Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Power of Giving Can Heal and Create Miracles!

The holiday season is upon us and the healthiest way to look at it is "The Giving Season" anything else misses the point completely. Economically our nation is not in the best of times but if that is your focus when you hear the word "give" again your missing the point. Giving has nothing to do with money give is a powerful gift that has been given too us all! When we use the power of giving to another we can heal and even create miracles! Last time I check a hug was free. A hug can make a lonely person smile during the holiday season. Suicide is at its all time high during the winter months. People miss their families, wish they had a significant other to lay by the fire with, or remember the loss of a loved one. In these case hugs are worth millions!
Maybe you are not really the huggy type. That is ok. Did you know that you can give something you don't need anymore to someone who has nothing and have the power to change their faith in humanity?! People are so used to be stomped on and looked down upon that the kindness of another person giving and sharing things with them is big! If you haven't heard already, a by passer walking through the streets of New York video recorded a police officer approaching a homeless man laying in front of a store. The by passer videoed because they thought something bad was going to happen but instead the police officer gave the man a pair of boots! The video has gone viral. Why? Because the power of giving is big! People love the feeling of seeing other people do good in the world. Its sad to say but witnessing goodness is often a rare thing. Or is it? Maybe we aren't looking close enough. Maybe our thoughts are tainted and we are attracting negativity to us. In reality good happens all the time. People are constantly giving to others. Goodness is all around us! All you have to do is open your heart, mind, and eyes to see it. When was the last time you stopped in a busy place and looked for the good things? If you look for it you will find it! And if you see the opposite that is your perfect time to change the situation and be the good part! Maybe you just need to change the equation a bit. Change your thoughts and you heal the world! Give a little and love a lot! Love and little and give a lot! They go hand in hand!
So this holiday season find a way to give more! Do not worry what your are going to get, you can't take it with you anyway! Worry about how you can give to someone in need. Smile more! Hug more! Open your eyes and see the good in others more! Remember in the darkest of things there is light buried underneath. Sometimes it takes the kind heart of another person to shine their light and help guide the others out of the darkness!
Tis the season friends! Give, give, give!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!