Saturday, July 8, 2017

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Sunday, June 25, 2017

The True Cause of Pain and Suffering

I am at a place in my life where I am ready to listen. So I begin asking the "why" questions. We all have them. How do we expect them to be answered? That is easier than you have allowed your monkey mind to imagine. In order for any question to be answered you literally only need to listen. Listen to the messages outside you and listen to the messages within you. Listen to anything other than your dysfunctional thoughts. You can tell the difference by how they make you feel. If something is in your mind that feels resistance than you are going to suffer and suffering causes pain and pain is not needed to get your questions answered. You can tell the difference by noticing if the answers are the opposite of what you "want" them to be. This means they are not meeting your "expectations" and everyone knows by now that when you have expectations they end in suffering one way or another.
So my "why" question is how do I stop certain emotional patterns and take away the pain and suffering caused by them. This question could be anything for anyone so lets work through it together. If I turn off my dysfunctional thoughts and listen to my soul, higher self, or the divine as some call it and do not resist the messages with the expectations of how I want things to be but instead go with the flow I will have no pain. How can I be in pain if I am floating? If I am floating on water it is the most peaceful thing in the world. If I am lifting weights my body is struggling and in pain because of the resistance of the weight. But I want things to be a specific way so my expectations decide to resist and therefore I am pushing against the weight of natural flow. So pain is truly felt when we think things need to be a certain way and suffering takes hold when we resist and insist on it being the way we want it. Most humans believe there is a higher power or force of energy that is at play in the world. If its so powerful why don't we take advantage of it, have faith in it, trust it, and truly believe in it? Our dysfunctional minds only became dysfunctional when what we thought we wanted didn't match what we really want. We can dissect any problem and we will discover this is the case of why things turned out dysfunctional.
Usually this is the part of my  post where I want to add examples to support my point but as I contemplate my higher self is telling me this is where I allow you, the reader, to begin to self explore and dissect any problem that is causing you pain and suffering and really look at why you feel that way. You can argue and debate with yourself, as opposed to me, all you want but eventually you will discover what is true for you because you are in conflict with nothing but your turn it off and listen.

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Saturday, June 3, 2017

Is it a match made in heaven?

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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Everything is energy and we have the power to change it!

