Sunday, June 25, 2017

The True Cause of Pain and Suffering

I am at a place in my life where I am ready to listen. So I begin asking the "why" questions. We all have them. How do we expect them to be answered? That is easier than you have allowed your monkey mind to imagine. In order for any question to be answered you literally only need to listen. Listen to the messages outside you and listen to the messages within you. Listen to anything other than your dysfunctional thoughts. You can tell the difference by how they make you feel. If something is in your mind that feels resistance than you are going to suffer and suffering causes pain and pain is not needed to get your questions answered. You can tell the difference by noticing if the answers are the opposite of what you "want" them to be. This means they are not meeting your "expectations" and everyone knows by now that when you have expectations they end in suffering one way or another.
So my "why" question is how do I stop certain emotional patterns and take away the pain and suffering caused by them. This question could be anything for anyone so lets work through it together. If I turn off my dysfunctional thoughts and listen to my soul, higher self, or the divine as some call it and do not resist the messages with the expectations of how I want things to be but instead go with the flow I will have no pain. How can I be in pain if I am floating? If I am floating on water it is the most peaceful thing in the world. If I am lifting weights my body is struggling and in pain because of the resistance of the weight. But I want things to be a specific way so my expectations decide to resist and therefore I am pushing against the weight of natural flow. So pain is truly felt when we think things need to be a certain way and suffering takes hold when we resist and insist on it being the way we want it. Most humans believe there is a higher power or force of energy that is at play in the world. If its so powerful why don't we take advantage of it, have faith in it, trust it, and truly believe in it? Our dysfunctional minds only became dysfunctional when what we thought we wanted didn't match what we really want. We can dissect any problem and we will discover this is the case of why things turned out dysfunctional.
Usually this is the part of my  post where I want to add examples to support my point but as I contemplate my higher self is telling me this is where I allow you, the reader, to begin to self explore and dissect any problem that is causing you pain and suffering and really look at why you feel that way. You can argue and debate with yourself, as opposed to me, all you want but eventually you will discover what is true for you because you are in conflict with nothing but your turn it off and listen.

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Saturday, June 3, 2017

Is it a match made in heaven?

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