Friday, April 26, 2013

No Matter How Much You Care Some People Just Do Not Care Back....

Reality is no matter how much you love, care, or have feelings for someone not everyone is going to care back. So do you stop loving them? No. If anything you love them more for being true to who they are. You can not make anyone love you or care for you that does not choose to but there is no reason for you to cut yourself off from how you really feel either. The more authentic we are in life the more enriched our life is. Personally I have family members in my life who have chosen, for their own reasons unbeknownst to me, not to love or care back. I am at a stage in my life where I am adopting a baby into my family and as much as I desire to reach out and share her with them I refuse to do so. I can not make someone want to be a part of my life that chooses not to be. If the day comes when they decide their feelings have changed or they are ready to move past whatever it was they were feeling at that point my door is still wide open. I will not stop caring, I will not stop loving, but I will respect them and realize they are exactly where they need to be and I will leave them be. In life we can not push ourselves upon other people. We so often hear about stalkers and the horrible lengths they go to push someone to be a part of their life that does not want to be there. The same goes for family or anyone else you may know. Life deals ups hands and we have a choice to cheat the hand we are given to get the outcome we desire or play with the hand we have and understand that we do not always win. When you choose to cheat you are choosing to invite unwanted drama and other painful experiences into your life. If you take anything away from this blog today take this, "Some people do not care back....and it's not the end of your world".
Go about your day with love!

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