Saturday, April 1, 2017

What are you going to create in your NOW awareness?

We all create our now based on our current state of awareness. If your awareness is at a different stage than the next person, then that is what you are basing the things you are creating on. As you shift your awareness the things you create will shift as well. As you ascend your awareness your desires for creation change as well. So ask yourself based on your current awareness what are you going to create in your NOW?

Based on my current awareness, of knowing we are one spark of consciousness experiencing awareness in a 3D reality and that we have multiple sparks of our same self experiencing awareness is other consciousnesses, it makes it even more important to me to focus on this NOW so that I can shift and eventually be able to bring multiple awareness's into alignment. So if I am meant to focus on the now and not the past and not my future what is it I am going to focus on?

I am aware that some of the souls I am interacting with in this awareness are not at the same level of consciousness I am. I believe I am supposed to continue growing even though they are not at the same awareness and at some point they will shift too. They do not have to understand me, they do not have to like me or my decisions, and I need to be ok with where they are and where I am as well as OK with all of my own behaviors, emotions, and reactions to energy. Sometimes I tend to get really hard on myself when I behave a certain way and bring a certain energy to myself. I get upset when I do things I know are not healthy because I feel like it was an automatic mode. I get mad at myself or upset when I do not follow ways of being that I know are much more conduit to the things I truly believe. I think I am settling and forgetting because it is easier to live from the lazy perspective that the higher perspective is somehow more important. It is not. It is just how I am bringing myself to the current awareness I am in. It is just how I am choosing my path in this consciousness. In order to be more at peace in the NOW I need to learn to be completely accepting of ALL behaviors from myself and others and knowing they were ALL meant to happen. I need to do constant forgiving and constant moving forward. If I can live from the perspective of being ok with ALL behaviors and forgiving them in myself and others at a more constant rate the flow of life will be much simpler and my rate of shifting will be that much quicker. I do not think it is a rate of speed that matters I just think I am in a moment of understanding what is transpiring energetically around me and that if I am the one creating and manifesting and I want to be more aware with some sort of control and understanding, than I need to know that every single thing I do, feel, and say is completely acceptable and ok.

A lot of stages of consciousness will not be ok with this. They will say "then those going through abuse, or war, or terrorism, or other heinous acts….that is ALL ok"? The answer has to be absolutely YES. Everything in our awareness is one hundred percent completely necessary. We may morally view the action as black or white, good or bad, light or dark...but they are ALL needed and all deserve the same appreciation because they are a part of your awareness for a reason. Constantly forgiving and constant flowing is necessary in order to be the creator of your own manifestations. Being unaware or being in automatic mode is the same thing. Once you have become aware you were asleep or in automatic mode for any given amount of time, because time does not matter, you need to at that moment of remembering forgive yourself and all others involved and flow forward. Those moments of being asleep and in automatic were absolutely necessary.

So now that you are in an awake and aware state of this NOW moment what are you going to forgive in yourself and others, what are you going to accept as being necessary, and what are you going to let go of so you can put yourself into a state of flow to create next? What are you going to create your NOW to be?

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