Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Answers to All Our Questions

Most people have a lot of unanswered questions about life. Where do we come from? Who is God? How was the world created? Why do we have dreams? Are there such things as ghosts? We never find scientific answers to these questions we collect assumptions and small facts and come to our own conclusions. We live from these conclusions but never really know the truth. As you look at our world around us, globally, we see it crumbling. Disaster after natural disaster, war after religious war, we are seeing every safe haven around us fall and we are living in a very insecure world. No one will deny that change is among us we see it happening every day. It is hard to be shocked when we see the devastation around us and we are left feeling that there is no hope left in the world.
If we are going to survive in what seems to be an ever dying world we need to wake up and remember who and what we are. These changes are among us for a reason to shake us awake. If we were to go about living life in a peaceful and happy go lucky world we would continue to be asleep and never learn the lessons we were sent here to learn. We asked to be here. We chose to live our lives here on this planet and because we chose to be here we also agreed to be sound asleep. We have known that the only way we are going to remember who and what we are was by devastation because being human consists of us having emotions and feelings. Pain is not the devil and is not evil pain and scary things are projections to remind us of what we are not.
As humans we live very mental lives. We have words that are attached to images that creates thoughts and memories with deep emotions. We are not simple beings as least as far as we have learned. In actuality we are very simple beings with the capacity to live on this dying planet with great compassion and faith but we have to first turn our minds off and open our hearts.
If we were capable of changing our perspective on what is happening around us and see not with our eyes but with our hearts we would not see the world as dying but beginning again. Change is good and change is inevitable. We need to change so that we can learn our lessons here on earth and move forward in our evolution as a planet. As long as we see our world as a dying and evil place, we will continue to be plagued with pain and destruction. The day you change your perspective and see with your heart you will see we are living heaven on earth. Those who pass over are right here in front of us we have the capacity to see them but not with our eyes. Our eyes see the image memories create but if we close our eyes we can see and hear them with our heart as if they never left. If we really listened to those who passed over we would see that in the end everything is going to be ok. If they are telling us everything is going to be ok who better to know this then those who have already passed on.
Time and space are an illusion created by our minds to help us keep track of the lessons we learn here and to keep us trapped in the mental illusion of pain. Once we realize that time does not exist and that everything is happening simultaneously have taken the first step towards stopping time and seeing who we really are.
I am sure right now you are asking, "Who are we then?" Our minds cannot properly conceive who we are but the easiest way to explain it is like this. We are multi-dimensional beings living simultaneous lives on many different levels of dimensions. They are rotating so fast it gives off the illusion of standing still. When we try to tap into what is happening with our 3D minds we get lost in the complexity and shake our heads to this being another sci-fi fantasy movie but in reality all our consciousness on all the different levels and planes are united as one light and one source. We have just split off in order to experience things and remember it is we are and to it is a constant repeating pattern and cycle that is never ending until we shut the mind off.
As our planet evolves we have no choice but to evolve to but what we do have a choice in is how painful of an experience it is. We need to shut our minds off and turn our hearts on. The more hearts that open at this time of evolution the quicker and less painful the transformation is. It all sounds so hard to believe and so hard to fathom so my suggestion is not to do so. Do not try to understand, do not try to believe, do not listen to anything I say except one thing!
None of the things you learn will matter expect how to use your heart. When destruction is among us the only thing we can do is be free from the pain by loving and detaching from the earthly emotion of pain. We are love, we are light, we are one! People always say these things but I am not sure they know what it means in the literal sense, this is because they are using their minds and it’s time to use our hearts!
Nothing is this whole article really matters except that we use our hearts. That we understand the true meaning of compassion and let the world go through the things it needs to. So that when we see destruction, pain, and evil we know that they are just obstacles placed there for us to learn how to hurdle over and detach from. If we truly want to be free we must allow life to unfold exactly as it is planed and we must not intervene but do our part in the speeding the process up. We must be the love that we are. Love is what we are and that is how we are supposed to be living our lives. NOTHING ELSE MATTERS! It’s that simple! Life is that simple! LOVE!