Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Guilt, Sorrow, and Envy

"I shed no tear for thyself but tears of joy and happiness for the ones I love. And if they are so very happy then my tears are streaming with smiles that all their dreams are coming true. One must live life to fullest, make everyday the life they dreamed it to be, and let no other soul impose upon your dreams with guilt, sorrow, or envy." ~ Lori Marie

When I was younger I learned a hard lesson about love. I learned that when you love someone unconditionally you let them go and allow them to follow their dreams. We have no right holding someone back because we will miss them, or love them, or need them financially. No one owes anyone anything when true love is involved. The gift of true love is learned through freedom. When we can let go and allow the ones we love to spread their wings and be who it is they want to be we are showing teaching them how to be unconditional.

There are many examples this plays out in. If a lover has a dream job offer and it will take them far away you have no right to place guilt upon them or to be envious their dreams are unfolding. If you love them you let them follow their dreams. Your best friend chooses to marry the love of their life. This someone happens to be a person you dislike and you feel is bad for them but true unconditional love for your friend is allowing them to go live their life as they chose. As humans we have a great responsibility when we chose to love another. If we truly love them then we must show them by allowing them space and freedom to be the person they feel they truly are. We are not going to agree with everything someone we love does, says, feels, or believes in but we love them anyway.

If we are to evolve as loving beings on this planet we must learn that no one owes anyone anything and that true love is found from a forgiving, open, and unconditional heart. If we are unhappy with our universe we must be the change we wish to see in the world. If we want to be happy we must allow others to follow their own divine plan and love them anyway.