Thursday, August 19, 2010

You Are Boundless

A wise soul once reminded us that we have an unlimited nature and that we need to remove any doubts and fears and move forward in faith knowing the only limits we will ever experience are ones we imposed and created ourselves. He stated that a world without boundaries or limits is open to us and anything and everything is possible.

When I get lost in the illusions of daily chaos and confusions I often look my right should at this Osho quote posted on my wall. It reminds me that if I believe it, I can create it. It keeps me motivated and empowered to know that if I am down I have what it takes to change how I am feeling and make things lighter and easier again. Sometimes the weight of the world weighs heavy on my shoulders and I begin to allow doubt and fear to over take me. We are all human. We have emotions and we are going to have bad times as well as good times. Sometimes we feel as though we just can not dig ourselves out of those heavy dark holes! That's when we need to step outside of ourselves reach up into the invisible mass of the universe and take back what belongs to us! Our faith, power, and love! It is great inspiring people like Osho and Rumi who remind me of who I am and the power that I have lying inside me.

As the fear and doubt disolve I awaken with great strength and want to shed my new found happiness on everyone around me! The power of goodness spreads a long way! Rumi has been dead for centuries and Osho's words have been spoken and documented since long before I was even thought of. Those two men took time out of their lives to spread light in the world and little did they know how far their light would shine.

Now it is our turn! If everything we feel enlightened we took a moment and spread it to someone else the length it goes is boundless! If we just smiled, or let the driver in front of us through, or helped someone with the door, or even made the effort to share their loving words with a friend that light will do our world more good then you could possibly imagine. I have made it my personal goal in life to shed light where ever I see fit. I want to remind people of who they are and what they are capable of! No one is greater or more powerful than another! We all have the capacity within us to be loved and loving beings and we all are pure by nature. It is the chaotic and negative moments that we allow to sink us into the hole and not feel strong enough to pull ourselves out of.

Today challenge yourself to allow your unlimited nature to move you forward! Have faith in knowing the only limits you have are imposed and created yourself! Then when you up high on your mountain top shinning bright spread that love out as far as you can! Our world needs a hug and you have the boundless power to open your arms and squeeze!