Monday, April 29, 2013

The Only True Language Has No Words....

Language has no true validity in the world. Language is purely developed upon pictures and images created in ones mind to help relay that message to another. The problem with this is that as humans, who choose to be individuals and not one consciousness, we perceive these forms of communication according to our own perception of images, pictures, and past memories and emotions. Words are too ambiguous the only true language has no words and is purely communicated on pure instincts and emotions. As humans who are choosing to live against our true nature we therefore have a much greater responsibility in the way we choose to communicate. If we are going to choose to be individuals, think our own way, live our own lives, and perceive things purely our own way than we must live authentic lives. It does not matter what words you say it will be perceived based upon the intent you send with it. You may say, "yes honey you look beautiful today" and your wife will perceive it the way she chooses. But if you were to go to your wife and hold her she would feel beautiful no matter how she looked and you never needed to speak a word.
Our world's consciousness is evolving very rapidly. Eventually, maybe not in our life time, we will be at a place where words are not used. For right now, as an ego driven society, we must choose our words to match our intent if we wish to live happier healthier lives. Try it. For just a day or two try to match your words with what you are really thinking. It definitely is not easy and it may even ruffle some feathers, but you will feel much more alive and real for saying what you really mean.