Sunday, December 15, 2013

GOD Is Not Complex

One with God where where the light
 is shining even in the darkest of nights.
God, Allah, who, or whatever you believe in is not a complex concept. Humans are complex and make everything compartmentalized and complex. We take what we learn put it away in our memory and label it. When something new comes along it gets compared to things you already have stored and gets a new label. These labels are not just black or white, they have various shades and often branch off into odd tangents that may appear to go nowhere or get so tangled and convoluted that your labels and categories can't make any rational sense out of it. Depending upon your early experiences of learning what God is, will determine how you compartmentalized the concepts of God and what God means. If we look at this complex equation we just created with our human conditioned way of communicating, God is a big mystery to be solved. Once you can step outside of your narrow minded human self and see that your way of understanding and communicating is very limited, only then does it become easy to recognize what God really is, and it is far from complex. God just is. If you find you need to label and understand the term "just is" you will end up in more of your brain twisters and not be able to grasp it. Instead, go deep within and turn off your brain so you can hear, see, feel, and be one with God. God is not complex our way of understanding God is complex. If you wish to know God let go of the prayers the hail Mary's and go within and just be with God. In the silence you will come to realize that everything that clutters your brain from day to day is a waste of precious energy and that place where you found God is truly where we all long to be. The goal in life is to release ourselves from our complex minds and stop the hologram from tricking us into thinking we are an independent solid being, and nstead lay still in the silence and be one with God. Living from the perspective of just being is much less complex and much more Godly, therefore living from a place where the light is shining even in the darkest of nights.