Thursday, August 12, 2010

Looking past Corporate America and the illusion of the 'American Dream'

This article is not going to say what you want to hear this article is going to say what needs to be heard. As Americans we live for the idea of fulfilling the "American Dream". The key word in that quote is 'dream', the misleading part of that quote is 'American'. The "American Dream" is one big illusion it should be called the "Human Dream" because all humans want the same things from life. We want to be financially secure, we want to travel and see the world, we want to be free to come and go as we please, and we want the choice to do and be what we want to be. In Corporate America has capitalized on the human dream as well as everything else in our reality! They made it the "American Dream" so they can have control over a large nation of people from all over the world. We are one big melting pot and we are all from somewhere and because Corporate America has us believing we are free in America to reach for the American Dream they are the in complete control. We are not free. We are not invincible. We are not the richest nation in the world. Corporate America is.
While we try to reach for this so called dream we are becoming greedier and more ego oriented than any other time in history. The more we reach for our dream the more we put corporate America in control. If we don't have our TV, our cell phones, our fast food restaurants, our gyms, our air conditioning, our lights, our swimming pools, our airplanes, then we are lost! If we took away corporate America we would have nothing.
DING DING DING! We will have nothing! That is our problem we constantly want more. Once we have achieved something we want the next bigger and better thing and we are never happy. I am not writing an article about things you do not already know. We all know this already! We are all aware of the game. We are becoming aware of it because our nation is in the state of disaster! Corporate America got greedy and who has to pay for it? Hmmmm
Now that the dream has been popped the trickledown effect is taking a devastating toll on everyday people. We want everything to be ok again. We want everything to be safe. We want to go back to sleep and keep dreaming. Nope too late you have already been slapped in the face with a reality check.
So now that we are wide awake and can see what is going on how do we shake ourselves out of this "Spiritual 9/11 emergency"? We know no other way to survive! We only know what the media and corporate America has trained and conditioned up to know and believe. What do we do? There is only one thing we can do. Have compassion.
Have compassion?! You mean we have to stand here and have compassion while millions of Americans and people all over the world are being screwed by millions of selfish Americans?! YES!
This morning I had the humbling experience of being screwed once again by a corporate bank. I have had many cases where this happened and I have seen many others around me going through similar things. Banking and most businesses used to be about the customer. Help the customer the customer is always right we want to keep the customer happy! Where did that go? Out the window once the banks and other businesses started feeling the shake of a financially unstable nation. Everyone is about getting their head back above water right now and no one cares how they are hurting the other person. It’s just one big giant circle of screwing each other. So how do I say this was a humbling experience? I had no power in the situation and nothing else to turn to except my faith. I was mistreated and spoken to very condescendingly. When a person is in strife and struggling the last thing they need is to be treated in this manner. Why kick a dog when he is down? I was very angry at first so much so I hung up the phone and screamed louder then I think I ever have in my life. I could not control my rage and I realized if I did not get a grip on myself that my energy was going to affect many other people and so on and so forth. It was my responsibility to control how I reacted to negativity. I had to step back and look at the situation with no emotions at all.
When I stepped back and reassessed the situation I was able to see what our world has come to. I remembered that I am just one small person in a very big world and my anger wasn't going to do anyone good. How am I going to make things better?! I have to have compassion and realize that everything happens for a reason. I can see what is happening because I allowed myself to step back. Everyone is feeling the horrible effects of what our nation and world has become and I am no one special I am not alone but how I chose to deal with it is a whole different story. I chose to have compassion. I am choosing to send love out to the world instead of anger. The lady on the phone was only reacting to hundreds of other people who have had the same problem. That lady has to conform to her corporate job or she will not have food on her table to make her "American Dream" come true. And since I cannot diminish the American dream for an entire nation I must have compassion that people do not like change and are having trouble dealing with our world as it is becoming. I must be the change I wish to see in the world. I must have compassion and be light instead of rage, anger, bitter hatred, and darkness. I did not deny that I felt these emotions. I went through them step by step and released them the only way I knew how but when I was done I allowed myself to love again.
We will only make a difference in the world if we change within ourselves. We will only change this world if we can stare into the darkness and still see the light. Remember when you were a kid and you were outside when it was really really dark. You weren't able to see well at all but you knew your friends were out there and you wanted to be too? Do you remember staring really hard into the dark night and before you knew it your eyes adjusted and you could see almost as clear as day you just had to get used to the darkness. That is what we need to do now. We need to stare into the darkness until we can see just as clear as we do in the light. We must live within the light as darkness surrounds us because it is the only way our world will be able to withstand the challenges we have upon us and that are yet to come!