Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Einstein, Carlin, and Rumi all Rolled Into One!!!

I think God is Einstein, George Carlin, and Rumi all rolled into one! Well not literally because I don't really believe in one supreme being but if I did that is definitely who I'd think him to be! Einstein may have figured out some very important stuff about gravity and what not but his most inspiring wisdom came out in his personal quotes about people and life.

If our parents raised us to look up to Einstein instead of turning on Saturday morning cartoons and shoving candy cereal down our throats we'd be a much less dysfunctional society. And forget needing to go to church when you had guys like George Carlin to look up to. I saw the man perform in Vegas one time. I sat in the back with my friends and we were laughing our asses off all while having mini epiphanies over the stuff he was saying! Yet no one was laughing. I think the republican convention was in town that day! We made sure we laughed and cheered louder so he felt supported. It takes a big man to feel confident enough to get up on stage and speak your truth. If more people had the inner security to speak their truth in the face of adversity we would be a much more authentic society.

Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī, a.k.a. Rumi, now he was one mystic to look up to. Rumi knew just what to say, how to say, and made you think and feel it all at the same time. The first time I read a Rumi poem I read it over and over and suddenly BAM! It hit me! He made poetic sense in the most spiritual romantic loving blunt way a person could.

I could quote Rumi all day long! "Out beyond the field of wrong doing and right doing...there is a field...I will meet you there!" Needless to say if you take the genius common sense wit from Einstein, the sarcastic blunt truth spoken from George Carlin, and the poetic mystical Rumi and rolled them all into one you would have the equivalent of a God! Shoot I'd even vote him for president!

I pray that our future spawns more real, authentic, motivational, inspirational, leaders our children can look up to! If we could strive to find our own inner wisdom like these men we'd have created heaven on earth! Now that is a healthy goal to reach for!

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