Sunday, April 26, 2015

Shift Your Awareness

This article may make some people feel uncomfortable or even angry. While reading it please keep in mind it is written from the mind of someone who understands that true compassion is to have a deep awareness of the suffering of another without the need to relieve it, feeling total appreciation for it's value, all while being in a state of non-judgment. 
The other day I read an article of a local woman who was walking along the canal with her two small children in a stroller when suddenly a swarm of bees came at her and in hope to protect her children they all fell into the canal. Unfortunately because the children were strapped into the stroller they both drown while the mother lived. In reality this is an emotionally horrific accident to have to continue on in life and live with so why did it happen? Honestly that is one question we will never know the answer to but as humans we ask ourselves how do these horrific things happen and why. Trying to look at these types of incidences from more than one perspective is the only way some of us are able to accept the incident. One perspective could be karmic. In this life the woman is the perfect citizen, wife, and mother but for some reason she is to live the rest of her life with the guilt that she was partially why her children died. In a past or parallel life it could merely be this life's way of balancing things out. It doesn't make it any easier to swallow but in order for the chain of karma to end this lady needs to reach deep inside herself and let it go and forgive herself. She needs to understand the meaning of compassion and apply it to her situation. If she can not do this in the course of this lifetime she is destined to repeat the pattern in one way shape or form again creating the same pain and the same dilemma
Another perspective is it needed to happen in order to bring awareness to what true compassion is. With yin and yang you need the darkness to shed light on truth. We have a great opportunity in this life to reach our ultimate goal which is always the same for everyone on some level and that is love. The woman who experienced this horrible tragedy has the perfect opportunity to become enlightened and share that love and enlightenment on this harsh and judgmental world we live in. Through understanding and forgiveness she can release some much needed love into the world and help move our ascending planet right where it needs to be in the evolutionary process to peace and love. This is only one incident but I am referring to all horrific acts, incidents, and situations. We have to accept them and appreciate them for their value then release the pain of the incident and let it go. If we continue to live without forgiveness and the ability to move on during tragedy we are destined to live in a world of pain for what will feel like eternity. It does not have to be this way. We are living in a time where the energies coming to our planet are accelerated and the sooner we begin to understand this concept and embody it we the sooner we will evolve to another level of understanding. It is vital for our civilization, planet, and universe that we embrace, embody, and become compassion. In the face of the most horrific tragedy we need to spread compassion with  the deep awareness of the suffering without the need to relieve it and feel total appreciation for it's value through being in a state of non-judgment.
If you can at least grasp the concept you are shifting and this is one step closer. If you are rebelling against it it has still became a part of your consciousness and that too is important towards shifting. One day our world will be compassion right now you just need to begin to hear about what compassion really means.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Exploring The Darkside in Order to Find the Light

Its become common knowledge that you can not have one without the other. Opposites are needed in order to have definition of one another. If the world was all light and one big utopia there would be no need to exist, and it would be impossible to have only evil unless there was good to compare it to.

On that note when we go through challenging and dark times all we really wish for is light. What I am coming to realize is that there i truly no way to see the light until you have explored every corner of the dark. The challenges and darkness are there and will inevitably go away once you find the light and can see the difference in the process you just went through. You've grown and you are wiser because of it.

So what does it mean to explore the darkside? Do we interact with it, do we wade through it feeling our way around the pain, or do we observe and explore it with a sense of detachment and total appreciation for its value? I suppose the latter is the way to best make use of our time exploring the darkside but detachment entails being able to live and be compassion. We have to be able to see things we do not like without feeling the need to relieve it. We have to understand its happening as it should and has a purpose. If we interact with it we have added dimensions and karma and prolonged the process, but if we observe it from compassionate detached place we have better chances of leaving the journey feelings a sense of enlightenment.

How do we walk through the darkside detached when we are empathic humans and we feel everything. No one said walking through the darkside would be painless or easy. We have to learn to process what we see and feel then let it go. It was something we observed it did not have to be something we permanently took on.

In my own life at this moment I am clearly exploring the darkness but I am not having much luck remaining detached. I have been finding myself interacting and adding to the problem as opposed to allowing the darkness to do its job and letting go at the end of the day. I believe my problem with this is that I am raising a child I adopted and promised to provide a healthier environment than she started off in life and here I am watching as things out of my control are happening. As I walk through the darkside I see sides of my child unfold that would never be there if I had not let certain things transpire yet truly it was all going to happen one way or another and truly is out of my control. I have come to believe I am writing this post to help remind me that as I explore the darkside in life at this time I need to allow and let go. This does not mean that I do not support or be responsible, but it does mean that when my child turns into the devil because she knows no other way to express how she is feeling I need to "ALLOW HER TO MISBEHAVE" and stay firm in my discipline and always hug her in the end.

The darkside sure is ugly but in the end both myself and my daughter will be shinning bright. I need to stay out of karmas way and assist in life and not necessarily interact with it.

If you are reflecting on your journey through the darkside right now and I can share one piece of advice I will say this, "This too shall pass". It always does.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Lucy - We Don't Really Die...

The movie Lucy was the perfect "How to understand existence for dummies" movie yet some still missed the point. In short Lucy was able to use enough of her brain to defy all logic as our 10% brain usage can understand. Once she was able to use enough of her brain she suddenly realized all things that make us human are gone and her knowledge was all that exists. What some people missed in that statement is that what makes us human is not who we are. Who we are is "everything" and we are "everywhere". Who we know humans to be is so minuet we might as well be a spec of dust on a fleas wing. One thing Lucy does understand and tries to bring to light is that even though we do not use all our brain there still is purpose. Everything still is working exactly as it should be its just at this point and time in existence our human brains are waking up and because our communication among one another is sped up to lightening speed more information can be shared, expressed, and relayed quicker than any other time in history. Therefore we are right on target in the circle and cycle of human evolution. As in the movie you see where it begins and where it ends is one and the same...that is because existence, just as the air we breath, is always there. If you can imagine that we are everything and everywhere when would we not exist? Time, as the movie helps us understand, truly is the only form of measurement and with out it we do not exist in the literal, or physical sense. We make time therefore we create physical existence. Once we can stop time, once we evolve past using time as a form of measurement, only then have we left the physical world. This helps us understand physical death. Lucy states in the movie "we never really die". The physical self has let go of measuring time and their for has no need to physically exist but they are one and the same....they too are everything and everywhere all the time. This is what it means when it is said "i will always be with you" when someone passes. They, we, can not be separate of one another, we only see separation with the small percent of our mind we use but in reality we are all one and the same. We are "God" we are "the divine" we are "the universe". When you break it down as the movie did its easier to understand the cycle of human evolution and existence. There are still many things our minds can not comprehend because we are still thinking in a 3D perspective but once our society evolves more many of our questions we have can be answered because we will be using more of our brain. So do evolution a favor and wake up. Use more of your brain. Think, express, communicate, grow, and evolve. Do not get me wrong you do not need to be perfection you just need to be willing to look at life with more of an open heart and mind. Merely opening your heart and mind just a little more than it already is is enough to move human evolution along.