Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Wise Teacher Asks Good Questions

We are all here on this planet merely as catalysts to move each other forward in evolution. We reflect one each others behavior, mannerism, and take on the same morals. If we are catalysts for one another that makes each of us a teacher if we are conscious of it or not. We are role models for everyone we come in contact with and create long domino effects with the littlest things we do like smiling or saying a unpleasant statement. So as humans we have a responsibility we never realized we had before. As humans we are the change we want to see in the world. Our words, actions, and feelings effect more people then the ones we come into immediate contact with so if we have this great power of change and we are all powerful teachers we need to now be wise ones.
Paul Ferrini stated in his book "Love Without Conditions" that a wise teacher asks good questions, but she gives very little advice.
Mr. Ferrini explains, "one who masters the mind is not valued by society. He may be the most powerful being alive, but you will not find him in a position of power. In truth, even if such a position were offered to him, he would not take it. Such a person is not concerned with the manipulation of outer events." He continues by saying, "For him there is only one question 'Are you happy right now.' If the answer is 'yes' then you are already in heaven. If the answer is 'no' then he simply asks 'why not?'.
What Mr. Ferrini is saying is basically no one person outside of yourself is going to give you any advice or teach you anything that you already do not know. So as humans we have a responsibility to one another to ask 'why not' instead of preaching 'why'. We are all going through different things and have different perspectives and we may have a fresh out look we could add to someone else's problems but the best advice we could give is to help the other person go within and find their own answers.
As a healer and Astrologer my goal is to help those who come to me find their own answers. I feel as though I am a catalyst who can see things within you that maybe are not clear to you just yet. My goal is to ask you the right questions and take you within yourself to help untangle the complicated web you have created thus far in life. I do not have your answers but I can see where your issues are tangled and help you untie your knots and find yourself again.
As Mr. Ferrini says, "All the master can do is encourage you to that the responsibility here and now." If you are having trouble going within and standing outside your emotions and current life situations or know someone who does remember the object is to help the other see their own light and find their own solutions we are merely catalysts to help them do so.