Monday, April 26, 2010

No One Knew What To Do

No one knew what to do.
So they walked.
Soon they came to a beautiful river.
It was just what they needed for their walk was long and hard and they were very thirsty
As they bent down each scooped water into their hands and began to indulge.
One child looked up and said,"I am blessed for I needed water and here it is and i didn't even ask for it".
Another child added, "and I am blessed for the sun was so hot and harsh and this beautiful river nurtures the most beautiful grand trees and I can nap in the shade".
And the last child said nothing for he was busy starring at his reflection in the water. He was darkened from the sun, dirty from the treacherous walk, and thinned from no water or food, yet he smiled for he knew that at one time he had no answers and did not know what to do but in his reflection he saw the world come to life. He knew there was nothing he needed to do. He realized there was nothing he needed to ask for. He knew that it did not matter how he looked or how hard his life had been because in his reflection he saw something he never seen before...everything. He was a part of everything. Nothing was separate from him. He was the trees and the wind, the water and the air, the birds and flowers. He realized none of these things ever asks for anything. None of them knows what to do, they just are, they just do.
The moral of the story is: Be who and what you are. Do not worry about what to do in life for it will naturally unfold in front of you. Know you are provided for and have no need to suffer, and remember you are a perfect reflection of what already is.