Friday, December 21, 2012

12-21-2012 Just Another Day On The Calendar?

So as we are reading this we are well aware that the world did not end. I am sure this has been written, stated, and joked about a lot lately but is December 21, 2012 just another day on the calendar? Yes and No. For myself, I will go about my day like I would any other day. I have to run errands and take my kids to practice but to me today is definitely not just another day on the calendar. To me today is the beginning of something new and grand. It's a shift in my own personal awareness. It is sort of like a new year resolution except its more of a new consciousness resolution. I feel as thought in myself and in the world we are having a sort of awakening. Have you not noticed the intense life altering situations that have been happening in the world? Children being killed at school all over the world, kids taking guns to school more than ever before, people sort of doing things that are hurting us as a planet! Is it the media buffing things up? Have these things always happened and they are just amplified now. Probably, but I think it is because we are looking through new eyes and a new awareness. We are changing and it is for the better. As these horrific things take place on our planet we are finally standing up and doing something about it. As a planet we are evolving. It is inevitable. We can not stay the same forever. Just by you reading this and many other blogs and post similar to it is showing that we are thinking and speaking differently. For some all the drama may be annoying. You may be tired of reading about all the bad things and just want it to go away. Then make it go away! Shut the tv off and go outside! Take your kids to the park or on hike! Go through your closets, garages, and toy boxes and give all the things you do not need away to those in your own community who need it! Turn the media off and go about life by making a difference in your own and others. Today is just another day on the calendar but it can also be so very much more! You have a power that is more grand than you can imagine how are you going to use it? Are you going to be the one creating the horrific chaos in our world forcing others to change or are you going to be the one changing?! Today my consciousness shifts and I mark my calendar as the day I look at life in a more loving way. How about you?