As I am on my path to spiritual surrender and
allowing the universe, spirit, all, GOD, the divine or whatever it is you understand it to be, as I am surrendering and allowing my life to be guided through spirit new concepts of understanding are trying to make way to my consciousness. At this stage in my evolution it is apparent I need to grasp an understanding of what it is we are tapping into when we talk to spirit, ghosts, angels, or what it is we are tapping into when we see into the past or future of either ourselves or someone else. I am coming to understand that all information and all memories are all easily and able to be accessed if you are able to tune into that frequency. In order to do this you do not necessarily need to understand how it is happening but the agreement I made for this reality of consciousness was for me to be able to communicate it back to those who are not yet at this stage of awareness and to help shift the consciousness of others who come across my path. So if I am to help with this shift for those who are part of my path or cross my path then I need to listen, feel, and learn what it is that is truly happening in regards to time and space, ghosts, alternative realities, other dimensions, and other things that usually seem mythical like fairies and gnomes, or unicorns and magic.
I have always had a fascination for ghosts in this life. I feel as though those who start life intrigued by ghostly phenomenon are sort of like at the beginning book of learning about frequencies and time and space which is like book 17 or…We only move up in the books if we actually explore, ask, and listen to the knowledge available to us or easier said, if we tap into the frequencies. Now when we say tap into the frequencies we don’t consciously have to put ourselves into a certain state of mind and ask for knowledge to come through we actually naturally evolve as life hands us challenges, events, and situations that help shift our consciousness and tunes us into a different awareness without us really knowing this happens. For me this often happens when I see a movie or read a book that triggers something in my mind that takes me to a really deep place and brings forth understanding. Some very pivotal movies for me where I realized this was happen was the movie Seven with Brad Pitt and more recently in Netflix the movie Sense8. So as we shift our consciousness when things give us our Aha moments we are at that time at a new frequency. Once we shift to a new frequency or a new chapter in the book of learning we are in a new awareness and able to understand things and access new information we never knew before.
For me I am at a very important shift in awareness and I think I am ending one book and am just opening a whole new book…maybe boo 10 lol….Where I am at right is I need to bring into my awareness what is happening energetically with time and space. If I can do that many other things I have always had questions about such as ghost and fairies will make more sense to me. So as I write this post here today I too am learning something new. Energy is everything, I think we all can agree on this, and if energy is everything then everything CAN be accessed and known. Do we need to know or access EVERYTHING? No not at all. If we even tried to we would probably not be able to keep our consciousness in this reality much longer because in this 3D reality and consciousness we can only handle so much and then we are completely on systems overload. But understand that everything is energy is extremely empowering for us who feel limited by the 3D reality. I say this because if just knowing everything is energy and actually taking it into consideration when trying to tackle any obstacle actually gives us complete advantage in flowing through or around it. What we need to learn to do is shut certain parts of our monkey brains off and actually consciously tap into the frequency of the problem in order to allow ourselves to flow and change our perspective so that the obstacle or challenge therefore changes right before our eyes as well. When I was small and I knew on some level that we should be able to do things with our mind I knew that we had to just “do it” or just believe it and it would happen. I would practice and practice and try to make it happen but part of my monkey brain was always a bit louder that me. One day when I was older I was able to make a pen move with my mind but it freaked me out and I never tried again. What ever place I was at in the book of learning I was not ready to turn the page quit yet. So now that we understand that energy is truly everything we need to learn to turn our monkey brains off so that we can be aware of the energy we are dealing with in order to change our energy to match it. Once we have mastered this, and each of us will have to go down our own path to learn it in our own unique ways, we will be able to understand that everything else works exactly the same way. As far fetched as it sounds we can have a couch in our living and walk out the front down….shift our energy or awareness and walk back into the living room and that couch not be there. Not only would the couch not be there but it never existed in the first place. So on that note if we can make something from the past disappear merely by shifting our energy and awareness then it is possible to literally change the past. They said time travel is not possible but energetically it truly is possible. We can change anything merely by understanding energy and frequency.
Now we can look at ghosts and those who have passed over. What happens to us when we die? When our physical body no longer lives in this reality. Our consciousness shifts to a new awareness. So if our consciousness shifts to a new awareness we never die. When a medium channels someone who was once in our life they are channeling a whole other dimension or reality. When we see an actual ghost we are seeing an energetic imprint that is stuck in this dimension or reality. It can be stopped and we can help it leave but it is purely an energetic memory that we can sense and sometimes see. For myself personally I often sense ghosts when I am in the bathroom to old buildings. Because bathrooms are a place of release their energy is felt much strong there for me personally. I think the same is true for bedrooms. Many ghosts are seen in bedrooms because it was a place of release or relaxation and because we relax and release there as the others before us it is more likely for us to sense them. Now there are times where people say there are demons or poltergiests in their home. Where they have actually experienced marks on their bodies from these other entities. These are completely different forms of energy and they very much do exist. Usually, and not always, what is happening is that the location the experience is happening has a very thin energetic wall between other realities. As hard as it may be to grasp or understand other dimensions and realities are at times very obscure and different from our and their laws of existence are very different. So those odd things begin to leak through into this dimension. It is possible energetically to fix this as well. It takes a lot of light and energy to seal these walls so that things do not bleed into this reality.
Moving forward in understanding other realities and dimensions we must grasp the concept of time. We have all heard that time is in the NOW and that it is just an illusion and to understand this you can reread the top portion of this post because time is merely energy in our awareness. Time helps our 3D minds grasp what is happening in this reality but it doesn’t work the same in other realities or dimensions. In order to best understand time in the 3D reality you have to understand that everything is simultaneous. So if we reached with our minds energetically into what we believe is the past what we are really doing is changing the now, the past, and the future all at the same time. People who time travel do not have a machine. They are defying the laws of 3D mind and shifting their consciousness out of this reality and into another and yes they can change the past but truly they are only changing it for their own awareness. Everything we see, hear, and understand is truly our consciousness own story. No one else’s consciousness is the same yet it is the same because as separate as we seem we are all one and we all do experience all things we are only aware of this moment. Sometimes we are aware of other moments and we think other things are true but eventually we will have experienced every possible moment and scenario. If you can think it it has been or will be. If you have a thought or belief it has been. There is nothing you can think that isn’t true or has been a part of reality. This is where things begin to get complex with our simple 3D perspective and you aren’t expected to grasp it at this time. Its sort of like planting seeds. This information will come to the forefront when your awareness is ready and then you will have your aha moment.

