Thursday, May 30, 2013

Ignorance Is Bliss

Or should I say innocence is bliss? Ignorance is a harsh word but the point being is what you do not know will not hurt you. Knowledge is what causes our pain. The wisdom of a innocent child or a happy uneducated person is much more blissful than someone filled with knowledge. Yes, knowledge can buy you all the things you never had but if you do not know you are missing out how can it make you unhappy? Look at some of the primitive tribes that still exist in the world today. Unless we showed them the world outside of their village they are happy and content as they are. A young child has not a true worry in the world. The go about their day happy until we clutter it with objects and things. If a child were never to have a toy bought for them and knew nothing of toy stores they would find a way to play and be just as, if not more, happy. If someone had the power to tell you when you were going to die would you want to know? Why not? Once we have thoughts in our mind we create our reality. What we are raised to know is our knowledge. If we wish to be blissful we need to find a way to get rid of some of that knowledge and live innocent and ignorantly so that the worries of our knowledge and the weight of the world does not weigh heavy on our hearts. The true answer to happiness is to shut away all the bad things you hear, all the fear that is outside you, and the negative happenings in the world around you and live your life pure and free. There is no need to fight for the rights, freedoms, and health of others if it means you have become an angry bitter person while you are fighting. If you are capable fighting with a smile on your face and in your heart then that is a talent everyone needs to learn, but more than likely you have some form of negative energy pent up in you and you have come to believe it is a truly good cause. Now image this. What if the cause you are fighting for was never brought to your awareness? Would you die from the ignorance of not knowing it? Maybe, but you would die happier. It's all about how you choose to live your life. Maybe you want to be thin. If you are thin you will be more widely appreciated and accepted among your peers and others in society. Our bodies are made to carry weight for a reason the knowledge and conditioning of society has made it a bad thing. If you were raised to love yourself no matter how you looked, and never knew that people cared if you with thick or thin, then would you even consider the need of shedding those extra pounds?
Look at any given scenario in your life that causes you pain and anguish or brings negativity into your life would you be happier knowing or not knowing the root of that anguish?
Now, there is always someone out there with something to say when someone is trying to share a positive point. That one person  might say, "well what if you were raised in a home that was abusive and you never had the chance to be happy". We were all innocent once. The child raised in that abusive home was happy once. It was not until that child was shown otherwise that it became conditioned to be unhappy. We are born happy it is the knowledge and fear of others that makes us unhappy.
We have a choice in our life. We create our own reality. Once our innocence has been taken, and it will be taken, we have to unlearn fear and knowledge so we can remember how to be happy again. Eliminate the things that make you unhappy and turn towards the things the truly make you happy! Be young, be innocent, be ignorant!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Everyone See's Things Their Own Way....

It can pose as a problem, being an individual that is. We are in a dimension of time where as humans we live from the Ego Perspective. It's where we are supposed to be on the evolutionary scale it's all part of the divine plan, but because everyone "see's" things their own way no one can truly "see" where another person is coming from. When we experience things in life we relate to them and see them from a perspective that best fits with how we emotionally deal with things. No one else feels, sees, tastes, or experiences the same exact thing therefore it is impossible to truly see things as another does. We can share like experiences and we can have similar problems, but if we are choosing to be here now in this Ego oriented dimension then we must also take full responsibility for every single thing that happens in our life. If we are going to choose to see things how we see them, then we must also choose to take responsibility for that perspective and not blame things on others. Another person can not be responsible for making you angry. You are choosing to be angry. Just as you choose to be happy when someone hugs you. Another person can not be responsible for you being angry about tragic world events because you choose to see those tragic world events from the perspective of anger when you have the capability to see it from any possible angle. If we are going to live in this dimension and grow from it we must at the very least figure out how things work. It seems to me to be pretty obvious that our life is what we make of it. We may not directly plan for things to happen the way they happen, but we do directly choose which direction we are going to take once that thing has happened. From here on out there is no need to say "why can't you see it from my perspective for a change?" or "if you could just see it my way everything would make sense" because it is never going to happen. Instead, when you see the situation arise where you become angry, sad, or even happy stop and be aware of where that choice is taking you. Are you blaming or giving credit to someone else? Why? You are choosing how to deal, see, and perceive the moment no one else is. Everyone else is dealing with their own Ego's they don't have time nor the awareness to take on the responsibility for your perspective too. In the end we are who we are, we are our Ego, so merely become aware of it and many of your life long questions of "why?" are easily answered.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Infinite Love? Where is it hiding then?

If there is infinite love available to us all then why do we spend our life searching for it? As humans we go to great lengths to find love! We search the bars, the internet, the grocery store, and some have even began going to church in hopes to find love. How many of you have heard the saying, "you can not love another unless you learn to love yourself first". There is a lot of validity to this saying but I know most people feel they do love themselves and just want someone there to share it with in life. Love is infinite and always available to you because all the love you need is inside you. If you can not love your flaws, if you can not turn off the tapes that play those conditioned messages in your head when you do not live up to your own standards, how do you expect to find love anywhere else? If you want to stop searching for love then you need to literally hug yourself. The next time you pass a mirror and do not want to look in it because you don't want to see your flaws then stop and stare at yourself in that mirror real hard! Don't walk away from it until you are able to fully smile at yourself and love what you see. Love is not on the internet or at Joe's Corner down the street. Love is with you all the time and its always available, its infinite. I'm sure your thinking its much easier said than done, but once you bite down and do it you will be pleasantly surprised at not only how easy it was but how much love you immediately attract into your life. Reach for infinite love, the sooner the better, because as soon as you begin to shine from the inside out others will too!