Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Astrology "To believe, or Not to believe"

Honestly, I think astrology is completely misunderstood and has been for god only knows how long. I do know though, that at one point in history it was used as a normal tool to help decipher the best times for certain actions to be taken. The media has turned astrology into some gossip magazine parlor game thingamajig where you make yourself believe what you are reading is true if you are a believe, and you deny everything you read about yourself if you are a skeptic. A lot of people have a hard time believing in something they know nothing about which makes total sense and then there are the ones who just believe anything someone says because...well I don't really know why to be honest!
Personally I have been interested in astrology since I was a preteen! Someone a little older than me had Linda Goodman's "Love Sign's" book and I started reading it. I could not believe this woman could possibly be writing so intimately about the person I was. How is this possible? Now you may think I was a gullible young kid who wanted to believe everything but that is the furthest from the truth! I was actually a very perceptive kid who wanted to know why my step mother was so mean, and why my mom reacted the way she did, and I wanted to know why I had all these feelings that I had inside. I wasn't just going to take life lying down I wanted to understand it and I wanted to fix it and make it better. Later I learned it was my Scorpio rising that made me feel this deep need to regenerate and transform, but needless to say I was interested for all the right reasons a person should be interested in astrology. I did not want to know my fate. I did not want to predict the day I was going to fall in love and get married. I wanted to know why people acted the way they acted and understand where they were coming from. I wanted to know the psychology behind people.
I am now a whopping 40 years old and feel like I am still 13! Well sometimes I feel 40 but that's just my hips whining!
Because of astrology I have learned the true meaning of compassion. As I have grown and lived through many horrible experiences, as we all have, instead of sitting there and taking a beating I delved into each situation with a fine tooth comb and I dealt with it! I analyzed it and I dissected it. Once I knew why things happened the way they did I was able to accept it and move on. For example my parents. Everyone always blames their parents for the way they turn out. I learned, through astrology, and through some wonderfully blunt Scorpio's in my life, that parents are people too. They are just like you and me. They were our age once. I put myself in my parents shoes and imagined me them at my age. It was a major reality check. So my parents made mistakes. What a coincidence so do I! Because of my parents mistakes I had a choice. I could blame them and just be the product of their creation or I could take responsibility for my own actions and grow as a person. I chose the latter of the two.
My father is not currently a part of my life by his own choice. I am sure my step mother had a lot, if not everything to do with it, but I personally am not hurt by the situation. My father was raised by his father and siblings because his mother died when he was 5 years old. My father's moon sign is Pisces. He is a coward. He can't help it. Well he can but at least I understand why he behaves the way he does. I do not think he goes about his life trying to find a way to hurt me or whatever I just think he is a coward and selfish man. On that note I have a deep compassion for him. He is the way he is and it is part of the divine plan. The only thing I have control over is me and my own actions. It's a waste to blame my actions on anyone else.
Back to astrology though. I just want to bring this article to a close by saying that astrology is just a tool. There is still free will. But astrology is a wonderful way to find things inside yourself that maybe you have been scared to look at and take responsibility for. If you want to find a path within astrology is a great tour guide! If you want to stand in someone else's shoes for a minute astrology is capable of giving you a sneak peak. But if you are thinking astrology is going to tell you who, when, and where you are going to get married and if you are ever going to win the lottery than you are looking at it all wrong. Astrology can give you insight to the times these things are possible but all in all you have free will and you can make or break any situation.
If you have any desire into learning more about yourself with astrology I will gladly give you a free natal chart with interpretation. I want to share with you the gift of insight. I'd love for you to really understand what astrology can do for you and forget about what the media has turned it into.
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