Monday, September 3, 2018

Spoiler Alert! We Do Not Have Free Will

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SURRENDER - Spirit Orchestrates Everything
We can rationalize all we want and in reality, we all are going to believe what we want but as the messages come pouring in the truth is we do not have free will, Spirit Orchestrates everything. You have heard of "The Divine Plan". Anyone who believes in God believes in a Divine Plan but never really took into consideration that within the divine plan we are literally playing out our part and do not necessarily get to choose. We knew this before this incarnation. As divine beings living a human experience we understood what we were about to go through, but we did not realize it would be so hard and painful. The goal is to remember who we are and to surrender to this so called divine plan and live from a place of authenticity if that is accepted by others or not. Everything has a place within the divine plan and if we do not like how we feel within our role then we merely must change our perspective. 
The main message I have been receiving lately is surrender. What does that even mean? Over the years when I heard the term I always related it back to a very religious thing. Now that I am being shown that there is no need to fight against life that if we merely surrender and change our perspective life be much grander. No one said this was easy. I personally am not having an easy time with it at all but truthfully floating sounds much easier than swimming against the current. My perspective is that sitting here surrendering is like waiting for your turn to go on the swing. You want to go so bad and you are in pain from the anticipation. I guess that is where I need to change my perspective. Why do I need to wait? Why can't I enjoy the blessings right in front of me and see the positive instead of seeing the lack and the negative and feeling only the pain? I know surrendering is the answer, but I wish it was an easier task for the conditioned perspective is truly toxic and deadly for a lack of a better word.