Friday, November 9, 2012

We Are All Catalysts...

Have you ever heard someone say, "Oh don't worry he was just a catalyst for you to get where you are today."? What doe that really mean? I play it over in my head and think maybe I need to define the word catalyst.
cat·a·lyst nounperson or thing that precipitates an event or change.
So if a catalyst is a person or thing that precipitates an event or change wouldn't that be what we are constantly doing to one another. Every action causes an equal and opposite reaction. Change. With change being the only thing we can truly depend on in the world I would clearly say we invoke constant change within one another. On that note if we are constantly invoking change upon one another how can any one thing be right and any one thing be wrong? Even if we provoke a change we did not intend we still provoked it and it changed. Is that wrong? Whenever I bring up the theory there is no such thing as right and wrong I always get someone saying to me something like, "Ok then. Say someone brutally murdered your entire family. You are telling me that was not wrong?". I am telling you that it is an awful thing that will probably traumatize me but that it happened because it was inevitable. It was not wrong but it feels wrong because I love my family and it must have been a horrific last moment in their life. It hurts, it tears me apart, I will never forget it. All those emotions are reactions to the change the murder imposed upon me. That person was a catalyst. 
It's a challenging perspective to swallow but it was an incident that caused an equal and opposite reaction. Change. It was going to happen therefore it was supposed to happen. How can I say it was going to happen? It was going to happen because there was a uncountable number of series of events that played out prior to the horrific murder. All the things that transpired prior to the moment the person went insane lead up to it happening and it was inevitable.
So how are we supposed to go about life knowing that everything is inevitable? Why even try? Why even make a decision? What's the point of living? Because the choices you make are all part of the plan. In the plan I mean you are part of the chain reactions that play out in front of you. Without you numerous things would not happen as they should. Or let's just say you give up and you choose to leave this world and not be a part of this plan. Once again you were a catalyst and you choosing to leave this world because you do not like the way it works only created a series of events that would go on without you here. Personally I'd rather just stay here and make a difference. If my actions are going to go on and on I need to become aware of what they are. WHAT? Wait, I need to become aware of what they are. I need to become aware. I need to wake up! Now I know why I need to wake up! All my unconscious actions, all my unconscious reactions, all my sleepy moments caused things to happen and I wasn't even aware of it! Now that is something to seriously reflect over! I think I am going to go and wake up so that when I am of the world I will be a little more aware of how I am affecting it. Oh but wait! I just thought of something! If I am aware of what my actions are wouldn't I be a catalyst for positive change? Wouldn't my actions be a small ripple into making the world a peaceful better place? Wait! Does that mean I really can save the world?!