Sunday, August 25, 2013

Fear Is Just An Illusion to Keep Our Ego Wide Awake.

Each and every moment is only a moment because your consciousness is aware of it. Your consciousness creates time. If you were not aware of it is it really happening? That is why they say "time is an illusion". Our awareness creates time by being aware of something. So when you first become aware it begins a mental timeline for you, a frame of reference, something you can go back and forth from so as not to lose your place and keep track of "time" or things. It is our human minds way of keeping order it is how we understand. Language fits in the same way. We have words, sounds, that we put to pictures and memories that help us also keep track of time and things. But none of this would exist without awareness. What is awareness? It is when our Ego awakens. It is a little ironic being our consciousness is sound asleep and you often hear people refer to us needing to awaken our awareness. Really we are already awake but our Ego causes our consciousness to be asleep. When we are physically asleep our consciousness is wide awake. Sometimes we remember and can even have some sort of control while we are asleep but usually we forget because our consciousness can not comprehend what it knows through the Ego's awareness. We often get glimpses though. We experience certain phenomenon like deja vue, out of body experiences, or a variety of "sixth senses". Our brain is large and as most people know we do not use it to its fullest. If we did our awareness would be wider but our Ego would be in the way and we would not be able to properly survive the world in its current awareness. We will use more of our brains when we truly begin to wake our consciousness up and put our ego's to sleep. Some call this ascension. Our planet is going through a grand ascension and many changes are upon us. It's a form of evolution of consciousness. As our planet goes through it so do we or we can not survive. That is why many souls are leaving the planet at a quickening rate. Their consciousness has either evolved and can not remain here or their consciousness is too asleep and can not withstand the changes just yet.
Our senses are important tools for us when our Ego's are in control. We need our senses to help trigger our emotions so we can feel our way through these times of ascension. Many of us have turned our intuition off and live according to what we see and hear going on around us. These people are the ones some refer to as sheep because they are just going through life as one of the herd but truly if they would listen to their intuition and follow they would be capable of truly seeing things as they really are. As much as some want to remain in control of our consciousness and keep us asleep it is inevitable that our souls will awaken. Our planet is ascending so therefore in order for our species to exists we will ascend as well. Some believe it is beings from other planets that are trying to keep us asleep so they can rule our world. I can not say this is true or not but what I can say is you have nothing to worry about if you just allow your senses to awaken and let your Ego go back to sleep. Begin learning what true compassion is and turn off the Ego mind. I can sit here and talk about it all I want but really the only way you will begin to see is when your soul is ready. Truly I am writing this to help my own ego mind put some order to what is happening in its own stage of awareness. There will come a point when being here on this planet will not even be needed because the awareness will be so grand we will be able to see into and become part of other dimensions of so called "time". Its hard to understand how other dimensions work because our Ego's use "time" but it's the only way to help at least guide the soul in the right direction.
So on that note try and listen to your gut more. Live life to the fullest and know in the end it's not really the end at all. Our souls truly are eternal and fear is just an illusion to keep your Ego wide awake.