Sunday, October 21, 2012

It All Boils Down To Perspective...

When asked the question, "What is the state of the world today?" every person will answer differently. The state of the world depends solely on ones perception. I can perceive the state of the world in a much more enlightened sense than someone who has just experienced or witnessed something traumatic. People can sit around and discuss the state of the world today and they may agree on similar happenings and they may even debate on others but all in all the state of the world will never be anything other than your own personal perception.
Perception can make something horrible to one person seem like nothing particularly wrong to another person. So in knowing that life is merely about perception why do we choose to allow other people's perception to taint what we know and feel is right for us. In our current times we are so connected due to the expansion of technology that we are constantly searching for knowledge and seeking to absorb information. While we are on this quest for deeper knowledge we are losing sight of our own personal truth. The idea is to be of the world not in it. We must learn to be a part of the world while standing outside of it. The art of compassionate detachment is needed in these great times of human evolution. Our consciousness as a planet is expanding and at a quickening rate. It's important to help the masses understand that they are only one small piece of the whole and that their mere knowledge of their own personal truth and connection to the universe can awaken a myriad of personal truth unfathomable to their current consciousness.
The state of the world today will change as your perception changes. The state of the world will grow and expand with or without your input but not without your perception. It is important for us to learn to reflect upon our own truth and decipher who we are from what we have come to think we are. In time as we learn our truth we will learn how to become detached from others while holding a state of compassion that will allow humanity to evolve at their own rate and we will come to appreciate all things including devastation and destruction with the knowing it is what needs to be.
What is your perception of the world today? Is it your perception or one created for you? Is it a perception you wish to hold onto or one you wish to change?
Find your truth...and then ask yourself the same questions again.