Wednesday, November 7, 2012

God Speaks No Words But You Can Hear Him Clearly

Shhhhhh I can't hear you when you're talking.....

I had a grand epiphany one day while listening to a random radio show interview. It made so much sense. The speaker was basically saying that language is what screws everything up. If we did not have language and we lived with the silence God speaks nothing would be as it is today. Without language we would not have liars, we would not have manipulation, we would not have any form of miscommunication or misunderstandings, we would love our leaders and not feel tricked or cheated ever. How could this be? What is this God language? It's silence.

You know how when you are sitting there and you hear someone say to you that they love you but when turn off your ears you feel they are not telling you the truth. Intentions speak louder than words. Emotions, feeling, vibes, energy, or whatever you want to call it is merely silence the language of God. You can hear much clearer if you were in silence why do you think you can't concentrate when there is chaos all around you? It's the noise that keeps you from thinking clearly. What about all that noise in your head? Where did it come from why is it there? It may have something to do with the television, or the radio, or that fact that you just do not know what to do if there wasn't noise. How many of you can honestly say you can sit in a quiet room with nothing on your mind for more than five minutes? Not very many. But I promise you that if you were to switch from noise to silence everything in life would become crystal clear. Things would just naturally begin to make sense. God speaks so loudly to us when there is no noise. When you are out camping or hiking in nature don't you have a overwhelming peaceful feeling? Why do you think that is? Could it be because nature speaks the language of God? When I am with my infant at home I feel more comfortable sitting with her and not saying anything, not needing to say a word, just sitting with her on my lap knowing she knows exactly what I am trying to say.
If you desire true answers in life with no interruptions, no lies, no manipulations, or miscommunications than try a day in nature or a quiet room. Make it a new habit and watch as you and God, you and silence, you and the divinity within us all begin to connect and you being to have a clarity you never knew was available to you before.