Wednesday, June 5, 2013

You can't change what you refuse to confront...

We all have problems or situations we would like to change. Most of us have prayed and beg for things to change, but unless you take the time to look deep enough at the ugliest part of the problem nothing will ever change they will just repeat themselves. I am sure you have seen the patterns and I bet you are even aware that the problem may have something to do with a choice you are making, but unless you choose to confront that darkness it will always be there. So which do you want to live? A slow agonizing painful life? Or a life that progresses, changes, and evolves into something worth being proud of? Confrontation is easier and quicker than most people give it credit for. If you sucked it up and looked at the painful side of yourself, your dark side, you'd be able to at least admit the problem. Once you look at it and see it's there the pain spreads everywhere, usually at a much quicker rate, but its also the quickest way to start healing and finally putting the band-aide on. In life we all have choices. We get so angry and disgusted with others when we see them make choices that we do not agree with, but what if those people knew about our bad choices? Would they say and think the same things about us? If we are ok with looking at the dark ugliness is others, something we do not have the power to change or fix, they why aren't we ok with looking at our own darkness that we do have the power to fix! If you want change then confront the things that are stopping it from happening!

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