Friday, December 14, 2012

Searching For Peace On Earth...

While searching for peace on Earth a new light has been shed. We aren't going to find it walking around our planet. If asked, "if you could make one wish" you will often hear peace on Earth. Is it possible? Maybe. In all likelihood though the reason our planet will not be a peaceful one in our lifetime is very simple. We live in a world where our minds have the freedom of perception.  You might think that perception isn't freedom. Most of us are conditioned in life and therefore perceive things due to our experiences. Perception is free though. If you have a thought or way of thinking that is not in alignment with what you wish all you have to do is change it. You can look at a picture one day and a year later it will look so very different, but it is also possible to look deep within that picture and recapture how you used to perceive it. Perception is free will. Free will is a great power. Free will is the greatest of responsibilities. So if we have the power of choosing how we perceive life and the world every person will always look at it differently. How is it possible to have a peaceful planet when each person has the power to look at it and therefore react to it in the way they choose? Some people believe that one day this planet will all be one consciousness, one perception. It has been said there are tribes who all share one consciousness, a collective consciousness. Is that what it will take for us to have peace on Earth? Probably. Is it likely? Probably not.

We live in a reality where there is darkness and light. The darkness represents evil, the devil, or demons and the light represents the god like energy, the divine, Jesus, or another religious God. If we have peace on Earth we will have reached the end. Once there is only light you will not see light because you have no darkness to define it. You can not have one without the other. This is why we will not have peace on Earth. We need the darkness to show us the light. We need evil to make us want good. We have lessons to learn that we will only learn by seeing the darkness. This is where the true meaning of compassion comes to play. Compassion means to have the deep awareness of the suffering of another without the need to relieve it, feeling total appreciation for its value; a state of non-judgement. We have to allow things to unfold as they do. We have to see the suffering and know it was needed. No one said compassion was easy. People think compassion is feeling the pain of others and needing to relieve it. That is not it at all. We do not need to feel the pain of others and we do not need to feel the pains of the Earth. If we are peaceful we can create peace in and all around us but we can not force it upon others because they have free will too and they have their own lessons to learn. We can only be the change we wish to see in the world. There is no wrong answers in life and there is no right answers. Things just are as they are.

Last night I was watching the news with my five year old foster son and a segment came on about how a mother left her daughter at a caregivers on Thanksgiving and never came back and now the two year old daughter was dead. The man in the home stomped on her abdomen and she curled up and stayed that way and was dead by the next morning. My foster son was very disturbed by this and he told my partner what happened and she too was very disturbed by this. She said, "I love God and all but how could he let this happen?" I felt the pain for the child. I felt it deep. I wanted to cry and I wanted to cry that my foster son had to see it being he too was so young but I understand at a deeper level that it is all part of the divine plan. We have the freedom to perceive it as evil and horrible to do that to a defenseless child, but because the man who did it had the responsibility of free will, as we all do, he choose to use it in darkness. We saw his darkness and we prayed for light. We turned to the light. Everyone who heard about the horrible incident had their own perception of it. Some will choose to change others will choose to do the same. It is inevitable. In the state of consciousness our planet is in free will allows us to have the personal choice of peacefulness or not therefore peace on Earth can not happen until we are one collective consciousness and our world shifts to a level unfathomable by our current mind.


UPDATE: This morning when I wrote this blog I had no idea only an hour prior to my post a gunman took the lives of many innocent children and adults at an elementary school in Connecticut  As hard as it may be take the anger toward the gunman and instead have compassion for what has happened and in turn use your energy for the good and send these families all the love you can possibly muster!!! They, and the children who witnessed this incident, have to move on after the unthinkable. These people need our love not our hatred! Instead of being angry we must have compassion and move forward in love! We must be the peacefulness we seek and we must shed this peace upon all those effected by this tragedy!