Thursday, April 29, 2010

Lets have a little chat about FAITH and TRUST

We all go through our trials and tributes. We all have traumatic painful experiences and phases we go through in life. We have all found ourselves sitting in the dark and seeing that there was no way out. But what if there was a way to at the very least eliminate or decrease those experiences from happening. What if there was a way when you were in the middle of that dark place to suddenly see the light from the crack of the door and we able to walk out into the sunshine.
In life we have heard the words Faith and Trust thrown around to us from spiritual leaders, friends, and family members when they are trying to cheer us up and lift us out of that dark place. But raise your hand if you are one of those people who let those two words slip through your ears and back out again. Until you are completely tired and feel there is no other way to lose in life you may never really try and grasp the concept of Faith and Trust. I personally got to a point in my life where I was tired of always finding myself back in the same place in life and I came to realize that no one was going to make it better for me but me.
So what did I do? I learned to Trust and have Faith. I force feed myself the definition of what it meant to trust life and what it meant to have faith everything is happening as it should. I'm not going to sit here and write about how easy it is and leave you with no tangible guidelines. We have all read tons of those types of articles. Plane and simple I am going to show you how it worked for me over and over and how it shocked me each time!
~Leap and the net will appear~
Yep that's what you do! There is only one thing stopping you! Only one obstacle! Fear.
So lets boil it down to the lowest common denominator. What is the very worst that can happen when you decide to take a leap of faith?! Death. Is that so bad? If that is really the worst thing that can happen then you have absolutely nothing to lose!
I have learned that when I need something in life I simply ask for it. Ask and you shall receive. I don't say to the universe, god, or whomever you show to pray to "I need a million dollars can you send it straight to my bank account." But I do say, "My car is not doing so well and if it breaks down I will be in a lot of trouble. Would you please find a way to bring a good car into my life." And then I forgot all about it! I told the universe and never looked back. About a month later Arizona heat hit and my air conditioning in my car was out and I sucked it up and took myself to the dealership. I came home with a beautiful brand spanking new car and my car payments were only $7 more a month than I was paying and a piece of junk!
Oh I have many more stories of how I randomly take leaps of faith! But to spare you all the details I will come down to my most recent ones! The biggest leap I feel I have ever taken!
Last month I was tired of the way I was being treated at work. I had been avoiding the leap. But finally I took it and quite my job. I was raised never to leave a job when I did not already have one lined up. But I never allowed fear to take over! I felt deep within me that it would be ok so I quite!
A month later my bills are due and my car is LOW on oil and needs a change. I have $19.25 in my personal bank account. So I said to the universe yesterday, "Please line up some work for me. Money is getting very tight. I do not need anymore than I need to pay my bills and get by. I am willing to work in the places you need me most so just send it my way. I have only a few weeks before my big bills need to be paid and I have had no luck in getting jobs." Then I let it go! I did not worry one more time about it!!!!!!
I came home and guess what. I got a phone call for one side job the very next day! I was so excited because I would be able to put that money away. And then I prayed for a little more work so I could make my bills on time. A few hours later due to a typo on my supervisors part I had to contact her and she just so happened needed someone to do a second job with random dates and hours for more pay then the other job! Guess what I did the math and I will have enough money exactly in time to pay all my bills! Simply because I asked. Simply because I had faith I would be taken care of. Simply because I trusted in the universe that my needs would be met. Yes it is risky! But remember what do you have to lose?
If you believe it then so be it! If you know then it is so! Have faith and trust! Ask and you shall receive! These are not just words to make you feel better. They are solutions to some of life's toughest most painful issues!