Thursday, October 31, 2013

Fear Not What You Can Never Accomplish

Let's begin by defining the word "perfection". According to the Merimman-Webster Dictionary perfection is defined as something that cannot be improved. As humans we have no need to ever feel as though we are not good enough, because we never will be. Humans are imperfect beings who are perfect  at only being imperfect. How is it we go through life thinking we are not good enough when in reality we are already perfect the way we are? If we were perfect there would be no need for us to be incarnated at this time on this very imperfect planet. We have much to learn and we will never reach perfection here and now. If we were to be so blessed as to reach the state of perfection it is more than likely we would exit this life and move into a realm where we could continue to exist so purely. If we know that we live in am imperfect world and we know we will never be perfect why are we so hard on ourselves when we do not meet these or others standards? These are questions you should be asking yourself. When you do not meet the expectations of another why is it you feel so low? When another does not meet your expectations why is it you feel so low? When we are disappointed, because either ourselves or someone else who did not meet the standards and expectations set by another, how do we stop the vicious cycle. We have already concluded that we are not perfect and no one else will ever be perfect, but we do have a quality of life, standards, and expectations that we want to meet and others to meet as well. Right? What if you do not pass your class with a high grade? What is the outcome? Do you think you wasted your time? The answer would be no even if you really feel  you did. You did not waste your time because you learned something and you are human and humans make painful mistakes in order to learn. What did you learn? Well maybe you learned that the topic you were studying is challenging and you need extra help understanding it, or maybe you learned that your free time was more important and you need to be more committed if a high grade is what you are desiring. All in all you learned something and have the opportunity to do it over. The same goes for your job. Your boss called you in because you have not been meeting his or her standards. How do you feel? Do you deserve to feel this way? Yes because they are right you are not doing what you should be in order to achieve the goals you agreed upon for the position. What was the outcome? You learned if you want this job you need to work harder in meeting their standards. Oh wait, no what they are saying is not fair. You have been working your ass off and you do not deserve to be made to feel low. In this case you have a choice. A, you can leave the company and work for someone who appreciats you, or B, you can feel bad about yourselves because you just weren't good enough and continue to work for people who choose to abuse your hard work. All in all you learned something and you have the opportunity to do it over or move on.
Another way to look at perfection is taking expectations out of the equation. If one does not have expectations there is no room for disappointment or feeling low. If one does not have expectations then the word perfection does not even need to exist because there will be nothing being measured good or bad. The easiest way to solve the problem of feeling "not perfect or good enough" is to take away all forms of expectations and you have completely eliminated the problem. Now for time being you and I both know that our world runs on goals and striving for something better. If that is the way our society is going to work there will always be guidelines, standards, and expectations to be met. So if our world is going to continue to run this way may we are damned if we do and damned if we don't, or maybe we could change our perspective and remind ourselves we are human and are not perfect. We are human and all in all we learned something and we have the opportunity to do it over or move on. There truly is no reason to not feel good enough! We never will be we will only be as good as we are and if that is not good enough for someone else then we have a choice. We always have a choice.
So the next time you feel low and not good enough remember! YOU ARE HUMAN and you will never be perfect because you already are.