Friday, October 26, 2012

Got Karma?

Admit it when something bad happens to you the first thing you think is what did I do to deserve this? I have even let it cross my mind that maybe in a past life I was a horrible person! I have come to the realization that karma does not exist in the sense that people believe it to be. You take something without asking and then someone steals something from you...KARMA! Nope it doesn't work that way really. The universe isn't punishing you for being selfish. What is happening is your own personal vibrational field is sending out a frequency that draws that action towards you. Maybe on some level you know you should not have taken that something without asking and unconsciously fear it coming back on you. Well every action creates a equal and opposite reaction. That is all karma is. You do not necessarily "deserve" bad things to happen to you but you created it to happen. You throw a ball at the wall what is going to happen? It is going to come back. It is inevitable in our 3D universe.

So if this is the case maybe we can "will" karma away. If you tell a lie that you yourself really believe are you going to attract that energy back? You sent out a message with the intentions that it is real so how is your vibrational frequency going to react? I believe you can will things away with pure intentions and the power of thought. You can stop the ball you threw at the wall from hitting you but you can not stop it from coming back to  you. So if you make a mistake you can correct your energy field before a negative effect takes place. So let's test this theory out. Hypothetically lets say you went to the grocery store and noticed the person in front of you dropped a $20 bill. You grab the bill and walk after the person who dropped it with the intentions of giving it back but they get in their car and drive away before you reach them. Hmmmm did you really try to give it to them or did you think hey the universe must have wanted me to have it? Later that day you feel bad about not giving that person their money and now you are creating the frequency that something wrong really happened. There is bound to be some sort of opposite reaction. How can you fix it with the best of intentions? I personally would spend the money on someone who needed it and apologize to the universe for my previous actions. I would change my frequency for the greater good and stop that ball from hitting me! We all have choices in this world. When we choose to put others before ourselves with the purest of intentions life will return it just the same. Sure bad things may still happen to you but more than likely its because you set yourself up unconsciously for a lesson to be learned. Just like you set yourself up to read this post :0) ! Reflection time!