Sunday, November 8, 2015

Knock on the Sky and Listen to the Sound...

"Knock on the sky and listen to the sound!"
~Zen Saying

All of existence on this planet has one fluent language and it has nothing to do with words and everything to do with energy and intent. When trying to relate to what this means we can look to how nature reflects in our lives. Everything has its own nature; humans, animals, plants, weather, even the world of the unseen. Ones nature has nothing to do with words. Nature is what is innate within us and is expressed naturally. As humans we are emotional beings with an ego that provides us with a sense of individuality and the need to express and create that individuality. It is in our nature to be complex beings but it is also within our nature to search for understand and truth. As time has evolved our complexity has grown and being able to find truth has become much more challenging. It is only when we look within and reflect on other forms of existence that does, who do not exist from an ego perspective, that we can find our answers. Nature is a prefect example. If we are a species that wishes to survive and not destroy the planet and all existence it is our responsibility to return to nature and observe how it communicated without words. I can give you many examples such as how the wind blows the flowers and spreads it seeds to grow, or how ants and birds use no words but still come together to accomplish great feats. If these small beings are able to do such grand things within their species how do they do it if they do not talk to one another? When reflecting on communication do we truly need to talk to one another in order to exist as a species? No we do not but it adds to our complexity and our egos individuality. Instead we already use the power of no words to untangle the complexity of the ego and express our true inner feelings when our ego does not feel threatened. One example is when we hug someone. Think about when you were a child and you ran to your mother and jumped in her arms and hugged her. How did that feel? It may be hard to remember but there was an intense emotion or energy that sprang intensely from your heart and engulf your mother in a way that no words could ever truly explain. When we make love to someone we have feelings for we are communicating how we truly feel without any words. Have you ever felt someone you have deep feelings for as if they are sitting in right next to you but they are really hundreds of miles away? How is that possible? Are they feeling you too? More than likely the answer is yes. When your mind gets involved and you being to think too much then communication gets muffled and changes, but when we turn our minds off and feel from our heart center we are speaking from our heart and this is the purest form of communication. How do our dogs communicate their loyalty to us? Yes they lay next to us and follow everywhere including the bathroom when usually this is our own private time, but these actions are not words these actions are pure energy communicating to our heart center from theirs. Our pets are speaking to us with no words. We know they love us we can feel it, we know it. It is no different with people. We know when someone loves us even if their actions say otherwise. We know that on some level their actions are their minds way of over thinking and sending out misguided communication. These actions are not how they really feel these actions are merely love covered in fear. How do we know this? We know this because real communication has no words.
Now that we know that we are already communicating with no words how do we use it to make our lives easier and less complex? We do it by thinking less and feeling more. It is important to use our minds but if we can teach ourselves how to use our minds in conjunction with our heart we will have perfect balance and be able to manifest anything in our lives. If we master speaking from our hearts we have the power to truly understand and live a full and happy life. How do we do it? There are some simple things you can do such as sitting quietly and sending love to people, your animals, nature, the world, or even the entire universe. If we all did this the abundance of love on this planet would eventually out weigh the destruction and cold hearts. If we all practiced sending out love from our heart fear would be almost non-existent. Soon we would realize that our actions were heart centered too and eventually the domino effect will spill over to our children, neighbors, coworkers, even strangers! Communicating with no words is something you probably already do often. Making it a conscious part of our lives is a powerful transforming goal to have!
I am writing this blog post with words but my intent is coming purely from my heart. I will gain nothing from this post except the fact that my heart was able to express itself with pure intent, the intent to spread more love in the world by helping others realize there are many many ways to communicate from the heart without using a single word.

Ways to communicate from the heart:
-Do something kind without needing to be thanked or acknowledge
-Send love to strangers
-Hug someone in need
-Go out of your way to do something for someone else even if you "think" they don't deserve it
-Care for an animal
-Spend time in nature
-Sit quietly and send out love
-Write about things that make others feel good
-Create art
-Give others freedom
-Look at someone endearingly
-Hug and kiss someone
-Hold hands
-Random acts of kindness

Please share your ways you speak with your heart and communicate with no words....