Saturday, September 28, 2013

How Do You See The Light When You Are Drowning in Darkness?

Even the most spiritual person can not deny that they too experienced a time or even times when where they too were surrounded in complete darkness. Darkness is as inevitable as light and one simply can not exist without the other. Is this why as humans we despise change so intensely? When we are basking in the light of our glorious of times we push the darkness under the carpet and pretend like it had never tortured with heartbreak and pain then when it begins to creep back into our lives we freak out! We go into survival mode because the darkness brings a death of sorts, the death of the light you had prayed and longed for. Survival mode tends to be the devil in disguise because the more we resist the change that is inevitable, the more we deny that the darkness is coming and we take every measure to make sure it stays under the carpet in which case brings more agonizing pain when the darkness comes. In our grey times when the light is not too bright and the darkness not so over whelming we have the opportunity to sit and look at the vicious cycle from the outside in and the question comes to mind, "How do you see the light when you are drowning in darkness?".
As humans we feel everything and at times have little control over our emotions, so when darkness strikes it may suddenly feel like there is no light at the end of the tunnel, but honestly the only thing that brings me through the darkness is the simple fact that this too shall pass. Nothing is forever. When I am at my lowest of lows I go through the emotions. I allow myself to feel the pain but when the tears are dried up and my body is weak from the constant pain just knowing that change is inevitable means I am able to hold on longer. It's easier said than done, I know, but really the only way out of the darkness is to see the light and how are you going to see the light if you choose to be swallowed by the darkness? It is very important that we process and go through the darkness but it is just as important to let it go once it has been experienced. We truly are stars and we can not shine unless their is darkness. The darkness reminds us of what and who we are and allows us to be the best that are meant to be and shine as bright possible!
As you reflect I know somewhere you are thinking that its different when you are going through it and that some peoples pain and darkness are more intense than others, and yes this is true but the rules remain the same this too shall pass and change is inevitable! In the end we shine bright because of our journey through the darkness so embrace it, respect it, and know in the end you are who you are because of it!