Monday, October 25, 2010

Are You Happy?

The reality is, if you can not say you are happy, you are choosing not to be happy.

We all have pain in our life but we all choose how we deal with it. We often blame things on hormones, or our past, or DNA, or something! But none of that really matters because in life we have choices and we CHOOSE to be happy or sad.

When we wake up in the morning we choose to get out of bed or to lay in it and whine how we are tired and do not want to get up and go to work. This often starts our daily ritual to where we dread our day and the things we have to do and in the end we are just plan UNHAPPY. We chose to start our day this way! We chose to lay there and be upset and dwell on how horrible the day was going to be. If you want a change in your life and you want to be happy then you need to be that change! How can you expect to have a good day and have the abundance you desire come to you when you do not even want to get out of bed in the morning?

If we have choices why would you torture yourself with negativity and have a miserable day when you can start it off with a smile?! Maybe if we have choices and we want to have a good day we could instead chose to wake up and say to ourselves, "Yesterday was a hard day but today is going to be different. Today I am going to have a good day because I want to have a good day. I am choosing to have a good day!" So you go about your morning with a smile and a kick in your step and you are off to have a good day!

OH BUT WAIT! Oh no! There is traffic and I'm going to be late to work and some idiot is bound to cut me off and almost make me crash. I don't want to go through that mess. I don't want to deal with Mr. Road Rage today! I don't want to go to work! Guess you just ruined your good day you started off with huh?!

No because this isn't about just starting your day choosing to be happy. The point is you choose everything! You have so much control over your life and you just give it away to misery every time! Why do you do that? If life has you down, if traffic has you down, if work stinks, if your marriage stinks, if you just aren't happy then you need to be responsible for how you feel! You need to take control of how you feel and MAKE yours choices so you are happy. Yes, your choices do have consequences. You may lose something you cherished in order to be happy. But that's when you need to get your scale out and do some weighing. Which is more important to you, your overall happiness and sanity, or the other thing you need to let go of that more then likely has its own lessons to learn and has nothing to do with you.

Basically in life you are not powerless unless you give your power away! You are in complete control of your life and your choices and how you react and feel about things. If you do not like something change it. If you do no like an emotion change it. Its up to you! You have the choice to make! So what do you choose? I choose happy!