Thursday, November 8, 2012

Are Humans Capable Of Being Authentic?

We struggle through this existence called life and are forced through challenge after challenge only to find ourselves back at the same spot in the maze we were before. So what are we doing wrong as a species? Why are we so barbaric, mean, and selfish? Are humans built capable of being authentic? When you turn on the radio and listen to the lyrics to some of these rap songs kids worship, and then turn on the television and to the local and national news to see constant greed and devastation, or when you walk down your own street scared for your life or your children's lives it really makes you wonder how it is possible for humans to be authentic beings. I'm shaking my head while I am sitting here thinking about the bigger picture but the point is I am sitting here "thinking" about it when instead I should be here doing something about it.
Yes, humans are quite capable of being authentic human beings. Look at your children so young and innocent. Oh! So your thinking of how your children are brats. Ummm they evolved into that roll. Look at what they see on a daily basis, who they interact with, what is on the radio and television. Take that all away and do you still have a brat? Oh wait did you eliminate yourself? As parent's we are often the main reason our children are brats. We live in a society full of brats. So once again the question comes up are humans capable of being authentic. Yes, but it starts with you. You were once a baby so innocent and sweet. Life tainted you just like life taints us all. We need to seriously let go of the conditioning we have went through, that we constantly go through and learn to be our true authentic selves. We need to not care what others think. We need to not care where we fit in with society. We need to not fear. Fear. Wait could that be the root of this all. We are a species that wants to survive but we fear....what? What is it we are really fearing? Well when we narrow it down to the lowest common denominator I think we fear not surviving. We fear death. Babies need nurturing to survive. They may grow and expand but ultimately they will not survive without love. They are born love, they are love, they are divinity in its purest form and all they want to do is be loved. To survive. Adults only want to be loved to survive. Fear. Fear keeps us from being loved. Fear keeps us from surviving. Fear is the culprit. How can we conquer fear? I mean it's everywhere! You can't do anything without it being right in your face! No wonder we have a society on drugs, looking to drugs, and trying to survive on drugs!
So now that we know the problem we can begin to solve it. Wait. You do not need to solve the world's problems. No need to rant and rave and scream and yell to get others to change. You need to change. You need to eliminate the fear. How awful can death really be? We fear death because we do not know how to live without our ego but really it can't be any worse than here. We fear the unknown but if we could embrace it within ourselves and face one small fear a day we are one step closer to being our authentic selves.
If we are to survive we must be responsible for our own survival. We must have compassion for others on their path of survival, compassion meaning a deep awareness of the suffering without the need to relieve it and having an appreciation for its value, and change only ourselves. Magically though, if we change ourselves those around us begin to change. It is inevitable. I mean look at how we are as a species now. We're a wreck! But if one person at a time begins to conquer their own fears than one person at a time others will do the same and grow and heal. Survive. The goal to save the world is to save yourself! Love thyself and heal the world.
The goal for today is to find one fear and let it go. Look at it to the depths of its core and ask yourself what is the worst that can happen. Hmmmmmm death? Peel off the layers of fear and find you. Just for today. And maybe tomorrow you will want to do it again.