Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Your Heart is Your True Self

In each moment a thought passes the heart, and in that moment the heart either listens or choses its own direction. Sometimes people believe the heart can lead you astray inturn creating painful experiences that could have been avoided if the heart had just listened to that passing thought. But without those painful experiences you'd never be able to tell what true love is. Your head can not know love. Your mind can not give you what you are eternally searching for. The mind is attached to the material world an the mind is blinded by things, object, looks and glamour. The heart knows not of these things therefore you have a conflict of heart over head. Which do you listen to? Which will make you most happy? Sometimes it feels like neither being they can both take you down just as painful paths. If you take the time to reflect on your life experiences, which are the most memorable, which did you learn the most from, which has shown you the way to you, and which has taken you one step closer to knowing what love really is?
When I look back moment to moment, day after day, all through time all I know is what I feel. I went with the heart and its taken me down roads I never planned to take. My mind too, has goals and ambitions that do not match my heart, and pain is around me often. The heart trips over the mind, but I remember its the heart that will show me the way, and I will follow it until I have learned what it has to teach me. The heart can be a lonely path but will lead one to the most important treasure of all...SELF...LOVE...and when I finally learn it, I promise to return to help remind others. Always follow your hearts my friend...<3