So for myself on a spiritual level I am hoping my frequency and consciousness is shifting enough so that I can begin to do some important work I am here in this reality to do. I also hope that this stage of awareness helps me not take life as seriously because when we look at the bigger picture this reality seems so small and we are not half as powerless as we first believe.

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Saturday, April 1, 2017

What are you going to create in your NOW awareness?

We all create our now based on our current state of awareness. If your awareness is at a different stage than the next person, then that is what you are basing the things you are creating on. As you shift your awareness the things you create will shift as well. As you ascend your awareness your desires for creation change as well. So ask yourself based on your current awareness what are you going to create in your NOW?

Based on my current awareness, of knowing we are one spark of consciousness experiencing awareness in a 3D reality and that we have multiple sparks of our same self experiencing awareness is other consciousnesses, it makes it even more important to me to focus on this NOW so that I can shift and eventually be able to bring multiple awareness's into alignment. So if I am meant to focus on the now and not the past and not my future what is it I am going to focus on?

I am aware that some of the souls I am interacting with in this awareness are not at the same level of consciousness I am. I believe I am supposed to continue growing even though they are not at the same awareness and at some point they will shift too. They do not have to understand me, they do not have to like me or my decisions, and I need to be ok with where they are and where I am as well as OK with all of my own behaviors, emotions, and reactions to energy. Sometimes I tend to get really hard on myself when I behave a certain way and bring a certain energy to myself. I get upset when I do things I know are not healthy because I feel like it was an automatic mode. I get mad at myself or upset when I do not follow ways of being that I know are much more conduit to the things I truly believe. I think I am settling and forgetting because it is easier to live from the lazy perspective that the higher perspective is somehow more important. It is not. It is just how I am bringing myself to the current awareness I am in. It is just how I am choosing my path in this consciousness. In order to be more at peace in the NOW I need to learn to be completely accepting of ALL behaviors from myself and others and knowing they were ALL meant to happen. I need to do constant forgiving and constant moving forward. If I can live from the perspective of being ok with ALL behaviors and forgiving them in myself and others at a more constant rate the flow of life will be much simpler and my rate of shifting will be that much quicker. I do not think it is a rate of speed that matters I just think I am in a moment of understanding what is transpiring energetically around me and that if I am the one creating and manifesting and I want to be more aware with some sort of control and understanding, than I need to know that every single thing I do, feel, and say is completely acceptable and ok.

A lot of stages of consciousness will not be ok with this. They will say "then those going through abuse, or war, or terrorism, or other heinous acts….that is ALL ok"? The answer has to be absolutely YES. Everything in our awareness is one hundred percent completely necessary. We may morally view the action as black or white, good or bad, light or dark...but they are ALL needed and all deserve the same appreciation because they are a part of your awareness for a reason. Constantly forgiving and constant flowing is necessary in order to be the creator of your own manifestations. Being unaware or being in automatic mode is the same thing. Once you have become aware you were asleep or in automatic mode for any given amount of time, because time does not matter, you need to at that moment of remembering forgive yourself and all others involved and flow forward. Those moments of being asleep and in automatic were absolutely necessary.

