Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Is There A Divine Plan?

Each and everyone of us is in a unique world of our own. Our minds have the capacity to make us or tear us apart. Our hearts have the capacity to make us or tear us apart. Is there free will or is there a divine plan? We were created with a heart and a head for a reason. Our heart and our head are the yin and yang of our souls. Free will is just a symbolic word to help our mind think our heart can do as it chooses. We think therefore we are, we love therefore we understand. I am writing this blog from my own unique perception of life and reality and by choice you are reading it. You may decide once you are done reading the blog that free will exists or you may decide there is a divine plan for us all but the fact of the matter is you are reflecting on who you are and what your role is in existence. Divine plan or not we all play a role in our universes evolution. It does not matter if it is mapped out for us because we live from the perspective of free will. We move our arms up and down, we choose to open our mouth and speak, we decided to go to the store at exactly 9:10 AM. Or did we? If neither matters why are we contemplating it? I feel we are doing so in order to wake our consciousness up. We live in automatic mode with the messages, clues, and constant information being sent to wake us up. All the words we hear, thoughts we think, and feelings we feel will not matter once we are awaken. Everything is just a process to get us from point A to point B in our evolutionary process. The concept is hard to grasp if you are barely opening your eyes to what is happening all around you but by merely reading these words and reflecting on some level you are gradually waking up in your own unique way. So when asking yourself if there is a divine plan or not maybe you should be asking yourself if it truly matters. We should just go with the flow, step back detach and reflect on what's happening around us, and remain compassionately detached with when trauma or devastation is witnessed. Everything that will be will be.