Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Giving Project....I NEED YOUR QUOTES!!!

For those of you who know about the book project, "A Wise Soul Once Said..." Here is a second coming. For those of you who do not know the book has been an ongoing project for just under two years now. With constant emails coming in I know this book will be able to change the lives of many people and here is how.
The Giving Project is the new title of what is to become. "A Wise Soul Once Said..." is merely the catalyst. The idea behind TGP is that it gives everyday people a voice, it give inspiration and motivation to others in their times of need, and it gives back to the community.
TGP is a book compiled of quotes from everyday people like you and me. Everyday people are the mailman, grandma or grandpa, the neighbor, the lady at the check out stand at the grocery store, the homeless man in the park. TGP is here to show the world that you do not need to be a guru or a high profile person to make a difference in the world. Words go far, very, very far! TGP wants everyone to be heard and wants everyone who reads it to have the opportunity to turn to their peers, community, family, and friends and just listen. Because the wisest words may come from the least expected place.
The last part of TGP is to give back to the community both locally as well as internationally! This book is not about profit! It is about giving. A large precentage of all proceeds for every book sold is going to be given back to the world. So if you feel you do not usually have a source of giving to those in need then here is your chance because you do not need to spend a dime! I just want your wisdom!!!
Everyone has a personal philosphy, sarcastic WISEcrack, religious or spiritual advice, or words to sooth and nurture others. Tell me what goes through your head in the times of need, motivation, or tragedy! Do not be shy or hold back at all!!!!! Just give it to us!!!!

Lastly if and when you fill out the information below if you would be so kind as to pass this on to any and everyone you know! Everyone has a voice and everyone deserves to be heard!
Much love and peace to you all!
Lori Marie
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Location and age: (once again put what you like)
All rights of The Giving Project belong to Lori Marie Silva. Please respect the concept behind the project and pass on with positive intent and love.