look at the state of our "world" today. Is it heading in the right direction? When reflecting upon these questions you have the power to change the world merely by changing your perspective. Thoughts create reality change your thoughts and you can change the world.