Sunday, May 25, 2014


Somethings are inevitable. Knowing is inevitable. You just know. You are choosing not to know because sleeping feels so much better than the pain and fear of letting go. In reality you are feeling a slow and agonizing pain on a daily basis, where as if you just let go and woke up the pain would be over fairly quickly. Knowing is inevitable and sleeping is a choice. Humanity is evolving to a new awareness like it or not therefor knowing will slowly creep up but it will be painful along the way. It does not have to be painful but your choosing for it to be painful because you do not want to let go of your slumber. In your sleep you dream. Your dreams are an awareness of what it feels like to be truly awake. When you dream you feel no pain. In Some dreams you see horrors and you experience fear but you "feel" no pain. The pain you are choosing to hold onto is keeping you hidden in an invisible cocoon. A cocoon whose shell will be shed one way or another. You can choose to take the shell off and experience the pain quickly or you can choose to stay asleep and let the shell peel away piece by piece until you are forced to wake up. Either way waking up to knowing is inevitable. You feel as though you are enjoying the ride not realizing that everything you reach for on that ride is truly right there at your finger tips if you would just "let go" in order to reach it. So maybe this experience of being asleep has nothing to do with what you are reaching for and everything to do with the process of reaching it. In this process you are gaining the experience it takes to help shift the planet as a whole. In this process humanity is evolving as a whole. The process can be long or short all while being painful and scary. To quicken this painful experience that humanity needs to go through to shift and wake up all you need to do is "let go". It's not easier said than's much much easier done than said. You "just do it".