Saturday, May 4, 2013

Infinite Love? Where is it hiding then?

If there is infinite love available to us all then why do we spend our life searching for it? As humans we go to great lengths to find love! We search the bars, the internet, the grocery store, and some have even began going to church in hopes to find love. How many of you have heard the saying, "you can not love another unless you learn to love yourself first". There is a lot of validity to this saying but I know most people feel they do love themselves and just want someone there to share it with in life. Love is infinite and always available to you because all the love you need is inside you. If you can not love your flaws, if you can not turn off the tapes that play those conditioned messages in your head when you do not live up to your own standards, how do you expect to find love anywhere else? If you want to stop searching for love then you need to literally hug yourself. The next time you pass a mirror and do not want to look in it because you don't want to see your flaws then stop and stare at yourself in that mirror real hard! Don't walk away from it until you are able to fully smile at yourself and love what you see. Love is not on the internet or at Joe's Corner down the street. Love is with you all the time and its always available, its infinite. I'm sure your thinking its much easier said than done, but once you bite down and do it you will be pleasantly surprised at not only how easy it was but how much love you immediately attract into your life. Reach for infinite love, the sooner the better, because as soon as you begin to shine from the inside out others will too!