Saturday, October 27, 2012

Never Sweep The Stars Under The Carpet!

Stars are bright! That's stating the obvious but what about those that you unconsciously just sweep away under the carpet? In life we tend to not want to see the light when its blinding us. People who are here to teach us come in many forms. Sometimes its that one friend who seriously annoys you and you just do not know how to let them go. Other times it's a person who poses a more serious problem like your mother in law or your child. These stars do not look like stars to you but they shine so bright that they blind you and all you want to do is sweep them under the carpet and not deal with them. All stars show you the way. Light can be conveniently disguised in the middle of darkness. We draw challenging people and situations into our lives to show us the way home. These people are part of our solar system they are our stars! Take two seconds and think to yourself who in my life do I just not want to deal with right now? It could be someone from the past that you allow to annoyingly nag at the back of your mind but you never really take the time to think about. Who is that person you are avoiding that is showing you the way? Keep in mind that our universe is very big and just because we sweep the stars under the carpet they are still there! Maybe it's time to do a little spring cleaning. Once you take care of the things you desire the least an immense weight will be lifted off your shoulders and a magic elevator will come out of the sky and transport you to the next level of consciousness. Well not literally but you will definitely feel the shift to a brighter you!
I would love to hear which stars you swept under your carpet! Do share maybe that's all it will take to let them light your way again!
Reflection time!