Saturday, November 3, 2012

Do Not Mistake Spiritualism for Escapism

Religion, spiritualism, drugs, alcohol, people, food, exercise or whatever your "thing" may be do not mistake them for your personal "crutch". Often we unconsciously turn to these things to fill a void within ourselves that we just can not pin point or to help us through a time when we feel lost and helpless. It's one thing to reach out for a helping hand now and again but its another to put all your weight into it and use it as a means to escape dealing with the real issue.
Religion is often looked up on as a safe place when you have no where else to go. God will always be there. Jesus saves us all! God forgives! Ask and you shall receive. But your trading one problem for another. We are dealt hard hands for a reason. Life forces us to see our flaws and the flaws of the world so that we are challenged to grow. You can not know your strength unless you are forced to lift the heavy weight with your own bare hands.
Spiritualism is not the same as religion. Spiritualism is for those who believe in more than just a God that will solve all our problems. With Spiritualism there is a sense of not belonging here when enlightenment has been reached or when a true sense of knowingness occurs. Some tend to reach further and further to things out of this world. A place they call home. A place not here on this planet. If this is true or not we were still born of this world with earthly human challenges for a reason. We still have dramas to play out if not for our consciousness than for the consciousness of others on this planet. When we choose escapism of any form we are not helping our planet evolve we are standing still. If you feel your religion gives you the answer that fits you than that is wonderful but when life deals you challenges and you see bad things happen all around you do not look to a God to solve your problems walk out your front door and make a difference.
If you feel this planet is not your home and choose to be lost in space in order to not deal with this worlds issues you need to rethink your theory and remember you chose to be here now in this time of great shifts. Escapism is just trading one thing for another and no solution ever occurs. It is not solving any problems. It is not helping humanity. It is not nurturing you. It is sweeping the pain under the carpet because you are to weak and feeble to deal with it all by yourself.
If you are reading this post take a few seconds and think about what your personal crutch may be. Has it solved all your worries and problems for you? When you pick up the phone or sit and talk with it does it give you the answers you are looking for? When the euphoric affect of it wears off has all the pain subsided and all your problems magically melted away? No? Why not? You mean they are still there? So what did you get out of it? You wasted precious time in your life. You extended the suffering and possibly complicated it and made it worse. All in all if you choose to get rid of your crutch or not it is all meant to be BUT if you are worried about pain and suffering wouldn't it be more pain free to deal with things and be done with it than sweeping it under the carpet only to be there nagging at you and never going away?
The simplest way to live life is to go with the flow and not fight life's challenges. Instead conquer them as they are handed to you. Face your problems head on and then go on to the next challenge. Master one thing before moving onto another. When you see problems that are not yours have compassion for them. Appreciate they are part of our planets evolution and needs to happen even if it hurts to witness it. Fight your own battles and send love and support to those who need it. Lose the escapism its just a dream that loses all meaning once you come back to reality. Spend some time reflecting on your escape route and ask yourself if you really need to be escaping of if you need to be fighting the battle in front of you.