Saturday, August 14, 2010

Be A Fool

The one who is the fool is the one who is truly free in life.
I believe one of the toughest lessons for some people to learn is how to be vulnerable. What does vulnerable mean anyway? According to it either means capable of or susceptible to being wounded or hurt or playing Bridge and having won one of the games of a rubber. I have no idea what the second one means but I do understand why its important to be susceptible to being wounded or hurt. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying setting yourself up for disaster so you can be hurt what I'm saying is I know why allowing yourself to be vulnerable is important.
Lets take this common scenario for instance. Two friends Marie and Tanya are sitting in a coffee shop chatting about their love life or lack there of. Marie has had a rough time with her boyfriend and has recently broken up and Tanya hasn't dated anyone is months because her last relationship was so bad. Marie is asking Tanya if she'd like to go for a girls night out and Tanya is apprehensive summing up all men to be dogs. Yes, this is a common scenario! Tanya is scared! Her heart was broken. So was Marie's but she is living from the perspective where she is going to get back out there and have a good time. She realizes that if she sits back and lives in fear of being heart broken again or fear that she will just have the same thing happen that always happens she will lose out on life. Yes she won't have her heart broken but guess what she also won't experience the joys of love. So what if the love ends some day! Change is good! Yes it hurts! Sometimes a lot! Sometimes so much so you feel like you will never be able to love another! But why would you chose to limit your life just because of fear?
Being vulnerable, capable of or susceptible to being wounded or hurt, means you go out and experience life for all that its worth. When you fall you get back up again. Which life would you rather live one where you experienced everything and enjoyed yourself fully even at the price of heart break, or one where you were too scared to move forward and try anything new. One were change was the devil and you were scared of being in hell? I think I know which one I would chose.
Being vulnerable allows one true freedom from fear. You are limitless in life if you allow, trust, and have faith. You will be truly free. Being free does have a price. The price is allowing whatever life deals you to happen and not feeling the need to control or stop it. Change is inevitable either go with it or against it. But I guarantee those who go with it will be much happier in the end. If were are all going to die someday wouldn't you want to die happy?