Wednesday, June 5, 2013

You can't change what you refuse to confront...

We all have problems or situations we would like to change. Most of us have prayed and beg for things to change, but unless you take the time to look deep enough at the ugliest part of the problem nothing will ever change they will just repeat themselves. I am sure you have seen the patterns and I bet you are even aware that the problem may have something to do with a choice you are making, but unless you choose to confront that darkness it will always be there. So which do you want to live? A slow agonizing painful life? Or a life that progresses, changes, and evolves into something worth being proud of? Confrontation is easier and quicker than most people give it credit for. If you sucked it up and looked at the painful side of yourself, your dark side, you'd be able to at least admit the problem. Once you look at it and see it's there the pain spreads everywhere, usually at a much quicker rate, but its also the quickest way to start healing and finally putting the band-aide on. In life we all have choices. We get so angry and disgusted with others when we see them make choices that we do not agree with, but what if those people knew about our bad choices? Would they say and think the same things about us? If we are ok with looking at the dark ugliness is others, something we do not have the power to change or fix, they why aren't we ok with looking at our own darkness that we do have the power to fix! If you want change then confront the things that are stopping it from happening!

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You are the only thing blocking your dreams...

Mary Manin Morrissey said it best, "You block your dream when you allow fear to grow bigger than your faith." Since we were small we all had something innate in us...something that we really wish we could do in life. A number of people push the dream under the carpet and move through life ignoring their dream ever existed thinking it was just a dream not a life they could actually live. I think that is a fearful cop out! As we evolve as humans and our awareness expands we are beginning to wake up and realize ANYTHING is possible! Those who live life from a fearful perspective are the ones who still need to smell the coffee but they are where they are supposed to be. No one says we can't shake them awake though! How do we do it? This is the easiest question I have ever answered. We live it! The only way we can change anything is by doing it our self and letting the ripples in water do their magic. In life we can have compassion and love others openly but the only one we are responsible for is ourselves. When I say we are the only one responsible for ourselves I am referring to how we perceive and respond to life. No one is going to smile for us, no one is going to put our foot forward and get a job for us, no one is going to decide if we will be angry, sad or mad. We are responsible for ourselves and therefore if we want to make our dreams come true we need to realize that it is possible if we let go of our doubt and grab a hold of our faith. If you believe it is impossible then it is. It goes back to the old saying, "where there is a will there is a way".
Now that you have had this epiphany and feel motivated to move, to let go of fear and move in a different direction, what is it you want to do? You can do anything! Anything is possible remember. Wait, there is a price to pay for everything you say? Well with every action there is an opposite and equal reaction, so yes in a sense, but if you look at it like its a horrible thing like "paying for it" than you will never make your dream come true. All this means is you need to alter your plans or think outside the box. It can happen, and it can be a win win, you just need to let your faith know exactly what it is you want. If you want that dream job but it entails you moving to another state you may be worried about how it will effect your family. Your children may have to go to another school and your parents and siblings may really miss you. So forget it! Never mind...I will just stay here and keep the same job I have always had and make everyone happy...except myself. Um, NO! Where there is a will there is a way! Go after your dream and find a way to make it happen and have faith that everything will be ok! You children will adjust and your family will be ok. It's unfair of you to stop living your dream so that everyone else can be happy.
So what is it you want to do? How is it you want to live? The choice is yours! You can do whatever you want! You really can!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Internet is not making us stupid, it's lending a hand in evolution!

Today I read a rhetorical situation where the author, Nicholas Carr, used facts to back up his theory about "How the Internet Is Making Us Stupid" ( I began reading the article with a very open mind until I came to the second paragraph where he states:
But our dependence on the internet has a dark side. A growing body of scientific evidence suggests that the net, with its constant distractions and interruptions, is turning us into scattered and superficial thinkers.
I reflected over where I was 20 years ago when the internet was first becoming a part of our awareness. I realized that at that point in my life I was headed down the same path soul seeking path as I am now, but the only difference is I have a wider range of data coming at me to explore and feel through. The author uses fact to state that the internet is making us more superficial and scattered. He is saying that our memories are worse and we no longer know how to focus. Some of the things he is trying to prove may have some validity, but the topic is too general. I myself, and many others that I know, have grown immensely more aware and awakened through the quickening of data shared across the globe. It may be speeding up but it is taking us to the next level of how to use our brains. We are speeding up our thought process because we need to become aware on different levels. I do agree that for some people the internet may be an unhealthy form of addiction, but the article generalizes and points fingers in a very negative way. When looking at the issue from a lighter deeper perspective you can clearly see that the right souls are connecting that may never have done so before. If there was no internet a lonely bullied 16 year old in Oklahoma may never have read the blog journals of a practicing 18 year old practicing Buddhist in Asia where he was able to leave comments and converse about how the Buddhist inspired him to look at the mean people in his life in a new perspective.

Everything happens for a reason. The internet and technology is not making us stupid it is moving us towards a new awakening, one that never will never be possible until we go through these stages of evolution. I am curious what the author thought he was going to accomplish by publishing he article. He was researching to write a book about his findings. Did he feel he would change the direction our world was aiming towards by stating how it is turning us into a horrible shallow society? If anything I feel his article gave people things to reflect upon and decide for themselves where it is our world is headed. There may be others out there who support and believe in his views, but if he were looking as deeply as he is claiming needs to be done he would be able to see that there is a much bigger picture going on here. I am not saying I am right and he is wrong I am saying that this is all playing out just as it should and that through negative persuasion people can be forced to look deeper into the darkness until the light is found.

What do you think? Did you read the article? What are your views on how our world is evolving?