So now that you are in an awake and aware state of this NOW moment what are you going to forgive in yourself and others, what are you going to accept as being necessary, and what are you going to let go of so you can put yourself into a state of flow to create next? What are you going to create your NOW to be?

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Saturday, May 7, 2016

STOP Running Away From the Darkness!

As I am going through my own journey of self transformation my consciousness is beginning to expand and understand the deep need to embrace that which we resist. If we did not have all the things that make us feel completely uncomfortable we would have nothing to compare it to. When we notice things that do not feel good, that make us sad, that we may have done to hurt another, or darkness within someone else and their actions...we need to learn not to resist the pain and anguish it causes but instead embrace it. We do not need to "like" or "love" the darkness but we need to be able to sit within it and allow it and embrace the importance of it in our life. We do not need to act out against it or find ways to instantly relieve it instead we need to feel it, appreciate its importance, and then merely let it go. True relief will come when we can accept it as part of life and flow with it in its process in our reality. If we resist it all we do is amplify the pain and make it worst. When we resist anything all we are doing is creating more obstacles and problems at hand. Once we accept it and flow with it in its entirety we gain and understanding of its importance and can eventually watch it dissipate as the need for it will no longer exist.


Friday, February 26, 2016

Get Out of Your Way

When thinking about the new things coming to my consciousness it is being drilled into my being that I create my reality, that I just need to match the energy to something to make it happen, it doesn’t exist if I don’t observe it therefore I create what I see, and to beware of my thoughts. I am being shown we cannot do it all alone and that we need to listen to those voices in our head and those subliminal messages we see flashing in our face on social media, the street signs we pass by, or headlines of books and articles.
If this is the case than I need to learn how to truly embrace this reality because it is extremely empowering. Think about it. If we create our reality and all we have to do is wrap our brains around what we are looking at so we can turn around and unwrap our brains and see something different....then all we need to do is force ourselves to see something different and we can have the life we dream of. 
So why do we choose pain? Why do we choose the rough roads? Why do we allow the obstacles we create to consume us and emotionally eat at us? If we create our reality then why do we fall in love the ones who are not for us? Why do we set ourselves up for disaster? Why do we let other people’s actions and words hurt us? I am personally not a fan of pain at all yet I am in love with what I have tricked myself into thinking I can’t have….BUT maybe it isn’t happening that way at all. Maybe my higher self understands what I really want and keeps me from what I think I desire. Maybe my higher self is sending me all these social media messages and words of wisdom so that I can understand that the obstacle is to merely deter me into walking in a different direction that is best for me. Maybe if I was more in tune with my higher self it would be easier to tap into the energies that match my true desires and the highest good for all. It sounds easy enough…I just need to get out of my own way,
So now…how do we get out of our own way? Is it simple? Well that depends on you. The easiest way to get out of your own way is to listen to the messages, the patterns, and the synchronicities and follow their advice. More than likely they may not be what you want to hear. You have your heart set on something going a particular way and you don’t want to hear it. BUT what if your higher self knows a more pain free route for you to take, or can see the bigger picture (because it is your HIGHER self) and knows that’s not really what you want. My advice to you is to tune out of your head and into your heart. Turn on your silence and turn off the negativity of the world around you. Go outside more, play and talk to animals more, create art, write, sing, and dance, express yourself….get to know you. As you detach from the crazy world around you and start to do things that are more natural and free spirited you will naturally begin to hear your higher self and see the messages because you will be in tune with yourself. Obstacles that are usually hard for you to face, or to avoid, are easier to tackle and the drama fades into the background. So get out of your way and start living the life you are trying to constantly manipulate into happening for you because that’s exactly what’s happening…you’re manipulating the things around you from objects, to people, to events and things thinking that you are creating what you want. The only way you are ever going to create what you want is to sit back believe in the moment, listen, and then allow.