Saturday, May 7, 2016

STOP Running Away From the Darkness!

As I am going through my own journey of self transformation my consciousness is beginning to expand and understand the deep need to embrace that which we resist. If we did not have all the things that make us feel completely uncomfortable we would have nothing to compare it to. When we notice things that do not feel good, that make us sad, that we may have done to hurt another, or darkness within someone else and their actions...we need to learn not to resist the pain and anguish it causes but instead embrace it. We do not need to "like" or "love" the darkness but we need to be able to sit within it and allow it and embrace the importance of it in our life. We do not need to act out against it or find ways to instantly relieve it instead we need to feel it, appreciate its importance, and then merely let it go. True relief will come when we can accept it as part of life and flow with it in its process in our reality. If we resist it all we do is amplify the pain and make it worst. When we resist anything all we are doing is creating more obstacles and problems at hand. Once we accept it and flow with it in its entirety we gain and understanding of its importance and can eventually watch it dissipate as the need for it will no longer exist.